Morning Huddle – Saturday, ProBowl Weekend. Guess who isn’t there again?

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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for Feb 3, 2024

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Good morning, AG!

Today in Chiefs’ history, Leroy Thompson was born in 1968. Who? RB, 1995. You might know him by his first name, Ulys. Or maybe not.

Elsewhere, in 2005, Alberto R. Gonzales was sworn in as the attorney general of the United States, becoming the first Hispanic to occupy the post.

1995: Eileen Collins became the first woman to pilot a space shuttle, the Discovery

1960: The Italian dramedy La dolce vita, which was directed by Federico Fellini, had its world premiere, and it became widely hailed as one of the most important films in cinema.

1959: The Music Dies, as Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper (J.P Richardson) were killed in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa

1917: Not yet involved in World War I, the United States broke off diplomatic relations with Germany after the Germans announced their intention to practice unrestricted submarine warfare

1913: The Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, granting Congress the authority to levy income taxes, was ratified, and everyone’s favorite thing to hate became a thing. Thank you, Herbert Hoover

1870: The Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States was ratified, guaranteeing the right to vote regardless of race and intending to ensure, with the Fourteenth Amendment, the civil rights of former slaves.

Hopefully, the Huddle won’t require any amendments…

Chiefs Super Bowl LVIII Bye Week Friday Injury Report | The News & Observer

While there weren’t any updates provided during media on Friday afternoon, the club’s official injury report for the day gives a fresh outlook on who did and didn’t participate to close out the week.

Chiefs’ Travis Kelce says he is ready for the Super Bowl circus to begin next week | KSHB

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce insisted Friday that he is ready for the circus that comes with the Super Bowl.

San Francisco 49ers Claim Super Bowl Officiating Crew Already Helped Kansas City Chiefs Win Previously | Gridiron Heroics

“I remember Nick Bosa getting held on third-and-long and not getting called,” York said. “But it’s football. I should say this: I haven’t talked to anybody with Detroit, but I feel for them when you’re in a situation where you’re up, and you think you can win a game and make it memorable, and things go the wrong way.”

Fans, media react to Nick Bosa’s assertion that Chiefs tackles ‘hold a lot’ | Chiefswire

While the comment may have been innocuous in a vacuum, many users on social media seemed to think that Bosa’s assertion was a way of priming fans for a discourse about the NFL’s referees if the game’s final score wasn’t favorable for San Francisco.

How Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes avoided injury vs. Ravens: ‘I hate doing all that stuff’ | KC Star via Yahoo

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be healthy for Super Bowl LVIII against the San Francisco 49ers. And he knows that he might have his trainer to thank for that.

Super Bowl Game Prediction: Will the Chiefs Cement Their Dynasty, or Can the 49ers Return to Glory? |

The Kansas City Chiefs will get a chance to defend their crown against a loaded San Francisco 49ers squad at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, where underdog stories fade away and the house always wins.

Run defense could decide the winner of Super Bowl LVIII between Chiefs and 49ers | Touchdown wire via Yahoo

Well, the Kansas City Chiefs are back in the Super Bowl for the fourth time in the last five years, which is pretty insane. And in Super Bowl LVIII, they’ll face the San Francisco 49ers franchise they beat 31-20 in Super Bowl LIV, overcoming a 20-10 third-quarter deficit to do it.

Harbaugh ‘heartbroken’ after AFC title game loss, explains lack of run game vs. Chiefs | WMAR2News

“I’m heartbroken,” said Ravens head coach John Harbaugh. “I’m heartbroken – the fact that we didn’t win that game at home in front of our crowd for the first time in all these years and get a chance to play in the Super Bowl.”

