Into The Afternight: Our 3rd Shift O/T

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If you’re still up and want to talk Chiefs, or just hang with fellow citizens of the Kingdom, this is the place.

Can we call both of these “science-related”?

I mean, technically everything is science-related, but that doesn’t seem to be how the public school system treats the subject. At least, that’s my experience, both as a student and a parent with kids in (and failed by) the system. That politician in Georgia can bite me, because I had a lot of input as to my kids’ education. Not any of my business? Bull, because I supplemented their ordinary education as much as I could manage.

Case in point, our eldest dropped out of HS because in spite of scoliosis worsened by injury, the principal has the opinion that the school elevator was primarily for injured athletes, and a rolling book bag was unnecessary, our kid had to use a backpack, doctor’s note be damned. So he went to KCKCC and took the GED exam. No special prep or studying, just took it cold. Out of a group of 300+, most of whom had been studying hard, he got one of the top ten scores. Not top 10%, top 10, and I’ll bet if I asked him, he’d say that it was much more due to what he learned from his parents than that school.

I don’t hate teachers, but I’m not blind to their fallibility, frailties, and foibles. I’ll never forget asking my 5th grade teacher if “in-frared” was actually “infra-red”. I’m pretty sure he never forgave me for that, but was I supposed to allow him to teach something that was incorrect? It wasn’t the first time I showed I knew more than a particular teacher, nor the last – but I have no respect for teachers who are bad at teaching.

With that, time’s yours.

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Reply to  BleedingRedAndGold
01/05/2022 2:50 am

I find solace in music in the times of discomfort.

Reply to  AndyReidStach
01/05/2022 2:57 am
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