Morning Huddle – Super Bowl Week: Tommy & Tiger & Andy & Travis & Pat Tuesday Edition

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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for Feb 6, 2024

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Good morning AG!

Today in Chiefs history (just not ALWAYS good):  Todd Haley was hired as head coach in 2009, and Brody Croyle was born in 1983
Today in Other history: 

Frank Sinatra debuted on radio’s “Your Hit Parade” in 1943


Tom Brokaw was born in 1940.  If you’ve never read The Greatest Generation, you’re doing yourself a disservice


In 1921, Charlie Chaplin released his first full-length feature (The Kid), a silent film starring Charlie Chaplin & a then 6-year old Jackie Coogan


Happy Birthday to Babe Ruth, born in Baltimore in 1895


Aaron Burr, the 3rd US Vice President was born in Newark in 1756.  He later shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a pistol duel.  Jersey kid, it figures





And now, the news that you simply can’t live without …




Analysis: Year 25 for Andy Reid might be the best coaching job yet for the 2-time Super Bowl champ | AP News

Andy Reid celebrated his 25th season as a head coach with a masterful performance on the sideline and in the locker room.

The Kansas City Chiefs are one victory away from becoming the first NFL team in 19 years to win back-to-back Super Bowls. They’re here to face the San Francisco 49ers despite a midseason slump that could’ve ruined their repeat hopes.

Reid kept them steady.

This isn’t the best team Reid has coached but it just might be his best coaching job.





The Chiefs Industry: Kansas City’s sustained success has boosted small business bottom lines | AP News

Anthony Oropeza still remembers the day Travis Kelce walked into his studio at the InterUrban ArtHouse in suburban Kansas City, where some of his acrylic and mixed media works were hanging from the walls.

Kelce was helping to deliver a grant for the community arts hub, and the first piece to grab his attention featured Satchel Paige, the Hall of Fame Negro Leagues pitcher who later played in Cleveland, near where the Chiefs tight end had grown up.

Then, Kelce saw Oropeza’s painting entitled “:13 seconds,” which depicted the dramatic finish to the Chiefs’ game against Buffalo in 2022. Kelce made a crucial catch to move Kansas City within range of a tying field goal in their divisional playoff game, then he caught the touchdown pass in overtime that sent the Chiefs back to the AFC championship game.





Super Bowl 2024: Top 10 storylines including Patrick Mahomes, Brock Purdy and, yes, Taylor Swift | yahoo!sports

The last time the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers met in a Super Bowl, they gave us a good one.

Four years ago, the Chiefs came back from a 20-10 deficit midway through the fourth quarter to beat the 49ers 31-20. They scored three touchdowns in the final 6:13 to win. It was the first but not last Super Bowl ring for Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid.

The Chiefs and 49ers will square off again in Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII. Here are 10 storylines we’ll be hearing a lot about in the lead-up to the game on Feb. 11.





***Ed Note:  we think this is a VERY good read, but check it out and decide for yourself

As Patrick Mahomes chases Tom Brady’s Super Bowl rings, visions of Tiger Woods’ GOAT chase creep in | yahoo!sports

Initially, the steep rise of the phenom is typically mesmerizing.

Fans are enthralled with the early dominance, hypnotized by the highlights, captivated by the possibility that a new heir to a GOAT throne is emerging. As time passes, statistics begin to be projected outward, awards are compiled, measurements are made. Eventually, the conversation turns to history and legacy, which get complicated by comparisons of eras, playing styles, surrounding teammates, and even conspiracies about the hidden hand of a commissioner or league office facilitating the success.



2024 Super Bowl: Ranking every Chiefs and 49ers starter ahead of Las Vegas showdown for NFL crown | CBS Sports

When evaluating Super Bowl teams, I always like to rank the starters, which means a total of 46 players counting both nickel corners. I don’t count specialists because by now you know my disdain for kickers and punters.

As we get ready for Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers (here’s how to watch on CBS, Nickelodeon and Paramount+), I ranked the starters 1-46 based on who started in the two championship games, which takes into account some injury issues.

It’s pretty obvious who the top player is in this game — and in the league. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who is trying to win his third Super Bowl in the past six seasons, including last year, is on his way to being perhaps the best player this league has ever seen. Mahomes has a nice start on trying to take down Tom Brady as the greatest quarterback, but there is work to be done.

Mahomes is a clear No. 1, but what does the rest of the list show? It shows the teams are pretty split when in comes to the best players. The 49ers have six of the top 10 players and 11 of the top 20. But the Chiefs have three of the top 5 in my rankings.





We found a shrine to Chiefs Kingdom in a small Kansas town on our road trip to Vegas | Kansas City Star

After packing up our Ford Explorer at the Kansas City Star’s office Sunday morning, we stopped by Union Station to snap a few quick photos before we hit the road. Nearly immediately after we propped up our lifesize Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift cutouts against the car, a young girl bounded over, excited to take a picture with Taylor. Then, a couple wanted a photo. Then another one. As we explained that we were driving to Vegas to catch the Super Bowl, everyone was excited, wishing us a safe drive. It was an ideal, quintessentially KC send-off.

