Morning Huddle – RED Friday, Super Bowl Edition

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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for Feb 9, 2023

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Good morning, AG!

Today in Chiefs’ history, we have nuthin’. We will keep looking. Watch this space

Elsewhere, in 2002, Princess Margaret died in London.

1943: The Battle of Guadalcanal ended with an Allied victory over Japan

1942: Carole King was born

And apparently Feb 9th is “Worldwide Slow News Day”, because that’s it folks. Thankfully, there’s this football game in a few days and there’s some news about that.

Chiefs SB LVIII Injuries: Rice and Others Limited on Thursday | Miami Herald

DID NOT PARTICIPATE: LG Joe Thuney (pectoral)

LIMITED: RB Jerick McKinnon (groin), RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire (illness), WR Rashee Rice (ankles)

Chiefs Super Bowl history: Every appearance by Kansas City | Chiefswire

This is the Chiefs’ sixth Super Bowl appearance in franchise history, with their first two coming in 1966 and 1969. Patrick Mahomes is going for his third ring in just six years as the starting quarterback, looking to add to his legacy as one of the best players in league history.

The Chiefs’ season teetered after a loss to the Eagles. It left them ‘battle-tested’ for a Super Bowl run. | The Wichita Eagle

Valdes-Scantling’s nadir turned out to be emblematic of the adversity the Chiefs (11-6) faced during their 2-4 stretch. Drops and mental miscues from the receiving corps underscored losses to the Green Bay Packers, Bills, and Las Vegas Raiders following the Eagles loss.

Full Chiefs 53-man roster for Super Bowl LVIII vs. 49ers | Chiefswire

Check out every player on the Chiefs’ 53-man roster ahead of Super Bowl LVIII to see who might see action in Kansas City’s effort to secure its second-consecutive championship, listed by jersey number:

Four-time Super Bowl winner Rob Gronkowski tells CNN he thinks the Kansas City Chiefs are on the precipice of history | CNN via Yahoo

“You can just tell by the way they talk to the media, the way they carry themselves, the way that they just prepare week in and week out and the way they show up every single week out on the field, they can handle the pressure.”

Former NFL QB Matt Simms Says Patrick Mahomes Is “Already Greater Than Tom Brady” |

Former NFL QB Matt Simms calls Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes among the greatest QBs of all time while previewing Super Bowl 58.

Kansas City Chiefs praise former UH wideout who played ‘big roles’ in 3 Super Bowls | Hawaii News Now

The Kansas City Chiefs will play their first Super Bowl without former University of Hawaii standout….

Chiefs Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce reflected on Eric Bieniemy’s visit before the AFC Championship Game | Chiefswire

The rumor mill gained extra fuel on Wednesday during the Kansas City Chiefs’ latest round of Super Bowl media scrums. The focus is on Sunday’s game, but a reveal about their former offensive coordinator had everyone talking.

Maxx Crosby Wants Chiefs To Win Super Bowl For Intriguing Reason | The Cold WIre

There is now a contingent of fans who want the Chiefs to be toppled, not just because star tight end Travis Kelce is dating pop star Taylor Swift, but also because those fans are getting sick of seeing the Chiefs winning big games. But Pro Bowl defensive end Maxx Crosby wants the Chiefs to win it all again for an interesting reason, per Andrew Siciliano.

Adidas Plans Major Events for Patrick Mahomes in Las Vegas | SI

Details on the Las Vegas event adidas has planned for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

CBS’ Taylor Swift approach, Romo’s response to criticism and 10 Super Bowl media notes | Miami Herald via Yahoo

Ten media notes heading into Sunday’s Super Bowl, which will be called by Jim Nantz and Tony Romo on CBS:

Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Has 5 Words of Relationship Advice for Travis Kelce |

When asked by a reporter during a Feb. 5 press conference if he’s shared any words of wisdom with Kelce regarding his relationship, Reid had a short and sweet response. “Treat her like a queen,” Reid said.

Would have been good yesterday, but worthy of Red Friday

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Morning Bowl of (T)Weeties:

Arrowhead Guys Twitter:

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Let’s just end the day with this little tidbit…

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02/09/2024 2:25 pm

as it turns out, one other slightly noteworthy event happened on Feb 9th, way, way back in the day …

Today in History: February 9, the Beatles appear on “The Ed Sullivan Show” | AP News

On Feb. 9, 1964, the Beatles made their first live American television appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” broadcast from New York on CBS. The quartet played six songs, including “Love Me Do” and “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” to a crowd of screaming teenagers in person and more than 70 million viewers across the country

02/09/2024 1:03 pm

Chiefs just uploaded another video, a few minutes ago. 👏 👏 👏 👏

02/09/2024 11:47 am

This Chiefs video just uploaded to YOUTUBE

02/09/2024 10:23 am

Did Teicher just not do a prediction this year?