Taylor Swift is a genius at the only language the NFL understands | CNN via Yahoo

From joyful images of Taylor Swift lovingly embracing her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce, after his team secured another AFC Championship win, to heartwarming interactions with Head Coach Andy Reid and CBS Sports’ NFL analyst Tony Romo — who has mistakenly referred to Swift as Kelce’s wife not once but twice — the pop superstar is redefining what it means to be a football fan. (Long, but a good read)

Bill Simmons makes a bold Super Bowl prediction because of Taylor Swift | The Street

“This will the highest-rated Super Bowl we’re probably ever going to have,” Simmons said during an episode of “The Bill Simmons Show” posted on Sunday night. “There’s all these extra Taylor Swift fans that are going to watch. There’s five million extra people who have no interest in this game.” (Ed: I think he’s low on that number)

You need to calm down: Taylor Swift can fly from Tokyo to Super Bowl in time, says Japan embassy | The Guardian via Yahoo

Japan’s embassy in Washington DC has assured an angsty public that Taylor Swift should make it to the Super Bowl in time to see her boyfriend Travis Kelce play in the big game – as long as her post-concert flight from Tokyo leaves on time.

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This one is for Nicky “Whiner” Bosa

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Severely Concussed
02/03/2024 3:53 pm

Reply to  Severely Concussed
02/03/2024 5:22 pm

Would be good news

KC Dude (A.K.A Zif)
02/03/2024 3:43 pm

My favorite play ever is Montana. I grew up with him in Northern California and visited the summer home every year for the next four years. Every time I asked to get into the locker room I was granted it by the wrestling coach. I met Montana one time and he was probably the best of all time. If Brady had to play back in the time Montana played he would have lasted maybe two or three games. He would not have been known as the GOAT. He would have been known as the NTGOAT. Purdy is very damned close to what Joe Cool pulled off back int the 80’s and It may be a battle between him and Mahomes for the next few years.

02/03/2024 3:25 pm

true story

Patrick Mahomes’ father says Chiefs QB ‘has a long ways to go’ before he surpasses Tom Brady’s greatness | Fox news

Patrick Mahomes was drafted in the first round in 2017 and has been the Chiefs’ primary starting quarterback for the last six seasons. He is a two-time NFL MVP and has won a pair of Vince Lombardi Trophies.

Mahomes has also thrown for more than 4,000 yards in every season he has been the full-time starter. Next week, the 28-year-old signal caller will make his fourth Super Bowl appearance. Mahomes’ impressive resume has already drawn comparisons to former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

While Brady is widely considered the greatest player in NFL history, others argue that Mahomes has already reached the seven-time Super Bowl champion’s level of greatness. But, Mahomes’ father, Pat Mahomes Sr., is not quite ready to give his son the greatest of all-time title.

02/03/2024 3:23 pm

Are we ready to be honest about Lamar Jackson? | Ravens Wire

After Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson lost again in the playoffs, it’s time to be honest about his shortcomings.

While offensive coordinator Todd Monken does deserve some blame for abandoning the running game, is Monken wrong for expecting his “MVP” to complete passes with accuracy and timing on three-step drops? Furthermore, Monken’s quick passing attack was the correct counter to the blitz scheme of Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

Jackson’s play was pedestrian at best, holding the ball too long in the pocket, dropping back 15-plus yards aimlessly on the first play, and throwing into triple coverage at a crucial point of the game. The Ravens were 3 of 11 on third down. Jackson went 20 for 37 through the air and was sacked four times.

02/03/2024 12:40 pm

comment image

Reply to  KCChef
02/03/2024 3:18 pm

don’t become a “Patriot Fan” … they used to think exactly the same way and were ridiculously smug about it (and that was the worst part: their smug fans … yes we all hated the Pats winning and winning and winning, but the fans were the worst part about it)

Severely Concussed
02/03/2024 12:02 pm

Severely Concussed
Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/03/2024 2:14 pm

I would hope EB has enough sense to not go there. He may only have 1 shot left to show he is a good coordinator if he has any hope of becoming a head coach.

Raiders don’t have enough offensive talent to take a chance on.

Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/03/2024 3:08 pm

they should’ve kept Hue Jackson long ago to begin with … I hope they DO end up with Chip Kelly, would serve ’em both right

Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/03/2024 3:14 pm


Severely Concussed
02/03/2024 11:25 am

This is the least anxious I have been for a Super Bowl.

I was a wreck going into the first 49ers one because it was my first time seeing the Chiefs in it.

