2024 NFC Playoff Predictions

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NFC Predicted Playoff Standings

1. San Francisco 49ers

2. Detroit Lions

3. Dallas Cowboys

4. Atlanta Falcons

5. Green Bay Packers

6. Los Angeles Rams

7. Chicago Bears

Last year I had some bold picks in the NFC, but this year I think this is pretty much in line with what most people are thinking. My dark horse teams (Washington, Minnesota, and Arizona) just barely missed the cut, but I would put them over Atlanta. But they got a bad division draw so they’re out while the NFC South once again gets an undeserved playoff spot.


Packers over Falcons

This year the loser of the NFC North might actually be the winner as they get to play the NFC South winner in the Wildcard Round. In my projections that’s the Packers getting that good fortune. This is an easy pick.

Rams over Cowboys

I went back and forth on this one, but I think the Rams were sneaky good last year while the Cowboys struggles against top teams, so I’ll go with LA.

Lions over Bears

I was going to say this is the first time Chicago has made the playoffs since the infamous double doink game, but I forgot they snuck into the playoffs at 8-8 in 2020 to earn the right to give Drew Brees his last playoff win. They haven’t won a playoff game since 2010, and that drought won’t end now as the Lions suddenly start consistently winning playoff games.


49ers over Rams

The Rams are sort of like the Alex Smith Chiefs (except the part where they actually won a Super Bowl). Good enough to get to the Divisional Round, but not good enough to be serious contenders.

Lions over Packers

It’s hard for me to fully buy into the Packers until Jordan Love starts playing consistently. But inconsistency can sometimes mean a hot streak at the right time, so you can never say never.


49ers over Lions

AN NFC Championship rematch? It’s boring, but what am I to do? What other team can I say made a big enough jump? Of course most likely a new team or two will make it, but it’s impossible to know which one.


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06/21/2024 10:20 pm

So McCartthy of the CowPies should plant any young fruit trees … Got ! … ; )

06/21/2024 11:38 am

I don’t see the niners getting there again. Some other team will probably get hot and win the conference. Doesn’t really matter though, our guys are gonna get the “Hatrick”.

06/21/2024 11:07 am

sounds about right …

that would put KC vs SF in a Super Bowl rematch

Reply to  upamtn
06/21/2024 11:18 am

Need to play the Eagles, though.
The script is

I can’t tell you what happens or give reasons (football is funny), but the NFCCG will not involve either the 9ers or the Lions.
Book it, Dano.

Team Player
Reply to  NovaChiefs
06/21/2024 1:25 pm

Gonna take your Philly call here although I am feeling Lions


Everyone freaks out about the rookie qb class. (“Best in 40 years, perhaps ever!!”)

ATL (rescued after a 1-4 start when Penix takes over for an injured Cousins)

PHI over DET for the right to lose to the Chiefs

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