Kingdom Rally/Fight song

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Kingdom, imagine Arrowhead jam packed with Chief crazies, just before kickoff, to the tune of the Tomahawk Chop:    Kingdom Call

Kingdom hall, we call Arrowhead…….Trespass here, face the Storm of Red!

Arrow Strike, is swift like wind……..Tomahawk, will be the end!

12 will ride, charging spirit horse……..KINGDOM RISE, Unstoppable Force!!!!


I was 8 months old when we won our first and started fiddling with this for fun after SB LIV. I think it may be pretty good, maybe leave out the middle verse if it needs to be short and quicker. It’s not anything official, but it’s for me, my pops that passed, Andy Reid(The Chief), and The Kingdom. Who knows, it might catch on!!!!

Drive for LV!!!!!!

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