Morning Huddle – The Sunday Before Monday Night Football Edition

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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for November 19, 2023

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Good morning AG!

Today in Chiefs’ history, Larry Johnson born in 1979.

Let’s explore what else happened, as in, 1567 Spanish Mendaña Expedition departs Callao, Peru, led by Alvaro de Mendaña de Neira and his uncle Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa to explore the Pacific (1st Europeans to discover Solomon Islands); 1620 The Mayflower reaches Cape Cod and explores the coast; 1805 Lewis and Clark Expedition, led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, reaches the Pacific Ocean, first European Americans to cross the west; 1969 Apollo 12’s Charles Conrad and Alan Bean become the 3rd and 4th humans on the Moon.

The news.

The 2018 “Monday Night Football” matchup in Week 11 between the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs.

‘It felt like a movie’: Chiefs-Rams scoring outburst still holds indelible place in NFL history | USAToday

The Coliseum, one of the most hallowed venues in American sports, had not hosted a “Monday Night Football” game since 1985. It was the Rams’ third season back in Los Angeles, and they had not seen this level of on-field success since their return.

Chiefs fans donate to Joe Burrow’s foundation after QB’s season-ending injury | Bengalswire

The majority of the new donations on the foundation’s page are now well-wishers from Chiefs fans with comments like this: “I’m a fan of the cause and a fan of great quarterbacks. I am a diehard Chiefs fan but love the budding rivalry between our two teams. Much love, Joe!”

Chiefs DL Coach Joe Cullen shares strategy on stopping the ‘Brotherly Shove’ | Chiefswire

“If anyone has any new ideas, let me know,” Cullen joked. 

A.J. Brown vs. the Chiefs’ Defense: Week 11 Matchup, Fantasy Projections and Preview / KTRE

Mike Edwards has a team-leading one interception to go along with 17 tackles, 2.0 TFL, one sack, and five passes defended.

Chiefs’ Andy Reid Speaks Glowingly of ‘Stellar’ Player That ‘Gets No Credit’ | Heavy

In nine games played, Nnadi is second among defensive tackles in snap percentage (48%) only behind Chris Jones, according to Pro Football Reference. He’s playing more than Tershawn Wharton, who started alongside Jones early in the 2022 season before suffering a torn ACL in Week 5.

Thankful for Another Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles Matchup | SI

As we enter the Thanksgiving season, one thing everyone should be thankful for is a rematch of Super Bowl LVII on Monday Night Football. The Kansas City Chiefs will host the Philadelphia Eagles in what is supposed to be one of the best prime-time matchups in the NFL this season.

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11/19/2023 11:28 am

Tomorrow is a huge game for our WR’s. They’ve been called out as the problem with our offense. Some here disagree and have made some good points. Fortunately they’re wrong. If it was Andy or Patrick we would have a serious problem. It’s not them. Maybe adjusting the play calling and Patrick getting the ball out quicker will help a little bit, but that’s not what this team is. This team is about blowing up defenses, it’s what they do. These guys didn’t win two Championships by playing footsie with the opponents. These receivers need to step it up and stop playing scared. That’s right, they’re playing scared. They need to put on their big boy pants and start playing like men instead of little girls.

11/19/2023 11:27 am

I sure miss football Sunday….

11/19/2023 8:32 am


11/19/2023 6:32 am

Breaking down the new MVP race – Who is still a viable candidate? The quarterback numbers are TD passes and interceptions. All quarterbacks with nine or more TD passes are on the list.

Tua 19/7
Mahomes 17/8
Hurts 15/8
Stroud 15/2
Lamar 12/5

Long Shot
Allen 19/11
Goff 14/5

Cousins 18/5
Burrow 15/6

Non Viable
Wilson 18/4
Dak 17/6
Herbert 17/5
Howell 17/9
Purdy 15/5
Mayfield 14/5
Love 14/10
Geno 11/7
Dobbs 11/5
Fields 11/6
Carr 10/4
Jones 10/10
Lawrence 9/6

Reply to  EAFOX
11/19/2023 6:54 am

Barring a miracle second half season by someone (undefeated and clearly carrying their team with great TD stats), we have five viable candidates.

Tua needs stats that are far above the others to win. He has some of the best skill players but his team has been unable to win against quality opponents.

The Monday Night showdown between Mahomes and Hurts is huge. If one clearly outplays the other, he would become the MVP favorite. A great game by both gives a small advantage to the one that wins the game, and a subpar game by both opens the door for someone else to win.

Stroud is 5-4. If he can go 6-2 the rest of the way and maintain decent stats, he could be the one who can overtake the front runners. He is playing a last place schedule.

To me, Lamar is a longshot. The Ravens have a powerful defense and a dynamic run game. Lamar has good but not great stats. A great finish by the Ravens still makes him a viable candidate, but the others ahead of him would have to falter.

Do not throw out Dak to me – padding your stats against teams like the Giants does not change the fact that he comes up short in the big moments.

Reply to  EAFOX
11/19/2023 9:32 am

Considering how BAD the Texans were the past few years and how competitive they are now, even if they end up 9-8, Stroud is a really possibility. He has made a huge difference to that team, and no chance they are over .500 without him. He’d get my vote. If they tank, lose 6 more, look bad, then it was all a pipe dream, I guess.

Nice series on this, BTW. Thanks. Always a good read.

Reply to  NovaChiefs
11/19/2023 10:24 am

with ya on Stroud … if he carries that team to much of anything this season he should win it

11/19/2023 5:11 am

Happy Sunday Coffee
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Reply to  ChiefDog
11/19/2023 9:33 am

I’ve noticed none of our Coffee Klatch seem to live up north. Or they have heated decks

Reply to  NovaChiefs
11/19/2023 10:25 am

and see? that’s just wrong … we need some Nanook of the North Coffee Representatives

Reply to  upamtn
11/19/2023 10:53 am

More realistic
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Reply to  NovaChiefs
11/19/2023 10:55 am

Another 3 weeks
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