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Chiefs news for January 4, 2022

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Good morning AG! Today in history, In 1970 the Chiefs defeated the Raiders 17-7 to advance to the Super Bowl and Andy Reid was hired in 2013..

NFL sets Week 18 schedule: Chargers-Raiders as ‘SNF’ finale with Chiefs-Broncos, Cowboys-Eagles on Saturday |


The NFL has set its schedule for its first ever Week 18 of the regular season.

The Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders will close out the campaign on “Sunday Night Football” at 8:20 p.m. ET on NBC with a win-and-in game for one of the two remaining playoff slots in the AFC.

AFC Playoff Picture: Chiefs lose No. 1 seed in Week 17 | usatoday

Playoff seeds
1. Tennessee Titans (11-5) [AFC South winner]*
2. Kansas City Chiefs (11-5) [AFC West winner]*
3. Cincinnati Bengals (10-6) [AFC North winner]*
4. Buffalo Bills (10-6) [AFC East leader]*
5. New England Patriots (10-6)*
6. Indianapolis Colts (9-7)
7. Los Angeles Chargers (9-7)

It wasn’t luck – the NFL had a plan and the ref’s executed it to perfection. They didn’t make the Chiefs lose, but they pretty much made sure the Bengals won….

QB Joe Burrow Admits Luck Was on Bengals’ Side vs. Chiefs | heavy

Overall, the Cincinnati Bengals had a very strong outing during their 34-31 win over the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 17. However, if you watched the game you couldn’t help but notice luck was on Cincinnati’s side, especially late in the game.

It all began on the very first play in the fourth quarter. On a 3rd-and-3 pass attempt by quarterback Joe Burrow to wide receiver Tee Higgins, Chiefs cornerback L’Jarius Sneed, who seemingly did a great job of covering Higgins, was flagged for pass interference. That play gave the Bengals a first down instead of having to punt from their own 21-yard line.

Brett Veach’s Offensive Line Rebuild Is Being Put To the Test |

While the current version of the Chiefs’ offensive line is far from depleted, injuries are starting to take a toll. Niang suffered a torn patellar tendon in the first quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals and will be out for the rest of the season. Brown’s calf injury that caused him to leave pregame warmups and not return thereafter is described as “minor.” Mike Remmers is still on the injured reserve list. The team is getting a glimpse of what life without its starting tackles and its top swing tackle looks like.

The goal-line stand that the Chiefs might regret | yahoo

His Kansas City Chiefs had just lost a roller-coaster of a football game to the Cincinnati Bengals. Two frenzied final minutes of goal-line stands, controversial fourth-down decisions, costly penalties and a game-winning field goal had prompted several questions. Among them: Before it all began, with the score tied at 31, should the Chiefs have simply let the Bengals score?

Chiefs Reaction: Defense Fails To Chase Bengals Down | fullpresscoverage

This loss was different than most other losses for the Chiefs this season. More often than not, the defense was the bigger issue for Kansas City. Possibly, that is the first time where that has been true since September. The offense failed to score in the second half. Though, they had a red hot first half and did not possess the ball hardly at all in the final 30 minutes of game clock. The Chiefs will now look to regroup and learn from Sunday’s very fixable mistakes.

Chiefs snap counts: Darrel Williams takes lead role | usatoday

The defense saw nine more snaps compared to the offense this week. It came down to the final minutes of the game and an extended goal-line stand for that to happen for Kansas City.

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01/04/2022 1:01 pm

Good news as much as we all hate the raiders I really hope they beat the bolts this weekend

zulu trader
zulu trader
Reply to  Stuckinpackland
01/04/2022 1:12 pm

Fuck the raiders

Reply to  zulu trader
01/04/2022 3:15 pm

Don’t think the above negates that thought.
If they win, I will be less upset than usual. However, I will loathe them no less.

Reply to  hoosierchief
01/04/2022 12:42 pm

I thought they were hoping to get more guys back this week

01/04/2022 9:23 am

I had no idea Lenny was #2 on this list. 20-2 vs donks.

