2022 NFC Playoff Predictions

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NFC Predicted Playoff Standings

  1. Green Bay Packers

  2. Los Angeles Rams

  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  4. Philadelphia Eagles

  5. San Francisco 49ers

  6. Dallas Cowboys

  7. Arizona Cardinals

The NFC feels pretty week this year. There weren’t exactly a lot of teams I was tempted to put in the playoffs that didn’t make the cut. And the top teams aren’t all that scary. Green Bay gets the top spot, sort of by default because of Rodgers, and the Rams get some respect because of their Super Bowl win. But the NFC quarterbacks are just so poor overall that it’s hard to be a fan of any of them.


Rams over Cardinals

A rematch of the wildcard round for the Rams, and I’d expect the same results. Kingsbury’s teams tend to end the season slow.

Buccaneers over Cowboys

Two teams on the decline, but I’ll go with Tampa Bay since they are overall more talented.

49ers over Eagles

In my preview NFL world, the 49ers are the 3rd best team in the NFC, while the Eagles probably wouldn’t make the playoffs if they were in one of the West divisions. So this is a no-brainer.


49ers over Packers

Even though the Packers are better, it’s hard to go against history, and the 49ers have owned the Packers recently.

Rams over Buccaneers

Another rematch for the Rams, this time in the divisional round last year, and again I think it’d be the same result. Tampa Bay should have been blown out last year if Brady didn’t get his usually playoff fluky luck.


49ers over Rams

An NFC Championship rematch? An identical playoff run for the Rams? This is the most boring preview ever. 1 star.

But this time I’m picking the 49ers because they did win 2 of 3 last year, so I’d say the matchup history is still in their favor.

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07/26/2022 3:26 pm

1. Packers

2-6. Some other crappy teams

07/26/2022 2:59 pm

hard to really argue against your list, Tony … no clue how things will shake out, should be an interesting season but we know one thing: SOME team WILL actually win it all in the NFC, one way or another

07/26/2022 2:48 pm

I hate to say it but I think Dallas is going to be the NFC team this year.

Reply to  ArrowFan
07/26/2022 3:00 pm

it could happen

07/26/2022 1:41 pm

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Reply to  Tony Sommer
07/26/2022 2:57 pm

I’m saving this thread …

07/26/2022 12:08 pm

Who’s the 49ers QB?

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
07/26/2022 12:28 pm

Looked it up. Officially/unofficially Trey Lance.

I can’t put them above wild card loss with him as qb. Of course I’m basing this off of a few preseason performances last year which did not impress me.

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
07/26/2022 12:38 pm

Unless Lance is a lot better than what I’ve seen of him, even a WC could be a fantasy

Reply to  NovaChiefs
07/26/2022 12:56 pm

I mean they weren’t working with a real top tier qb to begin with which is why I think a wc is still possible in the super duper crappy NFC.

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
07/26/2022 1:42 pm

doesn’t matter..
Mike Shannon – coat tailing son, still HQ = no SB

(refer to Falcons game, when he was offense coach) & Pats won that SB

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