Morning Huddle – The Tuesday After The Victory Monday After The Sunday After The Super Bowl: Lots of Free Agents Edition

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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for Feb 20, 2024

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Good morning AG!

Today in Chiefs history:  Nothing, just like yesterday
Today in Other history: 
In 1816, Rossini’s comic opera “Barber of Seville” premieres at the Teatro Argentina in Rome, Italy
Jimmy Yancey, American boogie-woogie jazz and blues pianist, was born in Chicago, ILL  (birth year disputed – documentation ranges from 1894-1903)

Ansel Adams, American landscape photographer and environmentalist (Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1980), was  born in San Francisco, CA in 1902

Robert Altman, American screenwriter, producer and director (The Player; M*A*S*H; Nashville), was born in Kansas City, MO in 1925

Finally, in 1962 John Glenn became the 1st American to orbit the Earth, aboard Friendship 7




And now, some Chiefs news  …



***Ed Note:  it’s a rather lengthy list …

An Initial Look At 2024 Chiefs Free Agents | Full Press Coverage

An Initial Look At 2024 Chiefs Free Agents

Even though we are roughly a week removed from Super Bowl LVIII, the Kansas City Chiefs are now in the same boat as everyone else. That would be offseason mode. After securing their third Super Bowl win in the last five years, Kansas City has many key players that are pending free agents. With the franchise tag window opening this week, and the 2024 league year opening soon, decisions will come quickly. With that in mind, it is time for an initial look at the pending Kansas City Chiefs free agents for this offseason.

Via Spotrac, the Kansas City Chiefs have 25 total players that will be pending free agents in the 2024 offseason. 19 of those 25 are unrestricted free agents.



***Ed Note:  same list but with 2023 salaries and 2024 market value estimates (for a few)

Kansas City Chiefs 2024 Free Agents | Spotrac




Four Verts: Which NFL teams can break up the reign of Chiefs in AFC and 49ers in NFC? | Yahoo Sports

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are again Super Bowl champions, winning three of the past five Super Bowls and participating in four of the past five. The San Francisco 49ers have not had quite that level of success under Kyle Shanahan, but they’ve been consistent players in the postseason since he took over as the head coach in 2017, with two Super Bowl appearances and four NFC championship game berths in the past five years.

This begs the question: Who can knock these teams off?

They’re clearly the cream of the crop in the NFL, but there are four teams out there who had the pieces in place to give them a run for their money next season.



Chiefs DL Chris Jones earned fifth-best PFF grade among interior defenders in 2023 | Chiefs Wire

Chiefs DL Chris Jones earned fifth-best PFF grade among interior defenders in 2023

The Kansas City Chiefs are entering the 2024 offseason in an enviable position. As back-to-back champions, the team secured dynasty status with their win over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII and will seek to keep as much talent on its payroll as possible heading into their next title defense campaign.



***Ed Note:  speaking of D-Line …

Defensive lineman Charles Omenihu hints at wanting new contract from the Chiefs | KC Star

The Chiefs didn’t make a big splash during NFL free-agency a year ago, but five of the players they signed made key contributions for the Super Bowl champions. That included defensive end Charles Omenihu, although he missed the first six games of the season following a suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy.




Can 49ers, Chiefs keep their stars? Free agents, extensions | ESPN

The challenge for the great teams in a salary cap league is staying great.

In the NFL, as players start to play better and help teams compete for and win Super Bowls, they obviously start to deserve more money. The trick is to re-sign stars or replenish with draft picks, and deciding when to take each path is what makes cap management a jigsaw puzzle. The best teams often seem to be the ones with the toughest decisions.



Chiefs DC Steve Spagnuolo thrilled by players looking forward to potential three-peat | Chiefs Wire

Chiefs DC Steve Spagnuolo thrilled by players looking forward to potential three-peat

The Super Bowl champions are still the Kansas City Chiefs following another NFL season. The team came together to pull off the back-to-back title bid and further etch their names in league history as the next great dynasty.

The praises have been loud and frequent for Steve Spagnuolo’s impressive job as the Chiefs defensive coordinator. He took time on Sunday to share his thoughts on players voicing their excitement to try for a three-peat on Super Bowl titles during his appearance on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio with host Jake Asman.



***Ed Note:  ICYMI

This season, our defense held opponents to under 25 total points in 20 of 21 games, marking the most such games for any team in NFL history.



***Ed Note:  haters gonna hate … ?

Asante Samuel Says “It’s Impossible for Patrick Mahomes to Dethrone Tom Brady as GOAT” | Sports Illustrated

The Kansas City Chiefs won their third Super Bowl title in the last five years, and many people have begun to place QB Patrick Mahomes among the GOAT conversation along with Tom Brady.

