Will Brady return to the Patriots? Will it matter?

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When a 3x MVP and 6x Super Bowl champion goes on the free agency market it’s going to be the biggest news story, even if that guy is old enough to be a grandpa. And this morning there were a couple NFL insiders who suddenly reached the same conclusion.

Fans and the media alike will hail this as the end of the Patriots dynasty, which in a sense it is, since Brady and Belichick have been the only constants since their first Super Bowl win over the Rams in 2001. But Brady leaving doesn’t necessarily make them worse, and Brady doesn’t necessarily make his new team better.

Consider that in 2019, Brady’s ANY/A (which is basically a better version of passer rating from Pro Football Reference) was 6.24, good for 17th in the NFL among those who had 224 pass attempts. That’s lower than other free agent quarterbacks like Tannehill, Rivers, and Bridgewater, and also lower than guys who are in the “not a free agent, but could be replaced by Brady if he decided to go there” category like Dak Prescott and Derek Carr.

So it begs the question. Brady leaving the Patriots will certainly be interesting just because of how long he’s been there and the amount of success he’s had, but will it make any real, actual difference in how the 2020 season shakes out?

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One reason why the Patriots and Tom Brady haven’t had any contract discussions yet is the uncertainty of whether or not there be a new CBA, per sources.

Not sure why that would stop them from having any discussions at all. They could still say, “we want you back, we’ll wait until the CBA situation is clearer until we work something out.”


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Please go to Las Vegas


If he was smart he’d retire and not risk going out with a a wimper.


If he was smart he would have retired last year on top of the world like Peyton did. But he does not want share his glory and refuses to let Brees be the touchdown or yards leader.


might be why Brees hasn’t formally announced yet either … I say “Phuque Brady” (but that’s just me)