Chiefs’ poem – “The Ghost of 13 Seconds” – 2023 NFL wk. 14, KC vs. BUF

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“The Ghost of 13 Seconds”

(A Chiefs’ poem – 2023 NFL regular season wk. 14 – KC vs. BUF)


“The Ghost of 13 Seconds”

The Ghost of 13 Seconds,
A spirit unlike Scrooge’s 3 –
Of Christmas Past and Present,
Of Future with his misery.
This ghost is real, or so it seems.
It haunts one certain New York team,
Those Bills who play KC.

The Ghost of 13 Seconds
Still lingers in the minds of Bills
When Kansas City beckons
And plays a game that has some thrills.
Bills’ fear must grip them every day.
There’s nothing they can do or say
To stop these haunting chills.

No matter if the game’s tight
Or if Bills get some points and lead.
No matter if Chiefs’ score slight
And Bills’ defense is all they need.
For 13 seconds was the play
When Buffalo lost out that day
And KC showed great speed.

That game still haunts the Bills’ minds,
A mental block that’s unmoving.
If when at KC, Bills find
That they are down, and keep losing,
That ghost comes back with epic force
Because our home team was its source –
Playoff dreams removing.

Frightened Bills still cannot tame
This haunting spirit even yet.
Their fears increase with each game.
Its jinx is part of their mindset.
No exorcists in Buffalo
Can drive it out or make it go.
So fearfully, they sweat.

Kansas City has no fear
Of spirits or of dark curses.
Andy Reid will make it clear:
Hard working is what he urges.
Mahomes has lots of magic left.
Our defense has great strength and heft.
Chiefs’ game plan emerges!

Chiefs will play our kind of ball
And Buffalo will badly trail.
Chiefs will show they give it all,
We do not ever want to fail.
Chiefs, summon all your strength, the most!
And since the Bills have that old ghost,
I think the Chiefs prevail.

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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12/08/2023 8:53 am

Goosebumps, man. This one is fantastic, and they get better every week.

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