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Good morning Chiefs Kingdom! Grab yourself a cup o’ Joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for March 13, 2023

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Good morning AG!

Today in Chiefs’ history, Tyrann Mathieu signed in 2019

And on this day in history, L. Ron Hubbard, American writer, was born in 1911

In 1781 the planet famously named Uranus was discovered

Susan B Anthony, American suffragist died March 13, 1906 (aged 86)

and now whatever news I can scrounge up . . .

ESPN insider names Texans LT Laremy Tunsil as Chiefs trade target | Yahoo! Sports!

“One potential trade target I’m watching is Houston left tackle Laremy Tunsil. The Texans have resisted trading him in recent years, but he has just one year and a nonguaranteed $18.5 million left on his contract and could be a target of the Chiefs if they aren’t able to bring back Orlando Brown Jr.”

Chiefs DT Chris Jones: ‘I’m a Chief for life. I will not play for another franchise.’ | Yahoo! Sports

This tweet seems to suggest that Jones expects an extension soon as well. His representation did meet with the team at the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine, so it wouldn’t be too shocking to see a deal materialize in the coming days.

Analyst: Chiefs’ Division Rival Could Poach KC’s Top Free Agent |

JuJu Smith-Schuster, 26, registered 78 catches for 933 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns in 16 games during the 2022 regular season, per Pro Football Reference. In three playoff games, he caught 10 passes on 12 targets for 89 yards.

Can Chiefs find long-term solution at left tackle in 2023 NFL draft? | Yahoo! Sports

A recent report from NFL Network’s James Palmer suggests that the Chiefs would be very comfortable searching for that long-term solution in the 2023 NFL draft.

Chiefs Super Bowl Champ Disrespected as ‘Worst Signing Since 2018’ |

He was also relatively durable, starting 14 or more games in every campaign, with 381 total tackles as a Chief and 17 for a loss. He even forced two fumbles, with one interception, two sacks and 12 QB hits according to Pro Football Reference.

Former No. 1 Overall Pick Named ‘Dream’ Marriage for Chiefs in Free Agency |

Despite having the label of a former No. 1 overall pick, Clowney could be that affordable bargain at this point in his career. It’s rare that a top selection becomes a journeyman after never being considered an outright bust — but that’s Clowney’s career in a nutshell.

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03/13/2023 1:41 pm

Jawaan Taylor – welcome to KC!!!

03/13/2023 1:03 pm

Wylie to Washington. 3 year, 24 million

Reply to  hoosierchief
03/13/2023 1:40 pm

He maximized what he had – which is not much – in KC. Lot of money to pay an average player but good luck to Wylie.

Reply to  hoosierchief
03/13/2023 1:58 pm

Good for him, but Stonestreet will miss him

Big Chief
Big Chief
03/13/2023 12:41 pm

Looks like the Broncos are going all in on the O-line. Unfortunately Payton isn’t one of the new school coaches who will refuse to play them in the preseason so it delays their ability to gel for the regular season. We shall see just how good his coaching staff is. And does Russ even know how to play behind a decent O-line?

Reply to  Big Chief
03/13/2023 12:43 pm

I’m not sure if Russ knows how to play behind any line….

03/13/2023 12:39 pm

The Broncos are going to find themselves in the same situation the Chargers are currently in with there $$. No cap and no draft picks. There only hope is the Wilson turns it around. It might happen maybe possibly there is a chance.

03/13/2023 11:23 am

thanks for covering MH Zulu, much appreciated and well done and all kinds stuffs like that there

Reply to  zulu trader
03/13/2023 11:14 am

wait until they have to pay their QB too.

Reply to  zulu trader
03/13/2023 12:09 pm

Now Eklar wants a trade or new contract

Reply to  zulu trader
03/13/2023 12:53 pm

looks like the Raiders are signing him.

Reply to  zulu trader
03/13/2023 12:10 pm

Carr complains that the raiders only let him talk to one team for a trade, and then signs with that one team. Can’t decide if stupid or a classic FU! to the raiders.

Reply to  zulu trader
03/13/2023 5:04 pm

comment image

Reply to  zulu trader
03/13/2023 12:26 pm

Hargrave to the 49’rs. 4 years, 84 million.

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