01/04/2022 8:42 am

Is it possible that we could be one and done in the playoffs? I don’t feel real confident right now. That game on Sunday has me rattled. I’m still super grumpy about the officiating and Sorenson sniffing the field. What to do, what to do…

Reply to  Stuckinpackland
01/04/2022 8:54 am

50 years of Chiefs history says that’s always a possibility. Our draws this year are going to be tough.
Colts/Chargers in round 1.
Likely the Bengals again in round 2
Tenn/Buf in round 3
None of those are going to be easy.

Reply to  NovaChiefs
01/04/2022 8:58 am

I would love to play only teams we have lost to during the year. This would be absolutely perfect. The idea of playing Cinninati in Arrowhead is priceless.

Reply to  Stuckinpackland
01/04/2022 10:06 am

Johnny Depp Drinking GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Reply to  Stuckinpackland
01/04/2022 11:12 am

Well… it’s the playoffs! It’s going to be dicey no matter what.

But… we have guys who have won those types of games and have a lot of experience at it.

I would give us the edge on every single game we play, although anything can happen.

Reply to  Stuckinpackland
01/04/2022 3:28 pm

It’s all about the HEALTH of the Offensive Line — LT need to rest this week against Broncos | RT is a merry-go-round

01/04/2022 8:32 am

1) I remember that AFL game. It was glorious. I read the SI issue about the game over and over (as close as you could get to watching it again). I still remember the Stram quote in it : “It’s right there boys, right in your hand. All you have to do is squeeze”
2) You can’t call a goal line stand where you stop them SIX times a mistake.
3) If Ben makes the playoffs, does anyone think the NFL will let him go one-and-done? If he plays us, we better be really good.

Reply to  NovaChiefs
01/04/2022 9:02 am

Steelers get in if:

1)Colts lose to the Jags. Maybe if the Jags are really playing for their interim coach. I just dont see it. That team sucks.

2)Steelers beat the Ravens in Balamer. The ravens are going to want to spank Raplisberger one last time. I think Baltimore wins.

Last edited 6 months ago by DenverDonkeyHater
Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
01/04/2022 9:06 am

I don’t see it happening, but if it does, the story is just too heartwarming for the NFL to let go. But lately, I don’t trust them at all, so there’s that

01/04/2022 8:02 am

I just checked and Cincinnati just got another first down on a questionable penalty. A Cinncinati WR was tripped by the turf monster and Chris Jones was called for pass interference.

Reply to  ArrowFan
01/04/2022 11:51 am

Crap! They just scored on a 14 play, 2 yard drive.

01/04/2022 6:09 am

From the last game – Chiefs won 51-27

Vikings Stats
Cunningham 21-32 263 yards, 2 TD, 2 sacks
B Johnson 4-11 59 yards, 1 TD
R Smith 24-123 yards
Cunningham 4-23 yards
Palmer 1-15 yards
Hoard 4-9 yards
Evans 1-7 yards
B Johnson 1-3 yards
Reed 5-99 yards, 1 TD
Moss 5-79 yards
Glover 3-38 yards
R Smith 2-33 yards, 1 TD
Hoard 4-23 yards
Carter 2-23 yards, 1 TD
DeLong 2-17 yards
Evans 1-6 yards
Palmer 1-4 yards
Anderson 2-2 FG

01/04/2022 6:07 am

From the last tournament – final game

Chiefs Stats
Mahomes 26-38 436 yards, 6 TD, 1 INT, 1 sack
Hunt 14-89
Hill 3-24
Mahomes 5-17
Damian Williams 2-9
Ware 3-2
Hill 7-167, 1 TD
Hunt 6-120, 3 TD
Kelce 5-75
Conley 3-37, 2 TD
DRob 2-26
Watkins 2-13
DAT 1,- (-2)
Butker 3-3 FG

01/04/2022 5:59 am

I know that anything can happen in the NFL but is there any possible way that we do not win against the Broncos this Saturday? We are a pissed off team on a mission and the Broncos are demoralized and will be starting either Lock or Rypien. I expect to see many of the backups playing by the latter part of the third quarter.

