2021 Division Preview: NFC West

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Tony’s got a new idea to share with y’all, and it’s a bit unconventional. [Ed. I like that!] However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful, so give it a look-over.

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1. San Francisco 49ers

The NFC West is a really tough division to predict, the top 3 teams are close. But the 49ers I think will win it if only because they were decent last year, should improve their turnover differential, and Nick Bosa is coming back. As I noted before Super Bowl LIV, he’s a huge part of their defense.

So altogether I think there’s a tiny gap between them and the rest of the division.


2. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams and Seahawks are neck-and-neck, so putting the Rams ahead is more of a coin flip than anything.

People are hyping them, but as I mentioned in the NFC North preview the gap between Stafford and Goff isn’t all that big, plus they lost a couple good players in John Johnson and Michael Brockers. I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually end up with a worse record this year as they no longer have the NFC East to artificially prop them up.

3. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are the bane of the analytics community, as they continue to needlessly run the ball despite having a future Hall of Fame quarterback under center. The NFC East plus a bit of luck helped them to a good record last year, but as you can see from the lack of impressive games, they weren’t really as good as the record shows. They’re not going to be terrible or anything, but they need to prepare for a disappointing season.

4. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals had a nice season last year given how low they were the past couple seasons, but like the rest of their division they were fortunate to get a couple free wins courtesy of the NFC East. They should be better in 2020, but that may not translate into actually winning more games.



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06/09/2021 2:03 pm

The seachickens run the ball because they need to establish that. Then Wilson can run play-action to freeze the rush (which he needs). I’m sure you’re right about him being a HoFamer, personally I think he’s overrated.

Reply to  probablyamistake
06/09/2021 2:37 pm

But what qb isnt overrated in this division?

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
06/09/2021 5:06 pm

In the entire NFL there’s only one 😁

Reply to  probablyamistake
06/10/2021 12:43 am

how can a Hall of Famer be overrated?

06/09/2021 1:29 pm

I think this is the hardest division to predict. All these teams have potential and they have serious flaws. My prediction:

1. Seagulls. Russell Wilson.

2. Cardinals – i have issues with Murray but if he stays healthy their going to win some games they shouldnt.

3. Rams – Stafford is a loser imo. I wish he would have went to the donkeys for a draft pick haul. Theyll have a couple of runs but eventually finish 8-9 because stafford is the poor mans phillip rivers.

4. San Fran – magical super bowl runs with subpar qbs typically are followed by years of trying to rekindle that magic.

Reply to  DenverDonkeyHater
06/10/2021 12:45 am

any of the above could get “hot” and the others implode one way or another … I hold the opposite view in re: Stafford, I think he has a legit shot to flourish in LA (anywhere away from the Lions)

Reply to  upamtn
06/10/2021 8:13 am

We give so much credit to the qb when a team is consistently good. I cant just ignore when a team is consistently bad that its likely due in large part due to the qb.

06/09/2021 10:28 am

Unless we play one in the super bowl, i’m not that interested in this division this year.
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Reply to  vvet818
06/10/2021 12:46 am

yeah, well, that’s just … you know … like YOUR opinion

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