Morning Huddle – TGIF:

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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for May 14, 2021

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Happy Friday AG!!! On to the huddle…

There are all sorts of articles on the schedule and people taking WAG’s at how teams will do, so we’ll try not to post a bunch of them – just one or two for flavor…

Predicting Every Game on the Kansas City Chiefs’ 2021 Schedule |

The Kansas City Chiefs’ 2021-22 schedule has officially been released. Here’s a look at how things might develop over the course of the season.

Kansas City Chiefs 2021 schedule: Dates, times, TV, key games, toughest matchup, season prediction | cbssports

The 2021 NFL schedule is officially here. With free agency mostly over with and the 2021 NFL Draft in the rearview mirror, we can begin to preview the 2021 season. The AFC West should be one of the best divisions in the NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs will be motivated after falling short in the Super Bowl last year, the Los Angeles Chargers are excited to move forward with their franchise quarterback in Justin Herbert, the Las Vegas Raiders feel they made some improvements to become more competitive and the Denver Broncos appeared to have had one of the best drafts of any NFL team.

Andy Reid: Chiefs ‘hadn’t done a whole lot’ on offensive line before 2021 offseason |

“We have some guys returning that were on that Super Bowl team, too. So we’ve got great depth and there’ll be competition,” Reid told NFL Network’s Steve Mariucci on Wednesday’s Schedule Release ’21. “And as you know, Mooch, competition brings out the best in everybody. And so, we’ve got that now on the offensive line and these guys will battle it out. The kids that were on that Super Bowl are tough kids, it just wasn’t our day. And things didn’t quite work out right, it’s not all their blame for sure. And that’s not where we were going with this. We just hadn’t done a whole lot recently with the offensive line. You need to take care of that bunch, so that’s where we went.”

Chiefs at Raiders among most expensive games to attend in 2021 |

With the NFL’s schedule reveal on Wednesday evening, teams have now started selling tickets for the upcoming season. Chiefs tickets have steadily been on the rise since the arrival of star QB Patrick Mahomes. This season, tickets at Arrowhead Stadium are among the most expensive on the secondary market.

Trey Smith signs rookie deal with Chiefs | 247sports

The first of two former Tennessee players selected in the 2021 NFL Draft last month has signed his rookie contract. The Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday announced they had signed their entire draft class, including offensive lineman Trey Smith, the two-time All-SEC selection for the Vols the defending AFC champions picked in the sixth round (226th overall). Smith was a projected third-round pick and a top-100 prospect in the draft, but slid due to concerns about his medical history after blood clots in his lungs threatened his football career during his sophomore season at Tennessee.

Kansas City Chiefs Trade for Former First-Round Cornerback Mike Hughes |

The Kansas City Chiefs have added another competitor at cornerback by trading for former Minnesota Vikings first-round pick Mike Hughes.

Chiefs to sign former Marshall CB Jaylon McClain-Sapp | usatoday

It’s fairly common practice for the Chiefs to release a few players before rookie minicamp in order to clear the way for some undrafted free agent signings. We already had recorded eight instances of undrafted free agent additions following the 2021 NFL draft.

Chiefs announce 8 undrafted free agent signings ahead of rookie minicamp | usatoday

The Kansas City Chiefs have officially announced that they’ve signed eight undrafted free agents ahead of rookie minicamp.

Kansas City Chiefs Sign Entire 2021 Draft Class |

The Kansas City Chiefs have signed their 2021 NFL Draft class, according to a tweet from the team, locking up their rookies to long-term deals.

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05/14/2021 9:29 am

Reply to  pompano
05/14/2021 10:28 am

Looks like me on game day

Reply to  probablyamistake
05/14/2021 10:43 am

Surely you have a more optimistic air about you.

Reply to  larch
05/14/2021 10:48 am

Sunday mornings can be rough 😉

Reply to  pompano
05/14/2021 10:42 am

That’s hilarious, one of the best so far.

Jason from El Paso
Jason from El Paso
05/14/2021 8:47 am

It’s official! I’m booked for my first ever Chiefs game! 41 years in the making! Chargers week 3. 13th row behind our bench! Can’t wait! Thanks to all who gave me advice on here the other night! Wish I could’ve hung out as I’m sure the convo got even more in depth.

Also, this trade for Hughes. My take is that he has a 6th round value for us regardless of where he was originally drafted. If he provides better than a 6th rounder should do / normally does, we win that deal. I think Veach made a pretty good trade. We’ll see how it plays out.

Reply to  Jason from El Paso
05/14/2021 9:00 am

Wasnt even a 6th rounder. Traded back from the 6th to the 7th. Basically the vikings were going to cut him and were willing to take a half a pack of gum that had been sitting on the dashboard for 6th months for him.

Jason from El Paso
Jason from El Paso
Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
05/14/2021 9:07 am

Fair point. Sometimes scheme change or even just a coaching change is all guys need to start to realize their potential. Let’s hope he gets a full season under his belt this year and does well. Definitely helps with our depth I’d say.

Reply to  Jason from El Paso
05/14/2021 3:14 pm

Congrats on the tickets. Man, those are some great seats!

05/14/2021 8:29 am

From a Vikings’ fan site comments section about how the deal went down between Minnesota and KC for Mike Hughes:

“Rick: “We got the perfect guy for you to get yourselves back to the superbowl”…”We took him in the 1st…but we will give him to you for a 2nd round”

KC: <Static>

Rick: “Okay Okay, A third?”


Rick: “Not even a 7th?”

KC: “We will give you a 6th because of how sorry we are for you”

Reply to  3rdnlong
05/14/2021 10:30 am

Veach is a hard baller man. Breeland is finding that out the hard way

05/14/2021 8:11 am

The difference between our other GMs and Brett Veach is when Brett signs a marginal player, I believe it will work, instead of thinking it’s just another example of the GM trying to cheap out. Maybe because it usually does.

05/14/2021 7:02 am


Reply to  Tyrone
05/14/2021 10:46 am

So, you’re way ahead of us, man, enjoy, my first beer of the evening is still in the distance.

05/14/2021 6:31 am

Happy red Friday kingdom………

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