Reply to  EAFOX
01/04/2022 8:58 am

Complacency. Thats the only way we lose. Melvin Gordon is all but blaming the coaching staff at this point. Fangio has one foot out the door and I dont think the players really care.

Reply to  EAFOX
01/04/2022 12:50 pm

From MHR:

” In 9 games this season, the Broncos have scored less than that and are 1-8 in those games. When they score over 20, they are 7-1. That’s how good this defense is and how Pat Shurmur’s offensive system has squandered it.”

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
01/04/2022 1:08 pm

Sorry cut out the sentence before.

“He’s got one more week to put up more than 20 points. In 9 games this season, the Broncos have scored less than that and are 1-8 in those games. When they score over 20, they are 7-1. That’s how good this defense is and how Pat Shurmur’s offensive system has squandered it.”

zulu trader
zulu trader
Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
01/04/2022 1:16 pm

Fuck the Broncos

01/04/2022 5:34 am

I will throw out two more lists either in tonights thread or tomorrows huddle. Once again, please vote as I would rather this be about our choices and not just mine.

01/04/2022 5:33 am

Top Twelve ST – Please vote for as many as four players

Morton Anderson
George Blanda
Lou Groza
Jan Stenerud
Adam Vinatieri
Ray Guy
Gale Sayers
Josh Cribbs
Cordarrelle Patterson
Tyreek Hill
Dante Hall
Devin Hester

Reply to  EAFOX
01/04/2022 5:36 am

My votes – Vinatieri, Guy, Dante Hall, and Hester.

Reply to  EAFOX
01/04/2022 6:48 am

Dante Hall, George Blanda, Jan Stenerud, and Devin Hester

Reply to  EAFOX
01/04/2022 8:34 am

Pure ST?
Stenerud, Vinatieri, Guy, Hester
Why no Jerrel Wilson? I’d take him over Guy, and not just because Guy is evil.

Last edited 6 months ago by NovaChiefs
01/04/2022 5:26 am

Top Twelve TE – Please vote for as many as four players.

Tony Gonzalez
Antonio Gates
Jason Witten
Shannon Sharpe
Rob Gronkowski
Travis Kelce
Greg Olsen
Jimmy Graham
Jackie Smith
Ozzie Newsome
Kellen Winslow
Mike Ditka

Reply to  EAFOX
01/04/2022 5:35 am

My votes – Gonzalez, Gates, Kelce, and Winslow.

Reply to  EAFOX
01/04/2022 6:49 am

Gonzalez, Sharpe, Winslow, and Kelce

Reply to  EAFOX
01/04/2022 8:36 am

Tony, Travis, Gates, Smith

01/04/2022 5:19 am

I have an idea for a new contest – a tournament of players. I have created a list, using NFL Reference as a guide, of the twelve greatest players at each position. These positions are QB, RB, WR, TE, T, G, C, DE, DT, LB (Pass Rusher), LB (Tackle Machine), CB, S, ST (K, P, and R) and a special Offense and a special Defense category. STEP ONE: Reduce each positional group to the top four. STEP TWO: Put the remaining players in a bracket. Advance to the best player ever as VOTED by the people at AG. I am prepared to advance my choices BUT prefer that everyone here vote as this tournament moves along. I want it to be the consensus choice.

01/04/2022 5:11 am

In case you missed it, the 2018 Chiefs defeated the 1998 Vikings in the Championship Game of my simulated tournament. The 2018 Chiefs are the CHAMPS!!!!!

Reply to  EAFOX
01/04/2022 6:50 am

Truly that was a special season for a Chiefs’ fan. Still mad that we lost to the Patriots that year in the playoffs. I never did watch that Super Bowl (or Sub-par Bowl, since it turned out to be a yawner anyway).

Reply to  EAFOX
01/04/2022 11:03 pm

” So As It Is Written …So Let It Be Done … ” … ; )

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