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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for September 21, 2021

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Good morning AG! Today in history, In 1982 a 57 day players strike began. Also, Dante Hall was born in 1978 and Demarcus Robinson in 1994…

Four Takeaways From the Chiefs’ 36-35 Loss to the Ravens |

After defeating the Cleveland Browns by a final score of 33-29 last week, the Kansas City Chiefs faced another AFC North opponent in the Baltimore Ravens. On Sunday night, Andy Reid’s squad came up just short and lost by a final score of 36-35.

Instant analysis of Chiefs’ Week 2 loss to Ravens | usatoday

The Kansas City Chiefs play in the strangest of games and this one against the Baltimore Ravens was about as strange as it gets. It was an offensive slugfest between two teams who are far too familiar with each other after being at the top of the AFC conference for the past three years. The Chiefs played their game, but ultimately were unable to overcome a litany of mistakes and a porous run defense.

Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce encourage Clyde Edwards-Helaire after late fumble costs Chiefs | cbssports

“We’ll need him the whole entire season,” Mahomes said after the loss. “Don’t let one play define you. It’s a long season. Obviously, we lost to a good football team, and we played at their place. It’s a long season, and if we want to be great and have a chance to have another run at this thing, he’s going to be an important part of it.” 

Chiefs stock watch: Which players impressed during Week 2 | yahoo

The Chiefs relinquished their lead in the fourth quarter and squandered a late opportunity to take the lead in Baltimore. Here’s a look at how the stock is trending for some players after Week 2.

Patrick Mahomes: Chiefs QB reacts to first September loss, comments on ‘dumb interception’ | 247sports

Yeah, I should have just thrown it to Demarcus Robinson in the flat, then I saw ‘Trav’ (Travis Kelce) come back to me,” Mahomes said after the game, via “When (the) dude grabbed my leg, I thought I could get my other leg down. He spun me, and it was a dumb interception. Probably one of the worst interceptions I’ve probably ever had …  Yes, of course, the interception was not only dumb in the sense that it was a bad throw or not even close to the receiver. It was dumb at that point in the game. Even if I just throw to the flat, and he doesn’t get the first down, we have a chance to decide if we are going to kick the field goal or punt and pin them back. So, it’s just a lot of little things in games like this, that leads to losses in the end.”

Chiefs snap counts: Juan Thornhill sees just 11 snaps in Week 2 | yahoo

The Kansas City Chiefs got a healthy dose of defensive snaps in Week 2 with 76 total snaps compared to 51 total snaps on offense. It goes to show you just how tough it was for the defense to get off the field and give the ball back to the offense in Kansas City. The few times they did manage to get off the field, the offense didn’t hold onto the ball for very long.

Five Quick Facts About the Chiefs’ Week 2 Loss to Baltimore | Upon Further Review |

The Kansas City Chiefs lost a heartbreaker on Sunday night as the Baltimore Ravens rallied to erase a double-digit deficit and deal the Chiefs their first loss of the year.

Here are five quick notes about the game.

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09/21/2021 9:22 am

I understand all the defense sucks complaining and finger pointing. All of that shit doesn’t really matter if ceh just holds on to the ball in a critical spot. The defense will get sorted out. One little hole in the boat does not mean we should abandon ship. Our offense is still the best in the league

Reply to  Stuckinpackland
09/21/2021 9:59 am

Agree and disagree. If this is what the defense looks like healthy, imagine what happens when there is an injury or three.

The offense will be fine. They need to work on run blocking. Get Hardman on the jugs machine 3+ hrs a day until his hands bleed. But they should only get better.

09/21/2021 8:20 am

Fascinating stuff:

09/21/2021 6:11 am

How good is the Chiefs personnel on defense? Why are we struggling or sucking against the run? Has Spags run his course with the team?

Superstars on D – Mathieu and Jones – Both can shine on passing downs and neither are run oriented players.
Very solid – Sneed and Ward – add Hughes – Our corners are not the problem and it helps that they are solid run support – thank goodness.
Can have their moments of brilliance BUT – Thornhill – our in and out safety, Dirty Dan – who looks like he should be cut every third week, Hitchens – not good enough to be able to compensate for a weak line, Bolton – hard to evaluate rookie in two games, Gay – hard to evaluate if he will not stay healthy, Danna and Wharton – nice supporting pieces
Not strong enough in the middle – Nnadi and Saunders
Riding on a reputation (possible) – Reed and Clark
What the hell did we keep him for – Alex Okafor
A nice sixth linebacker – Ben Niemann
Needs to replace Okafor in the lineup – Kaindoh
I do not care that you are on special teams if you cannot play defense – Lammons, Harris, Watts, DOD
Did I miss anyone – Not important enough for me to remember at six in the morning

Reply to  EAFOX
09/21/2021 7:12 am

Ben Nieman is not a LB. He’s an oversized, too slow nickelback. Thats how the chiefs use him and thats how he plays. I went back and watched his first two games and there hasnt been a single snap from him this year where we wouldnt have been better off with a safety playing.

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
09/21/2021 7:55 am

“A linebacker’s job in football is to stop the offense’s running attack. Linebackers will also support the defensive backs to help stop the offense if they throw the football. It’s one of the most versatile positions on the field.

Linebackers are often players that are both big in stature but also athletic enough to cover the pass. They need to be big in stature because of the ability to take on offensive lineman to stop the run.

They will be confronted with an offensive lineman that they need to disengage to tackle every run play.”

Niemann does not fit this description. He cannot stop the run. He’s not big. And he sure as hell cant disengage from an offensive lineman, let alone a TE or WR.

Reply to  EAFOX
09/21/2021 8:23 am

Thornhill is fine. At least, he appears to be. The coaches must not have confidence in how he’s healed after that injury (but he’s looked rehabilitated when he’s played). It’s just a matter of the coaches keeping him in over Sorensen (which, hopefully, will happen).

Danna has also been good at run support. He took completely the wrong angle on that Jackson TD but he’s just a second-year guy. That will come with experience.

Reply to  Nasrani
09/21/2021 8:27 am

Bench (or cut) Nieman. Move sorenson into Niemans job. I know they call him a LB but he doesnt actually play LB. Play Thornhill at safety.

Problem solved. Its not perfect but. Its better than Niemann doing nothing.

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
09/21/2021 9:19 am

Good plan, postmark that shit to 1 arrowhead Dr attn: Steve spagnulo

09/21/2021 5:49 am

1 – New leader Tom Brady – He had a good day and his team dominated.
2 – Russell Wilson
3 – Patrick Mahomes
4 – Kyler Murray
The above three had good games but Wilson and Mahomes lost and Murray barely beat Minnesota
5 – Aaron Rodgers – His first week struggles are forgiven
6 – Josh Allen – He was solid against Miami
7 – Dak Prescott – Dallas won but it was a team win, not a Dak win
8 – Lamar Jackson – He ran thru the Chiefs all the way to number eight
9 – Derrick Henry – He ran thru the Seahawks all the way to number nine
10 – Aaron Donald – Only still on the list due to his reputation.
11 – Derek Carr – Even a Chiefs fan hopped on the Derek Carr bandwagon
Removed from list – Jameis Winston – He enjoyed a one week run here.

09/21/2021 5:07 am

Reply to  probablyamistake
09/21/2021 5:06 pm

Yep, I posted late last night

15 brother is FAKE TOUGH guy

  • 1st don’t do that
  • 2nd, if you do it – do it to another man FACE
  • 3rd – remember the knucklehead that tossed a beer in T. Hill face in New England
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