BRaG’s (Video) Buffet

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I hope everyone is enjoying a good day. Isn’t that good enough?

I wish I could provide more than I have, but as well wish for the moon to turn blue. I still do as much as I can manage, but how much I can manage has declined. But hey, I still round up decent selections of these things, at least in the opinions of a few people. This one’s for the ones who’ve said so publicly, but if you’ve felt the same way, you’re welcome to come along.

I hope y’all noticed that the theme here was casual stuff instead of game analysis. That’s coming, but it’s Saturday, so casual is in. We get to enjoy all this because we are World Champions! This is the Kingdom’s Golden Age, trust the process. And PS: Seeing how the season has played out, I’m keeping it. Can’t hurt, might help, so why not?

But what say you?

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02/18/2023 5:42 pm

Coupla good videos, BRaG.

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