The OT: AG’s Selection Monday: College Football Region

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Missing your March tournament? Look no further Kansas City. Arrowhead Guys has got you covered. Who’s the best KC team ever? Next Up: College Football Region

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The world was denied its March Madness, but that doesn’t mean Kansas City can’t make its own. Here at AG, just because your sports aren’t playing doesn’t mean we can’t talk about them. So without further ado: Welcome to Arrowhead Guy’s first and only Kansas City Madness Bracket!

Here’s how it works. We’ve compiled at bracket of Kansas City based sports teams and their best seasons. Just like the NCAA tournament this bracket includes four regions: The Chiefs, Pro Sports, College Football, and College basketball. Two region’s brackets will be revealed at 3PM and 6 PM on Sunday and Monday. After that fill out your bracket with co-workers, family and friends (but do it online, not in person). The tournament will start on Thursday and the first round will continue on Friday, followed by the next round on Saturday and Sunday just like the actual tournament would be.

But here’s the best part: The outcome is dictated by you, the fans! Each match-up will carry with it a poll, where you can cast your vote for the winner. The team/season with the majority votes will advance to the next round! Also unlike that pesky MLB, we won’t shun Kansas Citians for ballot stuffing. You do you.

Next up is the College Football Region, which includes the best 16 College Sports teams/Seasons in KC’s history. A few notes before the selection. Only the three “local schools” were included. That means only KU, K-State, and Mizzou. Sorry NE, OU, Iowa, and Iowa State fans. One thing you’ll learn quickly on AG is that KC has a wide range of college teams, but going through 100+ years of three schools was enough work in itself, so maybe next year. Similarly only Power five teams were included. Even though teams like Pitt State and Missouri State have had amazing seasons, they aren’t eligible to make the field. Also because of the disparity between MU, K-State, and KU in football and basketball, each school gets four automatic bids in the tournament to keep things more balanced in both sports. Conference titles, bowl games, regular season performance, and personal evaluation were plugged into our highly mathematical system that we won’t ever reveal. Just like the actual tournament! Here are your tourney teams:

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1 Seed: 1960 Mizzou National Champions

2 Seed: 2012 K-State Big 12 Champions

3 Seed: 2003 K-State Big 12 Champions

4 Seed: 2013 Mizzou SEC East Champions

5 Seed: 2007 Mizzou Big 12 North Champions

6 Seed: 1997 K-State Big 12 North Champions

7 Seed: 2007 Kansas Orange Bowl Champions

8 Seed: 1965 Mizzou Sugar Bowl Champions

9 Seed: 1908 Kansas 9-0

10 Seed: 1969 Mizzou Big 8 Champions

11 Seed: 2011 Mizzou Big 12 North Champions

12 Seed: 1999 K-State Big 12 North Champions

13 Seed: Kansas 1968 Big 8 Champions

14 Seed: 2000 K-State Big 12 North Champions

15 Seed: 1899 Kansas 10-0

16 Seed: 2014 Mizzou SEC East Champions

Who got snubbed? Who’s overrated and who’s underrated?

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Tony Sommer
03/16/2020 6:18 pm

Since it’s the OT, I still can’t believe the Texans gave up Hopkins for almost nothing. How much longer are the Texans going to let him destroy their team?

Tony Sommer
03/16/2020 6:03 pm

I’d put 2007 over 2013. We were serious contenders in 2007, not so much in 2013.

03/16/2020 6:01 pm

2012 KSU.

03/16/2020 5:21 pm

The 2014 Mizzou squad was a mirage that was bolstered by a horrendous SEC East where two of the best schools in all of Football had a historically bad year. Once UGA and UF got good, back to the cellar Mizzou went.

Reply to  Mitko
03/16/2020 8:04 pm

UF overrated in the Dan Mullen era? I don’t think I have seen a coach in the college ranks do so much with less at QB in quite a while.

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