Team Player
Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
02/09/2024 11:28 am

SF beat writer also not included. Curious

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
02/09/2024 2:19 pm

have you checked ESPN this year?

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
02/09/2024 3:08 pm

I dont think him picking against us went well last year

Wichita Chief
02/09/2024 10:18 am

All right!!


Super Bowl edition bitches!!

02/09/2024 9:39 am

Bienemy is NOT coming back to KC (there’s no room for him)

Purdy is most definitely talented

Maxx Crosby is one of the best in the league … he’s also nuttier than a fruitcake

Chiefs need to keep Danna, Gay and Sneed

Enjoy the moment: few fans get to experience what Chiefs fans have right now

Geaux Chiefs

Reply to  upamtn
02/09/2024 10:21 am

That Crosby interview was pretty good. He’s actually not that nutty

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
02/09/2024 6:19 pm

Agreed, wish he played for us. Love his passion and this just in, he’s pretty good

02/09/2024 8:51 am

Fascinating write-up about Isiah Pacheco and a bit about his life story – including why his running style is the way it is, and why it’s so much fun to watch this kid pound the rock.

Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/09/2024 8:50 am
Reply to  Nasrani
02/09/2024 9:41 am
02/09/2024 8:36 am

Happy Super Bowl Red Friday to the Kingdom!

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02/09/2024 8:35 am

Chiefs kingdom! Time to make the Red Sea spread to Sin City! Make the Niners see red when they get to the field!

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02/09/2024 8:34 am

comment image

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Reply to  Nasrani
02/09/2024 9:05 am

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02/09/2024 8:32 am

Chiefs Kingdom – we always travel well! Time to march into Sin City and be so loud that the 49er faithful don’t just hear the noise. Make them feel the noise!

And the only way to feel the noise is when it’s good and loud!

02/09/2024 8:31 am

But when you come against THE CHIEFS,
I am comin’, and PAIN is comin’ with me!!!

02/09/2024 8:00 am

The more I look into it the more I think our offense is going to have a really good day Sunday. While they have a lot of really good players on their D, losing a great coach in Demeco Ryans and replacing him with a loser coach Steve Wilks is what is holding the 49ers D back from being what it was the last few years. The lack of effort against the Lions articles show me the players dont believe in this guys philosophy.

He reminds me a lot of Bob Sutton. He is going to put his lesser guys in positions to fail. Expect them to do things that they are not capable of doing. Andy and Nagy need to find the Kendrick Lewis/TY Hilton matchup and exploit it all game. He’s not an adjuster like Nagy. Its the type of philosphy that works against lesser teams but falls apart fantastically against superior teams.

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
02/09/2024 8:30 am

Hope you’re right, and I feel confident that we can score points just from the fact that we did against 2 much better defenses in the last 2 games. Shit even in last years sb against thr greatest defense of all time apparently we put up 38. comment image

Reply to  Stuckinpackland
02/09/2024 9:09 am

Has hypothermia set in or what?

comment image

Reply to  probablyamistake
02/09/2024 9:33 am

Giddy with excitement!!!

Reply to  probablyamistake
02/09/2024 10:02 am

he froze… swiftly

Reply to  hoosierchief
02/09/2024 2:20 pm

ISWYDT … clever boy

02/09/2024 7:28 am


Reply to  Warpath
02/09/2024 8:00 am

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Reply to  rip58
02/09/2024 8:39 am

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Wichita Chief
Reply to  rip58
02/09/2024 10:17 am

Yeah baby!! Get #3!! It will look purdy good when they hoist it again!

02/09/2024 6:49 am

Red Friday….. super bowl weekend is here!!

comment image

02/09/2024 6:34 am

Chiefs win SB58 with EASE (by 10+ points, maybe win in BLOWOUT)

Kansas City Chiefs unveil Super Bowl LVII championship banner | SNF | NFL on NBC

Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs All Three Lombardi Trophies and Championship Rings

02/09/2024 6:28 am
02/09/2024 6:25 am

with Chiefs being an UNDERDOGS this Sunday, per vegas

02/09/2024 6:17 am

Felix IF you are active this Sunday | IT’S TIME TO MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT!!!! With DE charles omenihu being OUT.

Chiefs Pick FELIX ANUDIKE-UZOMAH With The last Pick In The 1st Round 2023 NFL Draft

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