BRaG’s Breakdown: Season’s End

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Let’s take another look at the season gone by, shall we?

So, the regular season is in the books, but where do we actually stand?

First off, we are not the team we were in the first half of the season. We had multiple issues facing us then, including getting the OL settled in together and the fact that along with Mahomes needing to adapt his play style to suit his OL, he had to learn to play more patiently.

Next is that were are not the team we seemed to be over the last two games. In our “the refs never influence the game” loss, the final deficit was an intentional last-second FG. As for Denver, “They should have covered the spread, plus much more!” is very weak sauce. They did what was necessary to win, which is all that matters. In a league of parity, it’s all about matchups and situations. One game means nothing, except for the next game.

That means everything.

Now’s your chance to tell me how wrong I am.

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01/12/2022 5:07 pm
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01/12/2022 4:11 pm

I feel like we have a more complete team right now than we have had the last two years. There are weaknesses but not many. Eliminate turnovers and no one can beat us at least no one can beat us more than 2 or 3 out of 10. The biggest issue is going to be injuries. Don’t get any and we should be favored over anyone in the AFC and all but one team in the NFC. I’m getting ahead of myself but I’m not sure which bay I would rather see the Chiefs play in the SB Green or Tampa?

01/12/2022 3:41 pm

BRaG, I gotta admit: when you’re right you’re right … and when you’re wrong you whine like a little girl about the fuckin’ refs … drop it like a pass to Hardman, ok? you’re rightm the Chiefs are NOT the team they were beginning of the season, HOWEVER …

… OTHER TEAMS aren’t the same as THEY were in the beginning of the season either … some went backwards, some never got outt the gate, others actually *gasp* IMPROVED and of course some are and have been underrated as well

then too, maybe the Chiefs are a tiny bit overrated (by certain fans, that is) …

“Are we still undefeated???”

01/12/2022 3:34 pm

A new season starts this weekend. It is, for us, 4 games long. We just need a 4 game winning streak. This is a team that, every year for the past several years, has strung together at least 5 wins. They can do this. The concern we all have is that they can also be maddeningly inconsistent. Making the Giants look like a professional team. Giving away sure victories. Looking like they have played together in weeks. Crushing future playoff teams. Stoning good offenses. Looking like they have someone merged brains so everyone knows what the other guy is going to do next.
Which team will we get Sunday? For the next four games, let’s hope it’s the latter.

Reply to  NovaChiefs
01/12/2022 3:43 pm

making certain QB’s look like actual QB’s

well, the Chiefs DID have a nice win streak for the regular season, now just one more SHORT one and all will be good, eh?

Geaux Chiefs!

01/12/2022 3:12 pm

The 2021 Chiefs are different. We’re not as flashy was we were in the past 3 years, but we’re still good. In fact, I think we’re better in many respects.

I’m disappointed in Peter Schraeger saying no one is afraid of the Chiefs. I call major BS on that. We’ve won 9 of the last 10 games. No team in the AFC has a better record, and we did it against a very difficult schedule. Every team in the AFC is terrified of us and are going to give us their best shot because we are still the reigning AFC Champions.

On the other hand, I would hope that other teams don’t take us seriously in the playoffs (to their own destruction).

Offense: Holds the ball much longer. Longest drives in the NFL. Most points per drive. Best 3rd down conversion rate.

Defense: Improved since Ingram showed up. Young linebackers (Gay, Bolton) are really good. Secondary is decent as long as they minimize the pass interference calls. The line is solid.

Special Teams: Good. Kickers rank highly (according to Tony).

Reply to  MasterChief
01/12/2022 3:45 pm

all true, but you failed to mention one little thing …

any or all of those wonderfully good things can come horribly unraveled at any point in any game … and given that the level of the Loyal Opposition is only going to get better in the coming weeks, that’s not something this team can afford (see: game vs Cincy and ALMOST game vs Den)

and I’m not trying to be “Debbie Downer” … more like “Roger Realistic”

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Reply to  upamtn
01/12/2022 4:04 pm

Roger, Roger. Of course, but that can happen to any team. All we have to go on, since we don’t know the future, is what we’ve already seen.

Reply to  upamtn
01/12/2022 6:07 pm

Okay Debbie….

Reply to  rip58
01/12/2022 6:12 pm
Reply to  MasterChief
01/12/2022 6:09 pm

Well said …..

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