Chiefs’ poem – “Epic Rivalry” – 2023 NFL. wk. 12, KC 31 at LV 17

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“Epic Rivalry”

(A Chiefs’ poem – 2023 NFL regular season wk. 12 – KC 31 at LV 17)


“Epic Rivalry”

This one goes out to the men in red,
Though at away games we mainly wear white.
Not that that matters a lot.  Instead,
What matters is who scores most outright.
KC to Vegas is always lit.
Epic rivalry with epic hits.
Coming this week, no one knew who’d win in this fight.

The Raiders came out with lots to prove
And pride to win against their rivals.
They got the ball and got in a groove
As they marched down the field with a strength revival.
Davante Adams and Jakobi Meyers
Made receptions and turned into flyers.
They scored right off, and the game turned into survival.

Chiefs got the ball, and soon gave it back.
A three and out lousy start to this one.
The offense just couldn’t get on track,
And we punted for the Raiders’ next run.
Vegas drove down, tried to kick for three.
A short attempt, from about the thirty,
But it went wide right, and Raiders ended up with none.

We got a first down, then the second quarter grind.
But the offense stalled once more for our stress.
Justin Watson was physically maligned
And couldn’t get to his spot under duress.
Punting again, the Raiders got a score.
Josh Jacobs ran a long one in for more.
It was 14 and 0, and this game was looking like a mess.

But Chiefs came to play on the next drive down,
Thanks to Pacheco, Gray, Skyy and Rice.
Isiah to the end zone, going to town
As 7 Chiefs points on the board was nice.
The Raiders next drive, we needed a stop.
Had to get KC back on top.
And due to Danna, we got it, and that would suffice.

Four minutes left on the first half clock,
A deep pass to Kelce gave us room.
Two minute warning, and no time to talk,
It was time to score and bring some doom.
Kelce and Pacheco got us down to the four.
Justin Watson went and grabbed the score.
Trash-talked, penalized, and the Raiders felt the gloom.

Third quarter started, and Chiefs can’t be stopped.
Pacheco ran it in on the drive’s last play.
Seven more points.  Raiders’ D flopped,
Couldn’t stop the Chiefs, any how, any way.
Two more possessions, one for each franchise
Saw three and outs, and punts to the skies,
The Raiders had the ball and knew they had to make hay.

That drive, they were decent.  Got to the red zone.
Their rookie tight end has some solid hands.
But a defensive stop made the Raiders groan,
Settling for three kicked into the stands.
Chiefs got the ball and made some plays
Fourth quarter starts, and to his great praise,
Rice gets a long touchdown score, to the joy of Chiefs’ fans.

Raiders were finished putting points on the board,
But Chiefs got a field goal to stretch the lead.
Thirty-one to seventeen, final score,
And the Chiefs’ winning coach of all time is Reid.
Raiders have lost, and Chiefs keep their pride.
Even with our issues, we have skills on our side,
KC is the temporary AFC number one seed.

We’re not always polished.  Rough around the edges.
Issues can pile up and bring us grief.
But tonight, we can step back from the ledges
As we smile at our winning KC Chiefs.
Whether ugly or sound, we get the job done.
KC has enough for a Super Bowl run,
And we can win it all again.  At least, that’s my belief.

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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11/28/2023 10:42 am

Great, great stuff as usual. Got goosebumps reading it.

One thing, though… in the last line, any reason why you went with “can win it all” instead of “will win it all”? (Not a nitpick, just a question.)

Keep up the great work!

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