Morning Huddle: All That Glyde And A Bag Of Chips

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CEH continues to be the talk of the NFL, plus a bizarre police standoff at Arrowhead. Grab yourself a cup o’ joe and get in the Huddle!

Chiefs news for 13 September 2020

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Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s greatness and other Chiefs lessons from Week 1 | AA

My dad, a man who seldom watches football, summed up the impact Clyde Edwards-Helaire makes on the K.C. offense. “Man,” he goes, “with this running back, the offense is like a hot knife through butter.”

He’s right. Edwards-Helaire’s elusiveness, agility, and all-around skill set takes so much pressure off of Mahomes, which accelerates the overall efficiency of the offense. Edwards-Helaire impressed both as a dynamic, explosive player, but also as a guy comfortable with a work-horse level of production—a back capable of inside runs as well as counters and outside pitches.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire Is Everything Promised, and Chiefs Have Reason to Believe | B/R

The rookie back broke through a big hole, cut left and dodged Texans linebacker Benardrick McKinney, then cut right and made safety Justin Reid lose his footing. As he sped to the goal line, a third Texan, Jacob Martin, made a last-ditch diving effort to touch Edwards-Helaire. He wasn’t even close.

Edwards-Helaire’s touchdown came in a run of 31 unanswered points. Kansas City showed its offensive versatility in the process, with a different player scoring each of the team’s four touchdowns. A team quarterbacked by the explosive Patrick Mahomes and loaded with weapons like tight end Travis Kelce and receivers Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins now has a new dimension in Edwards-Helaire. It’s hardly even fair. 

KC Chiefs: Sammy Watkins had a crazy season opener once again | KCK

Sammy Watkins had himself a nice game and led the team in receiving yards in the process, hauling in seven receptions for 82 yards and a touchdown. Watkins didn’t come close to replicating his week 1 performance last year with his second best regular season game was week 3 against the Ravens when he had five catches for 64 yards. Fans aren’t expecting Watkins to put up video game like numbers every week, but hopefully this time he doesn’t just vanish from the offense like he did a year ago.

Chiefs hosted three free agents for tryouts on Saturday | ChiefsWire

The Kansas City Chiefs continue to look for ways to improve their roster, this time looking at a trio of offensive linemen. According to the NFL’s official transaction report, the Chiefs had three players in for tryouts on Saturday. Among those trying out for Kansas City were veteran OL Patrick Omameh, OT Paul Adams and OT John Leglue.

Pressuring Deshaun Watson was key for Chiefs defense vs. Texans | AA

When examining pressure, it may seem logical to start with the defensive line. But I have another very important player in mind: Chiefs rookie cornerback L’Jarius Sneed. The Texans came out with an obvious game plan—target the rookie early and often. Sometimes the best thing a defensive back can do is not be the weak link in the chain. The first few targets showed very quickly that Sneed was not going to be that weak link. This was huge. Watson did not have the easy planned read to abuse. Instead, he had to look elsewhere and focus more on reading the entire defense.

How Kelechi Osemele expands and perfects the Chiefs’ impossible offense | TDWire

The other move that could prove to pay great dividends is the July signing of guard Kelechi Osemele, a move made necessary when Laurent Duvernay-Tardif opted out for the 2020 season. Osemele was released by the Jets last October following a dispute with the team regarding a shoulder injury, but he was healthy in the 2020 free agency frame, and the Chiefs were able to pick him up on a one-year, $2 million contract.

Man who allegedly fired shots at Arrowhead Stadium in custody after standoff with Kansas City police |

An armed standoff with Kansas City police led to a man being arrested after he allegedly fired multiple gun shots at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Arrowhead Stadium from its parking lot.

Per the Kansas City Star, the standoff began just after noon and continued for hours. He was eventually subdued, with police reportedly finding two handguns and a knife on his person. He was not injured, nor was anyone hit by his gunshots.

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Morning Bowl of (T)Weeties:

Arrowhead Guys Twitter:

Sammy was playing through contact well in this game and against man coverage that's what I want to see out of him. Great job securing the catch knowing he had little time to do so.

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Local Chiefs Reporters:

Justin Houston remembers the phone going dead.

The smoke was smothering.

He darted outside.

He caught his breath and stood on the grass. The fire was eating away at the only house his family had ever owned.

Then it hit him. Two of his brothers were still inside. | @zkeefer

Baker's full cadence here:

-"Can" is word to "kill" from one called play to another called play. Baker kills this play due to the down safety.

-"Rewinds" back to the original play when the safety goes back

"Turbo" means the cadence is now on the quick.

Twitter feed video.Baker's full cadence here:

-"Can" is word to "kill" from one called play to another called play. Baker kills this play due to the down safety.

-"Rewinds" back to the original play when the safety goes back

"Turbo" means the cadence is now on the quick.
Computer Cowboy@benbbaldwin


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National Talking Heads:

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09/13/2020 11:19 am

KO might have been a better addition than CEH (I know, that’s heresy) but for realz, dude was a beast out there (and CEH ain’t too shabby his own self) … Mahomes & Reid have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many options it’s unreal (just wait til the Offense gets into some rhythm)

now, if the Football Gawds would just send KC more CBs and LBs …

09/13/2020 7:55 am

I’m not sure whether I’m going to watch all the games today or, after a long season without Chiefs football, rewatch Thursday’s game. Probably both, if I’m being realistic.

09/13/2020 7:53 am


09/13/2020 5:51 am

A guy fired shots at arrowhead stadium? A guy shot at a stadium?

Reply to  Tyrone
09/13/2020 6:27 am

Yeah, it was a little vague.
I was like, “Dude, what did that stadium ever do to you?”

Severely Concussed
Severely Concussed
Reply to  Tyrone
09/13/2020 8:32 am

He was bringing back the run and shoot offense

Reply to  Severely Concussed
09/13/2020 11:15 am

congratulations, you’ve won the IntErWeBz for the day 😉

Team Player
Team Player
Reply to  Tyrone
09/13/2020 9:06 am

Hey, I’ve pounded shots at that stadium. I won’t deny it.

09/13/2020 5:25 am

Salute to a full day of football.

Reply to  EAFOX
09/13/2020 6:29 am

Damn, I just had a major Hee-Haw flashback, there. Saw myself comin’ out of the corn & everything..

Team Player
Team Player
Reply to  Chickennpickles
09/13/2020 9:07 am

Grandpa Jones!

Reply to  EAFOX
09/13/2020 2:44 pm

And I’m not going to watch a single game 😜

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