Chiefs’ poem – “Back to Back” – 2023-24 NFL Playoffs, Super Bowl LVIII, KC 25 vs. SF 22 OT in Vegas

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“Back to Back”

(A Chiefs’ poem) – 2023-24 NFL playoffs, Super Bowl LVIII – KC 25 vs. SF 22, OT)

“Back to Back”

Who would have dreamed this back in November
That Kansas City would return to this game?
Our play at that time struggled, remember.
The team couldn’t gel and people started to blame.
Our struggles, adversity is what they call it
When KC was trying but just couldn’t ball it
But look at us now!  All here!  Mark the date!
The Chiefs came back to SB LVIII.

San Fran was the favorite team by the bookies
And most of the people who laid down their bets,
But many in the media, like Jeff Allen’s cookies,
Picked the KC Chiefs to give those guys debts.
Vegas was the site that the teams would meet.
A hostile Raider stadium for Chiefs to repeat.
But no worries.  This is Arrowhead west
And the Chiefs rarely lose here, because we’re the best.

49ers started and received Butker’s kick.
But four plays later, they coughed up the ball.
Furious George recovered.  It was sick.
But the Niners defense forced a stop like a wall.
Possessions for both sides, and then once again.
The Niners got the ball and moved it well, when
McDuffie in the end zone put the throw on the floor,
And their kicker made a record with a 55 yard score.

Chiefs got the ball.  The end zone was in sight.
But Pacheko lost the ball, and the drive ended there.
The Niners got some help by a flag on the night
When Sneed got a foul.  Then that trick through the air –
The Niner wideout threw to McCaffrey for seven.
Chiefs got the ball with our offense still in question.
We drove to the red zone but Mahomes got sacked.
3 points by Butker, and that was the half.

A long Usher halftime let KC refocus
Or so we thought, ‘til more miscues came.
A 12 yard loss by Pacheko provoked us,
Followed by an INT at a bad time in the game.
But Chiefs’ defense held, and pushed the Niners back.
They couldn’t kick a three, and Chiefs brought out their attack.
A few more three and outs, and Mahomes got a run
Then Butker’s record 3, replacing what had just been done.

A few more three and outs, but the Chiefs’ next play,
We got a live kickoff in their red zone.
TD to MVS, the Chiefs were making hay
‘Cause everyone knew the Chiefs were getting goin’.
The Niners next possession they drove down the length.
A score to Jennings put the rivals up with strength.
But a blocked extra point gave a three point lead,
And Chiefs tied it after a long drive called by Reid.

Niners kicked a three at the two minute mark.
The Chiefs had a chance to win, but could not seal.
Though we drove down, just couldn’t get that spark
But another Butker three brought the overtime deal.
Niners call the toss and they choose to receive.
They got the ball, and kicked another three.
But when the Chiefs got the ball on our turn,
A touchdown to Mecole!  The Niners were burned!

Champs back to back!  Two Lombardis in a row!
KC wins the crown as the confetti flies.
Raiders’ stadium looks funny with the show
As their number one rivals win out and get the prize.
The Niners played hard, but the Chiefs played harder.
Andy and Spags turned at half, and coached smarter.
Astonished and thrilled at this Chiefs’ victory,
But there’s more to come.  It’s a KC dynasty.

If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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