Breaking News: 2 Adults Charged with Murder

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Two men charged with murder in mass shooting at Chiefs Super Bowl rally: prosecutor | KC Star

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker on Tuesday announced that two adults each have been charged with felony murder in the mass shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory rally last week. Lyndell Mays of Raytown and Dominic M. Miller of Kansas City each face a count of second-degree felony murder, Baker announced in an afternoon news conference at the Jackson County Courthouse in downtown Kansas City.

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02/21/2024 4:20 pm

I don’t blame the kids or guns


Also this FAKE TOUGH GUY generation…want to talk & post SHIT…..but too afraid to THROW FIST 👊……rather PUNK BITCH AZZEZ pull out knives & gun

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02/20/2024 4:56 pm

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02/20/2024 3:53 pm

Interesting. The prosecutors are going no-holds-barred on this one. Its my understanding that it was a kid under 18 that did the shooting and that it was gang-related. The two adults must have been a part of the gang. Felony murder means that any murder committed during a felony can be charged to the ENTIRE group committing that felony. So for example if your group or gang of say 10 were robbing a bank (felony) and 1 of your group or gang shoots and kills the security guard…all 10 of the group or gang can be charged with felony murder even if they did not pull the trigger or even know that one in the group or gang had a gun or not. So in this case it looks like they are going after the low hanging fruit (adult) gang members first.

Team Player
Reply to  MasterBlaster7
02/20/2024 4:52 pm

“ The men did not know each other before the shooting, according to prosecutors. They were among several people arguing when Mays “pulled his handgun first almost immediately” and several others did the same, Peters Baker said. Police say it was Miller’s gun that fired the shot that killed Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a mother of two and the host of “Taste of Tejano.” “

Team Player
Reply to  Team Player
02/20/2024 4:54 pm

Interesting there are such divergent reports, but I absolutely agree the prosecution will be merciless on this.

Reply to  Team Player
02/20/2024 5:35 pm

because people say all kinds of shit that gets repeated/reported as if it’s vetted information, which it rarely is.

Reply to  Team Player
02/20/2024 7:07 pm

Well if it is felony murder…then there has to be a felony, and there has to be a group/gang that didn’t commit the murder during the felony. So, 2 different gangs that didn’t know each other? Maybe the felony is Illegal possession of a firearm…I would have to read the charging document.

Team Player
02/20/2024 3:42 pm

Here’s praying for justice and closure

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