Fans Go Crazy Over Super Bowl Memorabilia

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Chiefs fans are going crazy over Super Bowl memorabilia, from quaint to fashionable.

Watching our beloved Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl will forever be one of our fondest memories. What we all hope to soon forget however is how much the victory has lightened our wallets. Everywhere you look there’s a new poster, shirt or decoration that you just have to own. I personally have quite a few items on the wish list I hope to own, just as soon as I win the lottery. With that in mind, I took to Twitter to see what everyone’s favorite piece of Super Bowl schwag is.

Obviously apparel is a major go-to for Chiefs fans. Still needing that perfect Chiefs shirt? Click here, unless you’re Leaf, in which case you should click here.

Of course not every cherished memory can be bought. Some of them come perfectly free.

Of course, for the lucky few who actually went to the Super Bowl, these little trinkets are the perfect keepsake.

Then there’s this guy…

Then there’s the guy who’s really planning ahead.

Wait…what? Oh shit!

Cheers! Share your favorite Super Bowl memorabilia in the comments!

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Been looking at a lot of patches. Haven’t bought any yet… but I’m sure looking.

zulu trader
zulu trader


A glass, black Championship hat, black SB sweatshirt, black Championship t shirt, newspaper, SI copy, all three versions of the broadcast, and 60th anniversary sweatshirt (that I got stains on the first time I wore it). I will get the DVD, too. I am still wanting a basic white w/arrowhead baseball cap & either a sweatshirt or L/S shirt in red (why is red so hard to find?) with a decent design.
When the Royals won, I said if the Chiefs ever actually win the SB, it’ll break me. I was right.


I’ve got my eyes on the Super Bowl champion T-shirt and hat… but I have to win the lottery first as well. My wife and I both have the AFC Champions shirt and she sported it during our first (hopefully, annual) Nasrani Super Bowl Get Together Thing (patent pending).

Everyone else (there were seven in attendance) was sporting a Chiefs jersey. But man, that was a fun time.

Also grabbed the Holthus Super Bowl and am working on the Harlan one (since it seems I’ll be in one place long enough for it to download – finally!)


My mom and sister sent me a couple shirts and the newspaper. I’m hoping to get a replica ring though once they come out.


I’m in for a ring as well


Let’s see, I got a glass cup and shirt for the AFC Championship win. My parents brought it when they drove down for the Super Bowl.
After the win I ordered the Super Bowl shirt and hat.
I took the AFC championship shirt off sometime during the third quarter of the Super Bowl, and went back to my old school AG original “Free tha Cheetah” shirt I got.


My CIO, who is a Seattle Seahawks fan living here in Seattle, thought enough of me and my fandom to buy a Chiefs AFC Conference Champions hat for me. It’s not Super Bowl memorabilia, but it’s my favorite gift from the playoff run so far. My wife got a Super Bowl hoodie for me, but it doesn’t say Champion on it. I’ve got an AFC Conference Champions long sleeve shirt too.