The Best Quarterbacks in Chiefs History

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From the Fan Posts. EAFOX give us his ranks and opinions on the Kansas City Chiefs Quarterbacks throughout history. Join Arrowhead Guys to discuss.

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[Caution: *This may be flippant, like an errant pass.*]

The Chiefs have had seventeen quarterbacks who have won ten games or more with the franchise.  I learned this fact today and decided to rank them.  I am one of the lucky few to have seen all seventeen play.

#1 – Patrick Mahomes

Do I really need to back this up with any statistic?  Even with only three seasons as a starter, I contend that he is already in the top ten of all time in the NFL.  He will obliterate every record we have sooner than later.

#2 – Len Dawson

Once again, do I need to prove this with statistics?  Dawson had great numbers for his era.  He was not Johnny Unitas but he was most definitely the next best thing.  He ruled this list until the arrival of Mahomes.

#3 Alex Smith and #4 Trent Green

Both had solid careers and this was a close battle.  Trent has more yards and touchdown passes but Alex has two more wins and fourteen fewer losses in twelve fewer games.  Trent had a way better offensive line but poorer defense.  One could argue about who had the better weapons.  Alex had the better coach.  I give the edge to Alex based on the fact that he would have matched or surpassed Trent’s numbers with the additional season while playing behind a much inferior line.

#5 Joe Montana

Tom Brady does not hold a candle to Joe Montana.  Joe drops to five here simply because he only played two seasons with the Chiefs.  His concussion kept us from the Super Bowl.  Joe was 62 years old at that time.

The first five were relatively easy – The next five were much more difficult to decide.

#6 Bill Kenney

I have to go with Kenney here – He is the only other Chiefs quarterback to have broken the 100 TD passes barrier.  He did play in more games than those who follow but he was not surrounded by offensive talent.

#7 Steve DeBerg

He was the best of the trio of non-Montana SF quarterbacks that came to KC.  He complemented our strong MartyBall running game and powerful defense well.  I was very close to putting DeBerg above Kenney.

#8 Elvis Grbac

I will get flak for this one.  Grbac had skills but not the mindset for the quarterback position.  He was not a leader but he did carry our offense as he came along as the running game was no longer producing for us.

#9 Rich Gannon

Everyone will insist that Gannon should be over Grbac.  They did then and they will now.  It was very close but I had to go with Grbac.  He had better skills but Gannon had the better frame of mind.  Close call here.

#10 Mike Livingston

Older fans might disagree here.  His stats are horrible but he played in one of the worst Chiefs eras ever as all of our Super Bowl people got old or retired and had to replace Dawson.  He was average but had no support.

Two special cases

#11 Dave Krieg and #12 Damon Huard

Neither completely sucked but were here for only awhile.  Krieg was replaced by 72 year old Joe Montana and Huard was on some terrible teams.  Legendary Brodie Croyle would struggle in those circumstances.

The next four

#13 Todd Blackledge

He is best remembered for not being Dan Marino.  He sucked but when you look at the list below him you might probably agree with him being so high on the list.  As with others, he played when the Chiefs sucked.

#14 Steve Bono

The worst of the SF trio – His career highlight has to be the slowest TD run in the history of the NFL – Thank you Buddy Ryan.  When you are replaced by Elvis Grbac, one might question your quarterback skill set.

#15 Steve Fuller

Bono was replaced by Elvis Grbac, but Fuller was replaced by Todd Blackledge.  Yikes!!!  His stats were very similar to Blackledge’s stats but he had seven more losses than Todd so he gets bumped down to this spot.

#16 Cotton Davidson

Some bias here – I saw him play when I was a young kid but it was when he was a Raider.  Gannon was a Raider too but at least I saw him play as a Chief.  His stats are unimpressive but he had to be above the next.

The bottom

#17 Matt Cassel

He sucked.  He was the man who would throw a four yard pass into the ground to a receiver who was seven yards away.  He sucked.  An incompletion was a good play for Cassel.  He sucked.  Finally, he really sucked.


Brodie Croyle

We all know that Brodie was 0-10 with the Chiefs.  Here are some quarterbacks with more victories than him.  Brady Quinn, Tyler Palko, Tyler Thigpen, Steve Pelleur, Tony Adams and Hunter Enis!!!

[Ed. Note: Didn’t touch this list except for adding the links. Well Done, EA!]

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08/30/2021 6:49 pm

1990 was such an underrated season for Steve DeBerg. And I about lost it with Dave Krieg / Damon Huard comparison, but too each their own. Krieg was a decent / great QB! Also, Joe Montana’s the best QB to ever play for the Chiefs. And probably the game of football, ever. Yeah, I know Tom Brady exists. Fuck Tom Brady. This was great EA. . .

I wanted to fix it for you. Ha!

08/30/2021 4:51 pm

Thanks Efox, had fun with this yesterday.
Nice recap, maybe move Cassel up into the top 5 …😂😂😂, man we had a bunch of semi talented QBs…

08/30/2021 9:54 am

His concussion kept us from the Super Bowl. Joe was 62 years old at that time

I think he was about 38 at the time, but felt like 62 AFTER the concussion …


Krieg was replaced by 72 year old Joe Montana …

wait: so Montana got 10 years younger in the 2 years he was with KC??? dayum, I wanna be a KC Chiefs QB just so I can be young again!

Last edited 1 month ago by upamtn
Reply to  upamtn
08/30/2021 10:01 am

oh yeah …

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08/29/2021 7:59 pm

Thanks EA!

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