This argument will continue to happen, as many believe that Mahomes is on track or even surpassing the greatness that Brady accomplished in his career. However, Asante Samuel discussed how impossible it truly is for Mahomes to ever catch Brady on Say What Needs to Be Said.




KC Chiefs’ 2023 Rookie Class Given ‘B’ Grade, Ranked Just Outside Top 10 in NFL | Sports Illustrated

In the first leg of the Kansas City Chiefs’ recent Super Bowl run, the team’s 2022 rookie class contributed in a major way. That naturally left a bit less room for the ensuing group of first-year players to make an impact, leaving mixed results from general manager Brett Veach’s next haul.

Kansas City’s rookie class from the 2023 NFL Draft still had players fuel a second NFL title in a row, just with fewer pieces doing so. For example, the duo of wide receiver Rashee Rice and defensive back Chamarri Conner were the club’s two best rookies from the season and multiple others simply didn’t receive many chances to develop on the field in year one. This collective of players appears to be more of a long-term swing from Veach and Co., leaving the 2024-25 season as a critical one.



Lamar Hunt spent $25,000 for franchise, now Chiefs are worth billions | Fox 4 KC

The Kansas City Chiefs are the hottest commodity in sports right now.

With back-to-back Super Bowls and three Lombardi Trophies earned within the last five years, there’s no denying that they’re currently the most prolific franchise rolling. A dynasty was born after Super Bowl LVIII.



Football Inflation: Moving the Goalpost from $50,000 to $50,000,000 in under 60 Years | Expensivity

Football Inflation: Moving the Goalpost from $50,000 to $50,000,000 in under 60 Years

Not all that long ago, the massive contracts awarded to today’s top NFL players would have been unthinkable.

When pro football was in its infancy, salaries weren’t lucrative. The very first athlete to earn money for playing a game of football made just $500. For decades, professional football players routinely worked “regular” jobs in the off-season. In the mid-1960s, star NFL players earned $50,000 per year, or about 7.5 times the median income for an American family. In 2022, the top NFL player’s salary was $50,000,000—666 times the median income reported for households.



Confusion about NFL’s gambling policy extends to ownership | Pro Football Talk via Yahoo Sports

The NFL has created plenty of confusion by balancing a stream of “thou shalt nots” regarding gambling against “oh yes we shalt” when it comes to profiting from it. The confusion extends to ownership.

Consider this Super Bowl-week sound bite from Falcons owner Arthur Blank to Daniel Kaplan of  “Once the Supreme Court made its decision, gambling is here. The league’s position on it has been:  Protect the game at all costs, which obviously is absolutely critical.  And all the ramifications of that in terms of club personnel, players, betting – I haven’t even walked into a casino [in Las Vegas this week].  I don’t want to be seen there.  Theoretically, if I wanted to go to the slots I could – I’m not even sure . . . “



FMIA:  How KC landed Patrick Mahomes in 2017, mastermind Steve Spagnuolo & re-watching Super Bowl LVIII | NBC Sports

April 27, 2017. A day that will live in glorious history for one franchise, and in what-might-have-been glumness for others.

Around dinnertime in Louisiana, pro golfer Ryan Palmer—good friend of Saints coach Sean Payton—and pal Jordan Spieth drove over to the Saints’ facility for a treat: In town for the Zurich Classic, Spieth and Palmer were invited to sit in the Saints’ draft room for the first round. Spieth’s a huge football fan. “I’d never been in a war room before, and I was excited,” Spieth, three-time major winner, recalled last week.

Payton took the golfers on a tour of the facility. “We really like this Patrick Mahomes kid,” Payton told them. “He’s the steal of the draft. I’m not sure everyone knows that.”



***Ed Note:  yeah, THAT Patrick Mahomes







***Ed Note:  uh huh, we’ll see about that



Minnesota stuns Canucks with franchise-record 10 goals, pair of hat tricks in win | Yahoo Sports

The Minnesota Wild went off on Monday afternoon in what ended up being a historic win over the Vancouver Canucks.

The Wild scored a franchise-record 10 goals and rallied from a three-goal hole in the second period to grab a 10-7 win over the Canucks at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. The Wild scored six goals in a 5:45 span, which marked the fastest stretch of its kind in the league since 1999. Only three other teams have scored six goals in a faster time frame in NHL history.



William Byron wins Daytona 500 under caution after crash at the white flag | Yahoo Sports

William Byron won the Daytona 500 under caution after Ross Chastain and Austin Cindric crashed as the white flag flew.

Byron got past Chastain with less than three laps to go and was in front as the wreck happened. Though the crash started before the final lap officially began, the caution came out after Byron had started his final lap.

