Morning Huddle – Monday Monday Slow News Day, but ONLY 7 Months til 2024 Regular Season Games Begin

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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for Feb 19, 2024

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Good morning AG!

Today in Chiefs history:  Nothing, just like tomorrow
Today in Other history: 

Smokey Robinson, American soul singer-songwriter (The Miracles – “You Really Got A Hold On Me”; “Tears Of A Clown”; “My Girl”), was born in Detroit, Michigan on this date in 1940

In 1914, Four-year old Charlotte May Pierstorff was mailed by train from Grangeville, Idaho to her grandparents’ house 73 miles away in the most famous ‘child in the post’ instance.  Children were sometimes “mailed” by their parents because it was cheaper to mail them  than other ways to travel, if a child came in under the 50 pound parcel weight limit

In 1878, Thomas Edison is granted a patent for his cylinder phonograph, eventually leading to Smokey Robinson & The Miracles and others doing studio recording on vinyl records

In 1807, US Vice President Aaron Burr was arrested in Alabama for treason; he was later acquitted

Nicolaus Copernicus, the Polish mathematician and astronomer who theorized that planets revolve around the sun (Heliocentric theory), was born on this day in Toruń, Royal Prussia, Kingdom of Poland in 1473




And now, what little news we can find …



***Ed Note:  yeah, we’ll see about that …

Eagles Predicted to Sign Chiefs CB L’Jarius Sneed, Analyst Says | Sports Illustrated

The Philadelphia Eagles defense went from being one of the NFL’s most feared units to one of the worst in a year. While part of that decline will be blamed on the hiring of Sean Desai to replace Jonathan Gannon, an aging secondary could also be pointed out.

While recent mock drafts have had the Eagles addressing the issue, a new prediction has them making a blockbuster signing in free agency.



Leo Chenal graded as PFF’s top defender in 2024 playoffs | Chiefs Wire

Leo Chenal graded as PFF’s top defender in 2024 playoffs

The Kansas City Chiefs relied on their defense to win Super Bowl LVIII, and second-year linebacker Leo Chenal was a huge asset for the team in their playoff run to the big game.

Chenal cemented himself as one of the unit’s top producers in Kansas City’s matchups against the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and San Franciso 49ers, earning a 91.0 grade from PFF for his postseason efforts.



Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Still Helping Eagles from Afar | Sports Illustrated

The most troubling aspect of the Philadelphia Eagles’ late-season collapse in the 2023 season was the inability to identify “the problem,” something that cost coordinators Brian Johnson and Sean Desai their jobs, along with a significant portion of the supporting coaching staff.

Shuffling names and faces on the coaching staff was the business-as-usual approach to issues in the NFL, a disappointing course correction for an organization that values its forward-thinking reputation.



Antonio Pierce Explains Hatred of the Chiefs | Sports Illustrated

It’s no secret the Las Vegas Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs do not like each other.

The two AFC West rivals often have exciting games against each other, as the Silver and Black want to bring it to the Super Bowl Champions every time they cross paths.

Raiders’ head coach Antonio Pierce has not hidden his disdain for the Chiefs. The now-permanent head man took his team into Arrowhead Stadium on Christmas Day, upsetting them 20-14.



NFL recognizes Marquez Valdes-Scantling’s remarkable 2023 redemption story | Chiefs Wire

NFL recognizes Marquez Valdes-Scantling’s remarkable 2023 redemption story

The Kansas City Chiefs entered Super Bowl LVIII as underdogs, a mistake that oddsmakers around the country aren’t likely to make twice.

While Kansas City’s fans were well aware of the Chiefs’ mettle during the playoffs, the up-and-down campaign of Marquez Valdes-Scantling had even the team’s most confident supporters scratching their heads.

A less-than-ideal start to his 2023 season left many fans questioning Valdes-Scantling’s viability as one of Kansas City’s top wide receivers.




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02/19/2024 12:52 pm

Rec for Harry Chapin ! … ; )

02/19/2024 10:45 am

No news??
How about this guy? Birthday today
comment image

Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/19/2024 10:59 am

Everytime I see him I start humming “short people” by randy newman

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
02/19/2024 11:02 am

Remember kelce calling him “the runt” on stage at the first AFCCG celebration? I’ll bet he loved that

02/19/2024 10:03 am

I noticed the coaching staff DC and Special teams signed extension but nothing on the OC. Is he still under contract or is he going to be replaced?

02/19/2024 9:09 am

Priceless… and as always fuck the Raiders

02/19/2024 8:35 am

Thuney entered the exclusive 4 time super bowl champion club this year. Onky about 35 total players can say that with over two thirds of those being from the steelers dynasty.

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
02/19/2024 10:57 am

More proof that a dynasty today is worth 1.8 dynasties from before the salary cap
So many moving parts. Only 12 of our guys have 3 rings. When we get the 4th, my guess is a couple won’t be here for that
Hardman *
Bell *
Harris *

Asterisk denotes left team and returned at some point

Reply to  upamtn
02/19/2024 12:06 pm

Yes, of course. Thank you. Do you think Mahomes will be around for that? /s
You see how that bolsters my point? “a few”, not 23.
Some 23 guys were on all 4 Steeler teams. We’re going to have MAYBE 6? If Jones stays?

Reply to  NovaChiefs
02/19/2024 1:23 pm

Nice list. Thanks. More guys on there than i thought there were. Some guys that I didnt even realize were still on the team.

02/19/2024 8:03 am


Reply to  Warpath
02/19/2024 8:12 am

comment image

Wichita Chief
Reply to  Warpath
02/19/2024 9:38 am

Victory Monday!!

Reply to  upamtn
02/19/2024 8:42 am

How many draft picks can we get for him? Is he worth a 1 first round?

Reply to  upamtn
02/19/2024 9:56 am

A 30 year old non qb making ~30 mill a year. Limited market for that type of player

02/19/2024 7:32 am

Leo is why Gay will not be resigned.

Reply to  ArrowFan
02/19/2024 7:41 am

They play different positions. We 100% need gay or tranquill or both

Reply to  ArrowFan
02/19/2024 8:30 am

And bolton. He can and should be extended this offseason.

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