A few hours later, we landed at our first stop in Sedgwick, Kansas, to meet Dennis Basye, a superfan whose house and yard are decked out with Chiefs memorabilia. Dennis’ son, friends and neighbors came out to join the fun, and it was incredibly sweet to see how excited everyone was about Dennis, our trip and the big game.



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02/06/2024 1:02 pm

Today’s CHIEFS press conference

Streaming live

02/06/2024 12:58 pm

Noticed last night that our end zone in Vegas is painted yellow. We are unbeaten in the Superb Owl with a yellow end zone.

Reply to  fansince63
02/06/2024 2:42 pm

Did you wipe LV from your memory?

Reply to  Tyrone
02/06/2024 3:24 pm

comment image

02/06/2024 12:31 pm

Looking back at the 2019 super bowl. Richie James was the 9ers punt and kick returner.

02/06/2024 9:36 am

It wasn’t all scary news in our history
In 2020, this was the cover of SI
comment image

02/06/2024 8:59 am
02/06/2024 8:55 am

While I don’t think the performance of any one position group is more critical to the Chiefs success on Sunday, I’ve been noodling in my mind the DL group: Jones, Nnadi , Karlaftis, Danna, Wharton, Pennel, FAU, maybe Isiah Buggs, anybody I missed? Is Nnadi at full health? Will CJ be used on the outside much? Is Buggs going to be activated in case of need and/or spelling off the others on the interior? Any insight, info and thoughts on this?

Last edited 15 days ago by larch
Reply to  larch
02/06/2024 9:41 am

Nnadi is on IR

02/06/2024 8:10 am

Reply to  rip58
02/06/2024 11:19 am

Mahomes got a lot of that as well. He seemed affected… like he really wants to win now.

Reply to  upamtn
02/06/2024 3:25 pm

They do, but giving Mahomes a chip on his shoulder only feeds the beast.

02/06/2024 7:49 am


Reply to  Warpath
02/06/2024 8:07 am

comment image&ct=g

Reply to  rip58
02/06/2024 8:36 am

Confound it – you beat me to it!

comment image

Reply to  Warpath
02/06/2024 8:35 am

comment image

02/06/2024 7:39 am

Bienemy predictably let go. Doesnt sound like the move helped him get any closer to a hc job. I think his best bet at this point is to get the oc job on a josh mcdaniels team so he can become an interim coach 3 games into a season.

Team Player
Reply to  upamtn
02/06/2024 9:13 am

That was us earlier this season

02/06/2024 7:34 am

I hate the stupid snippets where they just say the chiefs suck against zone blocking and 11 personnel. What teams employee these techniques? The 49ers are a unique team in that they employee a good blocking TE and a FB. What team have we played compares at all to them? I cant think of anybody off the top of my head but its also not my freaking job.

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
02/06/2024 8:29 am

It’s the same old thing. “Lamar is unstoppable”. “The ravens defense is elite”. Where are they now? Oh right, they’re in the Bahamas drinking fancy little drinks with umbrellas and playing golf. Not football. Can the Chiefs be defeated? Of course (ok Ups?), but not in this game. Not Sunday. They’ve been in this situation before. They will succeed this time!


Reply to  probablyamistake
02/06/2024 8:43 am

To me this game is all about our at times shaky offense versus their overrated defense. If our offense plays like they have this postseason, this game is in the bag.

Reply to  probablyamistake
02/06/2024 8:49 am

But Lamar is unstoppable… or at least, his legacy is.

comment image

Reply to  upamtn
02/06/2024 1:08 pm

Keep You Safe Gugu Mbatha-Raw GIF by Apple TV+ - Find & Share on GIPHY

02/06/2024 7:18 am


02/06/2024 6:52 am

Eagles will play

02/06/2024 6:48 am

Chiefs win SB58 with EASE (win by 10+ points or more)

*Qb, owner, HC

Outstanding & LEGIT:
*coaching staff
*#1 wr
*#1 rb
Offensive line given up the LEAST number of sacks

Last edited 15 days ago by gonzangkc11
Reply to  gonzangkc11
02/06/2024 9:21 am

We’ve got a pretty fair TE too … ; )

02/06/2024 6:45 am

It’ssssssssss TIME!!!

02/06/2024 6:44 am

Chiefs win SB58 with EASE

02/06/2024 6:37 am

Let’s Go ….

Reply to  rip58
02/06/2024 6:38 am

Reply to  rip58
02/06/2024 6:47 am

comment image&ct=g

Reply to  rip58
02/06/2024 6:50 am

Reply to  upamtn
02/06/2024 7:42 am

when is she going to get her ring. Ohhh (im saying this in my head in a 11 year old girl voice)

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
02/06/2024 8:19 am

I had two strangers at work tell me he’ll propose on the podium after winning the game and mvp

Last edited 15 days ago by NovaChiefs
Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/06/2024 8:40 am

If they watch because of that then more power to NFL. And good for Kelce.

Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/06/2024 8:50 am

heck, they oughta make the proposal a PPV event on its own.

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