Chiefs’ song parody – “Here Comes Angry Pat” (to the tune of “Here Comes Santa Claus”) – 2023 NFL Wk. 15, KC at NE

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“Here Comes Angry Pat”

(A Chiefs’ song to “Here Comes Santa Claus” – 2023 NFL regular season wk. 15 – KC at NE)

Not the original song recording, but a standard one perhaps – Here Comes Santa Claus – Gene Autry

“Here Comes Angry Pat”

Here comes Angry Pat, here comes Angry Pat,
Finally had too much.
Losing, accusing at all those refs for
Unfair calls, as such.
Temper’s flaring, tongue is swearing,
Most can tell, it ain’t right.
But this season has gone that way.
So Pat will go bring the fight.

Here comes Angry Pat, here comes Angry Pat
With the Patriots next.
He’s gonna blow them up all game
Because he got so vexed.
Hear that play call, Pats get mangled,
Oh, what a beautiful sight.
So jump and throw and go nuclear
‘Cause Angry Pat comes to fight. 

Watch Bill Belichick, old Bill Belichick
Have to coach this week.
He doesn’t have a good group of guys
And havoc, Chiefs will wreak.
Patriots are last in standings
In the whole AFC.
So watch as Chiefs get vengeance great,
‘Cause Angry Pat’s riled KC.

Here comes Angry Pat, here comes Angry Pat,
Patriots to smash.
He’s worked his men into a frenzy
And they’ll go make a splash.
Chiefs will right the ship once more.
It’s not too late, even still.
So let’s watch Kansas City ball out
As they demoralize Bill. 

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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12/15/2023 9:13 am

This was beautiful. And in the spirit of Christmas, well-played. Great work as always, but then I don’t think any of us expected any less.

12/15/2023 8:48 am


12/15/2023 8:13 am


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