Just what is The Bills’ Mafia???

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Let’s take a look at a fan base that may be one of the craziest ones out there…

Just about everyone has seen clips of Bills fans jumping on tables and breaking them or themselves, but where did the craziness come from?  Even though they are the enemy this weekend, I have to have a little respect for a fan base that’s almost as dedicated as ours.  Here’s the story:

It all started in 2010 when Bills receiver Stevie Johnson dropped a pass in a game against the Steelers. After the game he went to twitter and vented with his infamous “God” tweet, saying God was not on his side.  The news media went with it for a day or so until it died down. Then Adam Schefter retweeted it.  Bills fans were upset that he dredged up old news like that, so a group of Buffalo fans started mocking Schefter.  Schefter then blocked them, making them bad guys.  They retaliated by creating #BillsMafia on twitter, mainly as an inside joke.

In the spring of 2011, linebacker Nick Barnett was a free agent trying to decide between the Packers and the Bills.  He found the Bills Mafia Hashtag and latched onto it, eventually signing with them.   With new found legitimacy, the mafia took off. 

No one has precisely figured out when the table smashing tradition got started, likely due to an alcoholic haze of some sort [ed. note: We can neither confirm nor deny that Bert’s HQV was involved, but they are a mafia], but they think it was around 2015 when videos of the table smashing went viral.  However, their tailgating is known for more than just the table smashing.   One of the major practices involves a guy known as “Pinto Ron”.   He’s a lifelong fan who brings an old Ford Pinto to each Bills game.  After cooking his tailgate meals on the Pinto, he goes around asking people for condiments.  They then cover him in ketchup (Sorry Patrick for the wasting of such a precious thing) and mustard from head to toe.

Nobody said it has to make sense!

On the less crazy side, the Mafia is also known for their charity work, having donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities such as the pediatric cancer research as well as the children’s foundation ran by Andy Dalton.

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01/20/2022 2:02 pm

There’s a large Bills fan base across the Niagara River in southern Ontario, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the table crashers are a bunch of crazy canucks (or at least wrestling fans).

Wichita Chief
Wichita Chief
01/20/2022 1:15 pm

The dumb asses tried 3 times but the table never caved or broke.

01/20/2022 11:13 am

Lets Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01/20/2022 10:54 am

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01/20/2022 10:49 am

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01/20/2022 10:44 am

5 stars, good write-up about “The Other Guys”

saw a coupla days ago some BillMafia guy offered a FREE BEER to any Chiefs fan who says “hi” to him at his tailgate on Sunday … that’s pretty cool

still wonder about the whole Sweet Potato thing …

Reply to  hoosierchief
01/20/2022 12:40 pm

I know, right? like outta the blue …

Reply to  upamtn
01/20/2022 7:04 pm

“I mentioned bringing in a Sweet Potato to the game, and now they are all freaking out, trying to figure it out. A F-ing sweet potato! I should have said ‘while wearing ladies panties’! HA!”

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