Science Saturday

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Everything in the universe involves science (I before E, except after C, my ass), and I’m here to expose you to it.

    There’s far, far too much for one person to understand, or even one discipline, and though we cover all the bases we can find, even that isn’t enough. That’s a feature of science, not a bug, so with that in mind, enjoy what you will here. It can’t make you dumber.

A larger variety today, because Big BRaGger loves you. At least enough to share videos that I’ve personally watched, and as I’ve always said, I cover a lot of ground. I still wonder what who, if anyone, makes of the implications of my sustained flow of edutainment.

What’s going on out there today? Good things, I hope!

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06/10/2023 4:45 pm


Team Player
06/10/2023 2:27 pm

Good stuff! Stay curious, my friend.

Reply to  Team Player
06/10/2023 11:22 pm

what this /// guy said

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