2024 AFC Playoff Predictions

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AFC Predicted Playoff Standings

1. Kansas City Chiefs

2. Cincinnati Bengals

3. Miami Dolphins

4. Tennessee Titans

5. Baltimore Ravens

6. Houston Texans

7. Las Vegas Raiders

Before we get started, those who have followed closely might notice that I switched my picks for the AFC East. I now have the Dolphins winning the division, not the Jets. After seeing Rodgers miss mandatory OTAs, and seeing how the Jets leadership didn’t care, I have a hard time backing them. I usually don’t go for this ESPN-level analysis, but this is an exception. Playing football, especially quarterback, is extremely difficult even for somebody as good as Rodgers. He did have back-to-back MVP seasons relatively recently, but in his last 7 seasons he hasn’t been great outside of those years. 1 of them he obviously missed, but the other 4 seasons he failed to have an ANY/A above 7 and has consistently battled injuries. Now that he’s 41 those injury problems are going to be even worse, and even when healthy he’s proven he’s capable of being mediocre if he doesn’t want to put in the effort.

So I’m bumping the Dolphins up in the division, and the Jets are the first ones out of the playoffs. The Chiefs, Bengals, and Ravens I don’t think are controversial. Most people agree that either the Chiefs or the AFC North winner are likely to be the top seed, while the 2nd place AFC North team will be the top wildcard.

The Titans winning the AFC South is a bold pick, but I went over that in that division preview. While I’m not sold on the Texans as a top contender, I still think they’ll be pretty good so I have them making the playoffs. I also think the Raiders with Minshew and a competent head coach should have enough juice to make a 7 team playoff field.


Bengals over Raiders

The Bengals are contenders. The Raiders are not. Just making the playoffs should be considered a victory for the Raiders, while the Bengals should feel the pressure to win the Super Bowl now before they start to feel the full effects of Burrow’s big contract extension.

Dolphins over Texans

This is a close one. Stroud is probably better than Tua, but I think the Dolphins otherwise have more talent. I’m going to go with the Dolphins here if only because their receiver duo is better.

Ravens over Titans

Similar to Bengals-Raiders, Ravens-Titans is a battle between a team that is desperate to win a Super Bowl and a team that’s just happy to be playing more than 17 games. Baltimore should win this one easily.


Chiefs over Ravens

A rematch of the AFC Championship, this one shouldn’t be as close. As much as Lamar struggled last time, his offensive line will be much worse this time. This is a game where Chris Jones should dominate.

Bengals over Dolphins

Good luck to Miami playing a good Bengals team in the cold. They couldn’t handle a historically cold game against the Chiefs in the 2023 playoffs. They will have a better chance here, but a win would still be a long shot.


Chiefs over Bengals

For the 3rd time in 4 years it’s Chiefs-Bengals in the AFC Championship. They have historically given us problems, but I don’t think this Bengals team is quite as strong as those ones from the past. I still will be nervous going into this one though.

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06/25/2024 4:05 pm


06/24/2024 10:37 am

Still not sold on the Titans … & the Crows getting Henry is a “Thunder & Lightning ” Ground Game that oughtta give one pause IMHO… : (

Reply to  Tony Sommer
06/24/2024 12:49 pm


gonna be in there someplace … instead of Raiders, maybe, or Titans

Raiders ALMOST look like they MIGHT have a shot at being slightly better than mediocre {ie, just good enough to make it as a Wildcard

Chargers another Wildcard possibility (instead of Raiders)

and the Bills are still lightyears ahead of the Titans, as are the Texans

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