Breaking News: Chiefs Sign Former 49ers pass rusher Charles Omenihu

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A possible Frank Clark replacement. Or maybe more of a Carlos Dunlap replacement as a situational pass rusher.

He was drafted in the 5th round of the 2019 draft by the Texans, and had a very pedestrian 7 sacks in 2 seasons with them, before being traded to the 49ers in the middle of the 2021 season. He didn’t have any sacks that year for either team, but did post 4.5 sacks last year for the 49ers.

Apparently at least one scout was very high on him.


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03/15/2023 12:00 am

His contract plus Frank Clark’s dead cap money combined is about half of what it would have cost to keep Clark next season.

zulu trader
03/14/2023 11:33 pm
zulu trader
03/14/2023 10:41 pm
zulu trader
03/14/2023 10:37 pm
03/14/2023 9:55 pm



  • Fit/need grade: A-
  • Value grade: B
  • Contract: Two years, up to $20 million
  • PFF projected contract: Two years, $17.5 million ($8.75 million per year), $11.5 million total guaranteed

The 6-foot-5, 280-pound Omenihu is an intriguing young inside/outside pass-rusher who took a leap after landing with the San Francisco 49ers at the 2021 trade deadline. The former fifth-round pick of the Houston Texans earned a 75.3 pass-rush grade with 54 quarterback pressures on a 13% pressure rate in 2022. 

He can stand to improve as a run defender, but the Chiefs add some needed pass-rush juice with a versatile defensive lineman they can line up all over the formation.

zulu trader
Reply to  saints_chiefsfan1979
03/14/2023 10:05 pm

give him a year with our coaching and I will be excited to see him play

zulu trader
Reply to  zulu trader
03/14/2023 10:07 pm

Ted Nguyen

KC is as good at replacing talent as any team in the league. Omenihu is an upgrade over Frank Clark

Reply to  zulu trader
03/14/2023 11:32 pm

Is he saying he’s an upgrade in talent?

Reply to  Tony Sommer
03/14/2023 9:31 pm

more options for the Chiefs

The Mahomes effect?

Reply to  Steve_Chiefs
03/14/2023 9:35 pm

The “2 rings in 4 years” effect, if nothing else. Seeing no end in sight probably helps a lot

Big Chief
Big Chief
03/14/2023 9:14 pm

6’5″+, 280lbs, 36″ arms. Looks like a prototypical Spags DE.

zulu trader
Reply to  Big Chief
03/14/2023 10:55 pm

Looks like a prototypical Spags DE.

you got that right

Reply to  Tony Sommer
03/14/2023 9:13 pm

Plus, he’s only 25. Having Joe Cullen added to the staff last year really paid dividends. Perhaps Cullen can get even more out of him. Overall, I don’t mind this signing at all

Reply to  Tony Sommer
03/14/2023 9:26 pm

Per ninersnation

Omenihu is the best version, in my opinion, of the “bargain-bin” edge rushers the 49ers have gone with opposite of Nick Bosa. It was evident that he was an ascending player. Unfortunately, he was out of the 49ers price range.

Reply to  Tony Sommer
03/14/2023 9:24 pm

Situational? Maybe in SF he was, but he is the day one starter if the season started today

Reply to  kcfreak725
03/14/2023 9:27 pm

I wish we stockpiled these guys like SF does

Reply to  Tony Sommer
03/14/2023 9:17 pm

I’m a little weary of situational SF edge rushers. I think their system is very kind to players who basically can only rush the passer. They seem to get the most out of those type of guys. He won’t turn 26 until August. So maybe there is still growth potential. Had a misdemeanor domestic abuse arrest in January. Not sure what happened with that

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