Chastain was making a move on the high side as Cindric was in second ahead of Corey LaJoie when their contact happened. Cindric appeared to get loose and move up the track as Chastain moved down to make a pass for the lead.




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Big Chief
02/20/2024 3:46 pm

I just saw on Twitter that the Eagle’s say they have signed Darian Kinnard. This surprised me because I didn’t think you could get players off of the practice squad in the offseason. I didn’t see where we signed him to a futures deal or anything, but he was a draft pick so I assumed we didn’t need to do so. Did anyone else see anything about this?

02/20/2024 2:13 pm

Raiders HC thinks they have the “recipe” to beat the Chiefs. 🤣

The recipe?

Don’t score a single offensive TD
Hope the chiefs drop passes
Hope the chiefs kicker who hasn’t missed a FG all year misses a chip shot
Hope the chiefs donate 6 points on one of the worst, most unlikely fumbles you’ll see
Hope the chiefs legendary QB throws one of the worst, most uncharacteristic pick sixes you’ll ever see.

Reply to  Tyrone
02/20/2024 2:41 pm

Have your QB not complete a pass after the 1st Q

Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/20/2024 3:13 pm

Great stat

Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/20/2024 3:14 pm

Jesus. Every completion he had was on one drive.

Reply to  Tyrone
02/20/2024 4:42 pm

That’s the recipe. you can’t beat them, so just hope they implode.

02/20/2024 11:02 am
02/20/2024 8:41 am

We are kind of getting a late start discussing next seasons roster.. other teams have a good month head start on us. Hmm. wonder why!

02/20/2024 7:29 am


Reply to  Warpath
02/20/2024 8:40 am

comment image

02/20/2024 7:28 am

Nfl championship odds:

49ers +230
Cowboys +600
Lions. +600
Eagles +800
Packers. +1000

Reply to  gonzangkc11
02/20/2024 7:34 am

I believe you mean nfc not nfl. You confused the shit out of me at first.

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
02/20/2024 8:29 am

Id take the eagles or packers. I dont believe in the lions or cowboys, especially the cowboys.

Once mccaffery gets hurt the 49ers will fall off a cliff.

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
02/20/2024 10:39 am

Man, I just can’t pony up the train fare for the Ly’ns … ; )

02/20/2024 7:13 am


Raiders hc an old saying goes: worry about your OWN backyard b4 bitching about someone else.

Big Chief
Reply to  gonzangkc11
02/20/2024 8:32 am

So they have no reason to be unhappy. It sounds like they won their Super Bowl. That’s right up there with the Chargers winning every offseason. So congratulations to the Raiders. The fact the Chiefs were using their facility and had Elway grudgingly give them the Lombardi makes this one extra sweet for me! I’ll take an actual Super Bowl win over a substitute any day!!!!

02/20/2024 7:09 am

Since it’s free agency wish list time

Bucs Mike Evans would look great in CHIEFS uniform. Believe he made $14m in 2023

Cut mvs free up $12m

Team Player
Reply to  gonzangkc11
02/20/2024 8:23 am
02/20/2024 6:40 am
Reply to  gonzangkc11
02/20/2024 7:04 am

Bring EB back…make him assistant head coach of….

maybe just maybe he could improve the entire WR room & make Rice even better

Like Dave Toub is. Assistant head coach of….

02/20/2024 6:39 am

Potential lawsuit coming.

02/20/2024 6:37 am

Crazy 🤪
It is. What it is

Halftime show was GARBAGE can🗑–rhevg?si=EFzXhzr9KduG6ZwV

02/20/2024 6:33 am

charles omenihu
Could be cut & save chiefs $8.2m…his contact has a potential out after 2023 season w/dead cap of $3.7m.

marquez valdes-scantling
Could be cut save chiefs $12m w/dead cap of $2m

Sure chiefs Ownership will make CAP magic 🎩 happen to


Last edited 1 month ago by gonzangkc11
Reply to  gonzangkc11
02/20/2024 7:32 am

Justin reid can be cut to save ~12 mill, I believe.

02/20/2024 6:24 am

Nfl free agency window opens today
Until 4pm EST on March 5

March 11, nfl teams can sign player

02/20/2024 6:17 am

2024 afc championship odds:

Chiefs +350
Ravens +460
Bills +650
Bengals +700
Dolphins +1100

02/20/2024 5:18 am

Spotrac estimating 3 years 50 million for Mike Danna


Reply to  Tyrone
02/20/2024 6:14 am

Bye bye 👋

Time for Chiefs 2023 FIRST ROUND PICK Felix to be an impact player like George Karlaftis

Last edited 1 month ago by gonzangkc11
02/20/2024 5:15 am

Great huddle. Thank you!

Reply to  Tyrone
02/20/2024 1:52 pm

I’ll second that!

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