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Dan and Seth wrap up the quarterfinals with some of the craziest throws yet!

Last week was the largest pull away victory in the quarterfinals to this point! You all felt very strongly that the sideline throw to Ware against the Ravens in 2018 and the bomb of a throw to Hardman for a TD that didn’t count against the Raiders this past year were the best of the bunch. With the Bomb to Hardman edging the completion to Ware by two votes that one seems to be the consensus favorite to this point. There were 158 votes last week which is the highest total Seth and I have had in this tournament so let’s keep that going as well!

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This is the final quarterfinal for this tournament and I thought it best to save some of the “better” throws for this one. With the football season approaching, this is going to bring it onto your computer with some of the most insane throws that Mahomes has ever thrown which are bound to get you amped for the season. I hope you are enjoying this format as much as Seth and I have enjoyed putting it together. I can see doing something like this every offseason with so many different formats. Don’t forget to @ us on twitter if you have any suggestions for formats or throws going forward from here! Here we go.

I would have gaffed at this throw had Mahomes done it on a fully healthy ankle. Having had his injury re-aggravated in this game and drifting back to his right slightly to find a window to throw this ball makes it even more impressive. Hardman was being bullied on this route up the sideline and just found some space near the end of the play, whether Mahomes knew he’d come open or not is a mystery, but he knew where to throw the ball to make Hardman open and that’s what makes him so special. The downfield accuracy it takes to drop this ball into a bucket where only his man can get it separates him from most quarterbacks. This was just an insane throw and catch, great ball tracking from Hardman as well.

The Ravens game in 2018 produced a lot of highlights from Mahomes, likely because he was forced to make a fourth quarter comeback. Something he doesn’t have to do a lot, but as shown more than once that he’s very capable. This is another example of insane downfield accuracy while on the move, this time at a full sprint. Knowing your players is one thing, but knowing exactly where to put a ball where Hill can run to it and the defense can’t, like Seth states, all WHILE sprinting to the right sideline is an absolutely ludicrous feat. Hill was hampered as well on the play, but it didn’t stop him from giving it his all to get this ball and allow the Chiefs to go down and score a TD. Such an incredible play all around.

This is a play that gets overlooked in his reel of amazing plays because it looks, kind of, like an easier throw. Not only is he on the run, again, but he knows that Robinson has two defenders closing in on him. He has to get it in there with some zip on it, but he’s moving away from the play. What is he going to do? He’s going to freeze a rope really quickly and attach this ball to it, and then sling it across his body to Robinson before those two defenders get there to knock the ball away. He can get the ball anywhere he wants to from nearly any point on the field, it’s utter nonsense.

This throw was not just an insane idea from Mahomes, it’s pure magic. You can not convince me that this throw didn’t bend around Wylie to get to Kelce coming open across the middle, WITH anticipation. That’s incredible. The anticipation and accuracy of the throw is just as bonkers as the arm angle needed to complete the attempt. The places and platforms he throws from is currently unmatched and this was yet another example that Mahomes isn’t human. The arm doesn’t naturally bend that way or curve a football. He’s the best quarterback in the NFL.

Once again, your votes are what make this possible and I am hoping to make it a little more competitive with all of these insane throws Mahomes shows off. Make sure you vote down below, each throw will be in the order it was shown in the article with “A” being the first throw and so on and so forth. Please feel free to share it with everyone to get more votes and a better representation of the fans thoughts! We are eagerly awaiting the results to move on to the Semi-Finals!

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08/07/2020 5:55 pm

“Why, why would you even try to make that throw?”
“Honestly? Because I can.”

08/07/2020 3:24 pm

All of the above

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08/07/2020 2:47 pm

I see you brought out the big guns. This is hard because D is one of my favorite throws EVER. It is also one of the few great plays that is worse in slow motion to me.

But B… B is just special. The moment was huge, and it was a great play.

That said, I have to stick with D. I have seen plays similar to the others, but I have never seen this before nor since.

08/07/2020 2:26 pm

B because of the implications (4th and 9 with the game on the line).

All of them are just disgustingly ridumbulous.

Reply to  MasterChief
08/07/2020 3:32 pm


w0000000000000000000t … a new adjective!

08/07/2020 2:20 pm

And many fans of other teams are still all “hurr-durr, itz dah wepunz!”. Wishful thinking, I suppose, as though their firm belief in what they’ve decided is true will alter reality.

Last I checked, that doesn’t work, never has.

Reply to  BleedingRedAndGold
08/07/2020 2:52 pm

I personally don’t care what they think. People are always saying something. I am just enjoying the moment.

Reply to  enite
08/07/2020 3:00 pm

Oh, I don’t care, I’m just verbally rolling my eyes at those bozos.

Few minutes ago on the twits I stumbled across a Texans fan who claimed that the refs had handed us that game. When challenged which calls, his response? ‘Watch the game, dude, it was happening all through it.’

If’n he don’t watch it he might find he’s become a pillar of salt.

Last edited 1 month ago by BleedingRedAndGold
Reply to  BleedingRedAndGold
08/07/2020 5:08 pm

I’ve noticed that this ‘the game is rigged’ crap has become the last bastion of salty losers. My guess is they were people who talked way too much shit beforehand & can’t deal with the reality of having to eat the loss & swallow a little humble pie. Nowadays it’s become a normal thing to just say ‘fake news,’ blame something else (like the refs) for it happening & simply make their own reality. That way they never have to take any responsibility or face the possibility of a difficult situation..

I also like that most Chiefs fans I’ve seen, even at the ‘other’ place, don’t blame losses on the refs. Or they might for a couple days, but don’t continue the narrative for years. I’m sure there’ll be Niner fans bitching about the phantom ‘hold’ & Kittle’s OPI for twenty years.
Though, I will say, after seeing how many times Dee was past the line of scrimmage during the Super Bowl & not called for it, I did begin to wonder if it was necessary for the ref to throw that flag in the AFGCG, lol.
I’d never say the game was rigged for the Pats though. I’m not a little bitch..

Last edited 1 month ago by Chickennpickles
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