Chiefs’ poem – “All Year Long” – 2023-24 NFL Playoffs, Super Bowl LVIII, KC vs. SF in Vegas

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“All Year Long”

(A Chiefs’ poem) – 2023-24 NFL playoffs, Super Bowl LVIII – KC vs. SF)

“All Year Long ”

All year long,
Too long to bear for any normal group of men,
The poisonous tongues of the scoffers had their say.
Dripping their venomous comments online or at the mike.
No one believed except the most hopeless of homer fans
And even they were scoffed at by others.

All year long,
Too long to bear in the soul,
The clouds of doom swirled round
To the chattering words of the realists.
For every eye looked on this team
That had just held the Lombardi high,
And every eye took in the sight
Like a seasoned policeman sees the effects
Of a tragic car accident.

Tensions mounted.  The unflappable flapped.
Tempers broke publicly to the dismay of all.
Where was the once mighty team
That had bested the previous team of destiny
And had willed their way to win?
This Chiefs team was a shadow of the former glory,
A passing semblance only to that team of renown.
Every victory tasted like defeat
And every defeat tasted like doom.

All year long, the rhythm was off
Like a shoddy dancer with two left feet.
Men paid to catch could not.
Men paid to block got called out.
Men paid to coach could not lead this group
Out of the swirling clouds of frustration.

So it was no surprise that so many mouths scoffed.
It was no wonder that so many minds wanted another.
So many accused these men of being favored by the refs
Despite having more penalties than most of the league.
From high to low, from enemy to so-called fan,
The hope-destroyers outnumbered the hopeful.

But these Chiefs would not listen.
They hunkered down and kept at it,
Perfecting their craft one game at a time.
A turnover here, a costly penalty there
That wiped touchdowns off the board,
Yet still they would not be kept down.
All year long,
These Chiefs banded together,
Lifted each other up when one was low
And stood in the gap to prevent the negative onslaught
From both friend and foe.
And as they did, they found strength and resilience,
Endurance and more
Which they might not have found in happier days.

Somehow the switch was flipped.
Somehow the wrong was righted.
Somehow, the men who had become afterthoughts
In the minds of the analysts
Rose up and made the hope destroyers take notice.

Battling the Dolphins and the elements,
Patrick Mahomes played with such intensity
That his helmet cracked in the freeze and pressure.
Battling the Bills in their hostile home
And watching as their kicker crumbled under pressure.
Wide right!
Battling the Ravens again on the road
And playing for the conference champs
Against the best defense
All year long,
We watched with baited breath
As the defense in red
Came up big and stymied the media’s darlings.

Now we are here.
We made it to the big one.
How in the world did this team get here
With so many costly errors throughout the season?
How is that even mathematically possible?
But the Chiefs rose up
Because they had been rising by their own force of will
And the encouragement of the few.
Nothing would deter them.
Nothing would prevent them.
Not a ref bias against the Taylor on the field,
Not the coldest game in franchise history,
Not the top defenders and an offense to match.

But we’re not done.
One game still to go.
We got here, but we can’t rest on our laurels.
Job is not finished yet.
This trip to Vegas is a business trip.
And we play a team that hates us
A team that wants revenge
Because they did not live in LIV.
And there are still many in the media who hate us still.
Chiefs’ fatigue.
Let haters hate.
As Kelce’s Taylor said, shake it off.

Because this is what they’ve had their eyes on.
This is the moment.
This is what they worked hard for
And silenced the scoffers.
This is it.
This is what we have all hoped for
And what only the men in that locker room
Thought was possible.
Go out and take it.
This is what you train for
And what you’ve had to overcome for
All year long.


If you want me to make a song parody of a specific song, just request below in the comments section.  And as always, Go Chiefs!

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