I was terrified about the Bucs one with all of our o line injuries.

I was concerned about the Eagles because of Pat’s ankle.

This game we are healthy, have more experience in big games, and the better coaching staff. We are playing our best ball of the year.

We could still lose, but there are no things we have to overcome before kickoff.

Reply to  Severely Concussed
02/03/2024 1:34 pm

I was thinking we aren’t exactly healthy. I guess I haven’t been paying close attention.

Severely Concussed
Reply to  alsi
02/03/2024 1:41 pm

Omenihu sucks to lose, but our D line has real good depth.

Thuney is a loss but not crippling and they haven’t even ruled him out yet.

Gay should be back.

Some might point to not having McKinnon as a loss, but he didn’t provide much that CEH can’t.

Reply to  Severely Concussed
02/03/2024 2:36 pm

McKinnon seems like a better pass catcher and a better pass protector too.

Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/03/2024 3:11 pm

what the hell do I know? Clearly nothing

in the interests of Brotherly Love and all that, I shall not argue with you on this sentiment (you’re welcome)

Reply to  Severely Concussed
02/03/2024 3:08 pm


02/03/2024 11:08 am

Released on YouTube late last night

Episode 14 👏 👏 👏 👏 watching this video for a 3rd time now


02/03/2024 11:04 am

Video just released on YouTube 👏 👏


02/03/2024 9:40 am

My first thought was that the fans won’t be there!

Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/03/2024 11:33 am

Hell ya…. Sure beats being at the pro bowl..

Reply to  rip58
02/03/2024 12:15 pm

Things will get stirred up next week when the circus starts.

02/03/2024 9:07 am


02/03/2024 9:02 am

“super” excellent article/list here … with so many discussions vis-a-vis how good (or not good) Brock Purdy has been this season, and of course everyone in Chiefs Kingdom declaring Mahomes The Bestest QB in the Entire History of Ever … the following is a good read, well thought-out analysis and a list of All Time Greats that’s hard to argue with

I’m definitely a “fan” of his #2 guy (who really just might be #1)

All-time Super Bowl QB rankings: Patrick Mahomes passes Favre, Elway; Brock Purdy debuts at 58 | NFL dot COM

I can’t tell if Patrick Mahomes is making it harder or easier to write this introduction every season. He’s always in the Super Bowl, so he’s always the topic. His greatness doesn’t change; it just deepens.

That still doesn’t mean Mahomes is first on the list below of the best quarterbacks to start a Super Bowl, however, because this list is all about accomplishments. Every ranking needs a code, and the law of this list aims to keep things simple: order QBs based on their career achievements. Only quarterbacks who have started a Super Bowl like Marino are eligible, and the ranking does not only reflect their performances in Super Bowls.

Team Player
Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/03/2024 10:04 am

I thought Tom Matte played qb in SB 3. Gotta go look it up

Team Player
Reply to  Team Player
02/03/2024 10:19 am

Nope. Earl Morrall was the starter at QB. Matte was RB in that game and Unitas came off the bench after Morrall was benched

Reply to  Team Player
02/03/2024 3:12 pm

the loss, then, should b on Morrall, not Unitas

Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/03/2024 10:41 am

I would definitely have mahomes over rogers. and soon to pass a few more on the list. he does remind me of manning in his prime – good arm, excellent football IQ, but better and scrambling and throwing on the move.

02/03/2024 8:27 am

Boy this holding talk is getting out of control already. Like someone said last night, hope we don’t see a collinsworth magnifying glass deal. Now the owner is whining too? Gtfoh. When you initiate the rip an arm bar is 100% legal. Look it up ya doofus. If that weren’t the case tamba Hali woulda been held on 99% of his snaps…

Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/03/2024 9:36 am

Thats a good point. I hope that’s what they’re thinking. Last thing we or any fan needs in the superbowl is a flag fest

Reply to  Stuckinpackland
02/03/2024 12:48 pm

Sounds Like ” Boo Sah ” And The SF ( M )Owner Could Use a lil’ bit of This ! )
comment image

02/03/2024 8:25 am

good stuff, Ed

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