Sunday Funnies: The Offseason Begins

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If Yosemite Sam is Jewish, he’s Orthodox if always having his head covered is indicative of anything.

He definitely has had several occupations in his life that Bugs has gotten in the way of.

These are just the ones before his 3rd divorce.

Confederate soldier..

“I’m no clock-watcher!”

Prison Guard..


One of his many aliases,  “Sea-Goin’ Sam”.

North African version of a cowboy: a Riff-Raffer..

Roman Imperial Guard..

Viking grunt

Indian Chief..

Hessian soldier..

As Sam von Schamm.

Put your suggestions in the comments, OTAs are a ways away.

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02/19/2023 1:34 pm

This is me after this 2023 season. Fully satisfied.

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02/19/2023 11:43 am

Don’t know how i feel yet, one, the off season sucks balls… but two , I do love the Sunday funnies….. thx pompano for keeping the ship afloat….

Reply to  rip58
02/19/2023 12:59 pm

what this^^^ guy said …

well done, pompano … I think Bugs (for his irreverent attitude as much as anything, very similar to my own sarcastic way of thinking) might be my favorite cartoon character ever, with Wile E Coyote (sympathies to those who think big and fail even bigger) at #2

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