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It’s Red Friday. The AFC West has a rich history. Arrowhead Guys’ EA Fox takes a look the idea of an ALL TIME AFC West Champion. Join the discussion.

Red Friday: EA Fox suggests an All Time Champion. Check it out Arrowhead Guys.

Which team can claim the title of the All Time AFC West champion?

Kansas City Chiefs (Dallas Texans)

Denver Broncos

Las Vegas Raiders (Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Raiders, Oakland Raiders)

Los Angeles Chargers (Los Angeles Chargers, San Diego Chargers)

If you are watching football correctly, you love the Chiefs, strongly dislike the Broncos, hate the Raiders, and are rather meh about the Chargers.

Historical Record

Chiefs (496-425-12)

Broncos (489-434-10)

Raiders (482-440-11)

Chargers (460-462-11)

Pretty close to call after sixty plus years of football.  Here is an attempt to establish the historical ranking for the AFC West – no mention of the Seattle Seahawks will be found in this article – with statistics, analysis and a sincere attempt to be fair to all teams involved.  Each round awards four points for first place, three points for second place and so on.  Time to start.

Wins Per Decade


Chiefs 87, Chargers 86, Raiders 77, Broncos 39

Early Chargers teams trump latter Raiders teams.


Raiders 100, Broncos 75, Chiefs 60, Chargers 58

Raider domination with Madden.


Broncos 93, Raiders 89, Chargers 72, Chiefs 66

Emergence of Elway pushes Broncos to the top.


Chiefs 102, Broncos 94, Raiders 82, Chargers 74

Marty rules the decade with an assist by Gunther.


Chargers 85, Broncos 82, Chiefs 70, Raiders 62

Rivers to the rescue for the Chargers.


Chiefs 96, Broncos 89, Chargers 77, Raiders 63

Andy Reid leads the Chiefs to the top.

2020-2029 projection

Chiefs, Chargers, Broncos, Raiders

No doubt with Mahomes at the wheel.

Bonus Points

4 – Raiders for the seventies dynasty.

3 – Chiefs due to Marty (and Gunther) for most wins in a decade.

2 – Broncos for the Elway mileage in two decades.

1 – Chargers for Rivers winning the worst decade.

Current Ranking

Chiefs 24 points

Broncos 21 points

Raiders 17 points

Chargers 17 points

The Chiefs are the only one with multiple decades in first place.  This is a statistic that will not change until Mahomes retires.


The Chiefs, Raiders, and Broncos all have three and the Chargers have one.  The Chiefs get third place here, ahead of the Chargers, but behind the Raiders and Broncos due to one less Super Bowl win.  Raiders win first here due to a better win-loss record in Super Bowls.

Division Titles

Raiders have 16, Broncos and Chargers have 15, and the Chiefs have 14.  Even though we will add another one this season, the Chiefs will be in fourth place here.  The Broncos earn second place points over the Chargers for having the most recent division title.

Playoff Winning Percentage

Raiders, Broncos, Chiefs, and Chargers.  The Chiefs will slowly catch up in this category by the time we are done with the Mahomes era.

Current Ranking

Broncos 30 points

Chiefs 29 points

Raiders 29 points

Chargers 21 points

Historically, the playoff curse kicked the Chiefs square in the nuts.  Almost a three way tie as we move to the more subjective categories.


Raiders are fourth with Stabler, Lamonica, and Carr (Ha Ha Ha).  Third is the Broncos with Elway – the best career of all AFC West quarterbacks for now – Part Time Manning, and Morton.  I do not want to do it but I will put the Chargers in first with Hadl, Fouts, and Rivers over the Chiefs with Dawson, Smith, and Mahomes.  The three Charger quarterbacks all had long careers and we could still toss in Brees and Herbert and a steady veteran like Stan Humphries.

Running Back

LDT puts the Chargers in first and they stay there with a decent list of other runners.  Chiefs are second due to depth – Okoye, Word, Holmes, Charles and on and on.  The Raiders edge the Broncos as Marcus Allen > Terrell Davis.  Neither had much else to shout about.  Napoleon Kauffman vs Knowshon Moreno?

Wide Receiver

The Chiefs have to be fourth as there was not much too shout about between Otis Taylor and Tyreek Hill.  I have the Broncos at third as they have had a steady diet of decent to good receivers and the Raiders above them – Brown, Biletnikoff and Branch.  The Chargers take first again with Alworth, Jefferson, and Joiner – could add Keenan Allen as well.

Tight End

Kelce and Gonzalez wrap up first place.  Winslow and Gates are second.  Shannon Sharpe holds off Dave Casper and Waller for third place, miles away from the top two.  We wipe up the field with quality depth – something that the Chargers did not always have here.

Offensive Line

Raiders have to be first – Hard to get my thinking past Shell, Upshaw, and Otto and they have had a bevy of quality linemen over the years.  They get the nod over the Chiefs – even our greatest line only had Roaf and Tait for a short while.  The old Chiefs lines and the Marty lines make this a very close battle.  The Broncos had decent linemen for their system for several years so I put them over the Charger lines – Hard to remember some of their linemen.

