With The 1st Pick Of The AG Mock Draft, The Bengals Select…

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Even the Bengals, who haven’t won a playoff game in over 20 years, can’t screw this up. Burrow has elite IQ, accuracy, mobility, and clutch ability. He may not be able to totally carry Cincinnati, but he’s better than Tua, even if both are fully healthy.

He’s no Patrick Mahomes. In fact, Burrow doesn’t bring any fear to me at all in the immediate future. Unfortunately for Cincinnati fans, they must live through the torture of never winning in the postseason. We, the Super Bowl champs, will never have to feel that feeling again.

Cincinnatti Bengals GM Nate Christensen selects: QB Joe Burrow, LSU

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  1. Cincinnati Bengals- QB Joe Burrow, LSU
  2. Washington Redskins-
  3. Detroit Lions-
  4. New York Giants-
  5. Miami Dolphins-
  6. Los Angeles Chargers-
  7. Carolina Panthers-
  8. Arizona Cardinals-
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars-
  10. Cleveland Browns-
  11. New York Jets-
  12. Las Vegas Raiders-
  13. San Francisco 49ers-
  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-
  15. Denver Broncos-
  16. Atlanta Falcons-
  17. Dallas Cowboys-
  18. Miami Dolphins-
  19. Las Vegas Raiders
  20. Jacksonville Jaguars-
  21. Philadelphia Eagles-
  22. Buffalo Bills-
  23. New England Patriots-
  24. New Orleans Saints-
  25. Minnesota Vikings-
  26. Miami Dolphins-
  27. Seattle Seahawks-
  28. Baltimore Ravens-
  29. Tennessee Titans-
  30. Green Bay Packers –
  31. San Francisco 49ers-
  32. Kansas City Chiefs-
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Tony Sommer

It’s amazing how so much can change in one year. It took just one season for Burrow to go from a non-entity to the consensus #1 overall pick. Shows how hard it is to judge these things.

Team Player
Team Player

The other side of that is getting drafted by name recognition. Which ALSO shows how hard it is to judge these things.