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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for May 31, 2022

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Good morning AG!

Hopefully Everyone Had A Safe And Happy Holiday Weekend !

Onto The News !!

Chiefs news roundup | chiefswire

Find all the latest Kansas City Chiefs news, analysis and top headlines from the week of May 22-28 on Chiefs Wire down below:

Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce to play in American Century Championship again | usatoday

For the third consecutive year, Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and TE Travis Kelce will participate in the American Century Championship at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in Stateline, Nevada.

Mahomes and Kelce will both be back at the 33rd edition of the golf tournament dubbed the “Super Bowl of celebrity golf.” They’ll play alongside an all-star cast of 80 celebrities ranging from Hall of Famers to award-winning musicians and actors. You can find a full list of participants here.

Of Course They Were | usatoday

Below you’ll find stories from the week of May 22-28.

We’re back with another update for Kansas City Chiefs fans on AFC West rivals. Each week we highlight six recent and relevant stories about Kansas City’s division rivals: two stories each about the Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is proud to see HBCU players drafted into the NFL | chiefswire

One of Mahomes’ new teammates is rookie cornerback Joshua Williams, one of only four HBCU players drafted this past April. The former league MVP took time after training to discuss his excitement about the addition of more HBCU players into the NFL during Thursday’s press conference following OTAs.

“Yeah, I mean, it was super exciting for me,” Mahomes said. “When you look back, they didn’t have a player drafted last year. And then now to have four guys going. You just wanted to shed light on these guys. They’re guys that are super talented, they’re playing in a competitive division and you want to give them that platform. I think the HBCU bowl game gave them that, and you saw that they got on that platform, they made plays happen. They had the combine as well. And then you got four guys getting drafted and more in camps. And so I think just kind of giving them that light and then letting them go do what they’ve been doing. And they’ve been doing it for a long time. So we give them that platform, and they made the most of it.”

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes on replacing Tyreek Hill: ‘It’s going to be everybody’ | 247sports

“That’s what you’re going to see in this offense this year, it’s going to be everybody,” Mahomes said. “It’s not going to be one guy. Obviously Travis [Kelce] is still going to get a lot of completions, a lot of yards, but the whole receiving room is going to have big days and that can be something we use to our advantage.”

New to the Chiefs WR unit via free agency is Juju Smith-Schuester, Corey Coleman, Marquez Valdez-Scantling and Justyn Ross, who signed as an undrafted free agent following a successful college career at Clemson. 

Justin Reid already the leader of the Chiefs defense | nbcsports

The last time the Chiefs signed a free agent safety who last played for the Texans it worked out pretty well for them. Kansas City added Tyrann Mathieu in 2019, and he made three Pro Bowls and earned two All-Pros.

Only 10 weeks into his tenure with the Chiefs, Reid already has become the leader of the defense, which has eight new players in the secondary.

You earn it every day,” Reid said, via Nate Taylor of “In my role in the back end, your teammates (have to) know you’re going to be where you’re going to be and you’re going to handle your responsibility on the field. That’s what comes first. Your leaders need to be your best players, but your best players also have to be your hardest workers. I live by that.”

Chiefs 2022 schedule preview, Week 2: Chargers | yahoosports

The Chiefs and Chargers split their 2021 season series with both teams losing on their home turf. Kansas City won its seventh-straight AFC West title and Los Angeles finished third in the division at 9-8, barely missing the playoffs. The Chargers have responded to their disappointing 2021 campaign by having a very active offseason.

Patrick Mahomes Says Under-the-Radar Chiefs WR ‘a Pleasant Surprise’ | heavy

“[Justin] Watson’s been a pleasant surprise. That dude can roll,” Mahomes explained during his press conference at OTAs on May 26. “He came down to Texas, and I threw with him the first day. I called Veach, and I was like, ‘How fast is this guy?’ He was running so fast and I was late on my throws.”

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LOVE over everything

  • “Love Song” was written by Tesla vocalist Jeff Keith and guitarist/keyboardist Frank Hannon. It is Tesla’s signature song, and one with a very strong connection for the band.
  • “Tesla’s always been about the love,” Keith said in a 2015 interview. “We will forever play ‘Love Song’ every time we ever play. Because love is how we all got here. Love’s what makes the world go ’round. Love stands above everything, even the hate.”
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Love, love is the answer
And that’s all right

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The best Daltrey vocal from the best Who album.

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Faceless down-votes here at AG is one symptom of the destructive aggression infecting society and drowning out reasonable voices.
“Whisper A Prayer for the Dying”

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Yesterday’s Monday Night Open Thread: just checked back out of curiosity and there it is -case in point for faceless scumbag downvotes.

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I did downvote the news of the tragic death of the Vikings player. But I also claimed it too, wasn’t nameless. I just don’t know how to react to that news – I don’t want to approve of tragedy, but at the same time I also am not against the report or the person who made the report. (1st world problems).

So I downvote – but own it when I do.

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Exactly, you owned it and explained yourself, so – not faceless, and I’m good with that.

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Coffee time!
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Best time of day!
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I’m really starting to like this coffee shop …

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The perks are great.

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