Current Ranking

Chiefs 43 points

Raiders 41 points

Broncos 39 points

Chargers 37 points

The Chargers offense makes up ground as they have had some historically good units even with Rivers giving away games during his career.  It killed me to have to say nice things about the Raiders but it felt good to put Elway in third place.


I am handling this category differently as I tried to view the entire defense on any given team rather than handpick players from different eras.  This category is worth sixteen points.  The Chargers will be last since, for most of their history and the Junior Seau teams being the exception, they simply tried to outscore the opposition.  Denver is first – they had the Orange Crush defense – a solid enough Steve Atwater era defense and the vaunted Von Miller era defense.  The Chiefs had an incredible defense in the sixties, the Marty era with DT defense, and the Derrick Johnson era of good defenses.  The Raiders had a killer defense in the seventies, and fielded good defenses for a large part of their history.  The Raiders have had a crappy defense of late but we had both Greg Robinson and Bob Sutton.  Despite that, the Chiefs edge the Raiders in a close competition.

Current Standings

Broncos 55 points

Chiefs 55 points

Raiders 51 points

Chargers 41 points

I gave the Raiders two bonus points since their battle with the Chiefs was that close.  Chargers starting to fade but very close competition at the top.

Special Teams

Looking at overall play and this category is worth eight points.  The Raiders had the best punter in Ray Guy but we had more solid punters.  The Broncos FG kickers benefit from Mile High – the Raiders had Janikowski – for good and bad – and we had years of some shaky kickers – Lin – I refuse to finish the name.  We have a history of excellent coverage units unlike the others here.  We get first place when you consider the returners – Vanover, Hall, and Hill.  That is not even close.

Current Standings

Chiefs 63 points

Broncos 59 points

Raiders 57 points

Chargers 43 points

We have finally entered the home stretch.

Coaches, Owners, and Fans

Overall, the Chiefs hit a homer on all three.  Hank, Marty, and Andy with Lamar and Clark and the best fans ever.  First place.  Raiders are second – Madden balances out some lackluster coaches but I will give that ass wipe Al Davis some credit.  He was a force to be reckoned with.  His son is not even a poop stain compared to the greatness of his dad.  Their fans are rabid – no matter their record.  The Broncos had Red Miller and old man Shanahan.  Bowlen was a steady owner who bought them a championship with the forehead.  Fans are more fickle when they are not winning.  Chargers had a sucky owner, one great coach in Coryell and many bland ones, and the two fans they have are outnumbered in every game.  Twelve points available in this category.

Overall Standings

Chiefs 75 points

Raiders 66 points

Broncos 65 points

Chargers 47 points

To summarize

The Chiefs have been the most consistent over the years.  The Raiders and the Broncos might have had more glory moments but, in the long run, the Chiefs rule.  The Chargers would be even further behind had they not had some great offensive personnel.  Perhaps Herbert will help them catch up to the Broncos and Raiders but certainly not the Chiefs with Mahomes.

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09/17/2021 10:45 pm

Ray Guy was not better than Jerrel Wilson, he had a better PR firm.

09/17/2021 9:49 pm

Bullshit on the Donks having more Superb Owls. The 2 Horseface won are both tainted and should be stripped. Or as the crypt keeper always said, “there should be an asterisk beside those”

09/17/2021 7:55 pm

Excellent writing, five stars for you, sir.

Reply to  EAFOX
09/17/2021 10:47 pm

I agree with this decision. It will flip (hopefully) by the end of the Mahomes era, but Herbert will likely keep the pressure up

09/17/2021 4:06 pm

One small correction ..
Chargers have always had a sucky owner

I mean – not at the Snyder/Richardson level but definitely multi-generational sub-basement dwellers

Also, though I didn’t really get to see too much of it before his lapse into senility, Al Davis might be the single most impactful owner ever. Discuss.

Reply to  EAFOX
09/17/2021 4:14 pm

TBH I thought you were being rather generous. Clever, yes, but definitely overly kind.

Reply to  Straybrit
09/17/2021 9:52 pm

Lamar Hunt and its not even remotely close. No other man in NFL history has changed the league more profoundly and successfully. Al Davis’ career wouldnt have existed without Lamar, and that douchebag had the gall and stupidity to vote against the merger, without which there would be no modern NFL. Fuck Al Davis

09/17/2021 3:39 pm

neat concept and well done. It speaks for the parity concept of the NFL how close things are.

09/17/2021 2:14 pm

Fing awesome article, great stats , great read Efox….I was amazed to see how after 60 years that they were all that close.
Chiefs will be able to pull ahead of the pack for a while with Andy and Patrick, but who’s to say in another 60 years that they are still that close.. Thx………

09/17/2021 2:12 pm

Chiefs ST > Denver ST (as you alluded to):

Also, Steve Atwater was the only Bronco that I will concede was “good.”

Reply to  EAFOX
09/17/2021 4:07 pm

Yes, yes it does. I try to mitigate it to the extent possible.

09/17/2021 7:41 am

Well researched! Thanks, Fox!

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