Chiefs’ poem – “The Chargers Soon are Coming” – 2023 NFL Wk. 7, KC vs. LAC

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“The Chargers Soon are Coming”

(A Chiefs’ poem – 2023 NFL regular season wk. 7 – KC vs. LAC)

“The Chargers Soon are Coming”

The Chargers soon are coming
To play our Chiefs team next.
To Kansas City, stumbling,
This L.A. team is hexed.
Their losses are extending.
Their team is somehow cursed.
And at the season’s ending,
Might be division’s worst.

They have beat Minnesota,
And Vegas too, but still
With losses in their quota
To Dolphin’s Tyreek Hill,
To Cowboys in a close one,
To Tennessee, guess what?
It’s now beyond supposin’.
We’ll punch them in the gut.

This metaphor I’m giving
Means only that Chiefs win.
Chiefs fans are now high-living,
At five and one again.
A player we acquired,
An old friend back for more.
Mecole will play on fire,
Can’t wait to see him score.

L.A. last played on Monday
And have a shorter week.
We beat the Broncos Thursday.
That extra time unique
Gives Andy the advantage,
A mini-bye week boon.
The Chargers cannot manage.
Chiefs will defeat them soon.

Mahomes will make them cower.
Our defense stands with might.
Pacheko runs with power.
Creed Humphrey brings the fight.
And Kelce’s always open,
And MVS can run.
And Sunday we’re all hopin’
That Chiefs are six and one.

Let’s show up in full number
A mighty sea of red,
With noise as loud as thunder
That fills up Arrowhead.
L.A. cannot recover
What Chiefs to them dish out.
With passion like a lover,
Chiefs win without a doubt.

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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