If I Were Brett Veach: Some Free Agent Candidates

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Nate looks outside the locker room of Arrowhead Stadium to see where Brett Veach may look to fill out the 2020 Kansas City Chiefs roster.

I already broke down what I would do with the current roster decisions in Kansas City, but this article we’re looking at some free agents that make some sense on this team. We’re going to look at one free agent at nearly every positions, and their fit with the team. No contract structure talked about, just some thoughts on players that Brett Veach could be evaluating right now.

Excluded Positions: QB, FB, TE, OT, DE, S, K, P

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Running Back

Free Agent: Matt Breida (RFA), San Francisco 49ers

Matt Breida has had an interesting career in San Francisco. It started hot in 2018, having 814 yards, including three 100-yard games. This year, though, his yards dropped significantly due to lack of carries, down to just 623. The last game he had over 10 carries was in week 10. Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman overtook Breida’s job. Still, he’s uber-talented.

Breida has a ton of speed, and when you get him on some stretch runs he can take it to the house. He plays with good vision, runs downhill hard and once he reaches the second level, he’s gone. He’s not going to make you miss much and he doesn’t run with a lot of power, but his speed makes him valuable. He also has 67 catches in 3 seasons, which makes him even more valuable in this offense. With a really good free agent and draft class at running back, Breida may fall under the radar. He’ll only be 25 by free agency. As a potentially cheap option at running back, Breida makes a ton of sense.

Wide Receiver

Free Agent: Dontrelle Inman

This all depends if Sammy Watkins stays with this team. If he does, then we don’t really need to target a receiver. If he leaves, then we may need a cheap, veteran receiver to provide a steadying presence. Inman may be that guy.

Inman’s had a really tough few years of late. Some injuries have brought him down, and he’s been on plenty of teams over the years. Still, he has a lot of size and a large catch radius. If he wants to find a way to revive his career, Kansas City may help. He can be a red zone threat for us, something we need. With Inman, Pringle, and a draft pick, we may be able to squeak by at wide receiver.


Free Agent: Andrus Peat

Guard could be a position where the Chiefs spend a lot of money, but after looking at options, nothing really intrigues me, Brandon Scherff would be cool, but he likely prices himself out of Kansas City. I think I’d like to go with more of a reclamation project, someone who can revive their career, then we get a compensatory pick a year later. Enter, Andrus Peat.

Peat isn’t bad, he just hasn’t lived up to his draft stock. Originally, he was an offensive tackle, but with Terron Armstead and Ryan Ramczyk, Peat moved to left guard. With some injuries and inconsistencies inside, he hasn’t found consistent success. Still, he’s a really good athlete, and has good quickness. Andy Reid loves that out of his guards (i.e. Jeff Allen, Zach Fulton, Martinas Rankin). As a cheap, one-year deal, Peat could make a lot of sense, while letting Allegretti and Rankin develop.


Free Agent: Ben Garland

We’re not going to sign both of these guys, but if we want to replace Austin Reiter and not put Nick Allegretti in, Garland makes a ton of sense. He was the backup to Weston Richburg in San Francisco, and he filled in well. He’s not exactly great in pass protection, but as a run blocker, he’s significantly better than Reiter. He’s a mauler in the run game, setting a physical tone on the interior.

He’s a little older at already 31 years old, but if he wants a full-time starting job, he could sign really cheap in Kansas City and work with a significantly better quarterback. He would be an upgrade over Austin Reiter.

Defensive Tackle

Free Agent: A’Shawn Robinson

Now, finally; the Defense. If Chris Jones and Mike Pennel come back, then we don’t need a defensive tackle. In the event that one of them don’t, I love the idea of A’Shawn Robinson. Robinson, a 24 year old, 320 lb. defensive tackle is a mauler in the run game. He sets a very physical tone at the line of scrimmage and is really hard to run at. As a pass rusher he only has 6 sacks in 4 years, but he’s still only 24. He could continue to improve there.

Steve Spagnuolo likes really big defensive tackles. If he wants to work with Brendan Daly on a one-year deal, Robinson makes a ton of sense. Like Peat, he could revive his career, get paid elsewhere, and we earn a compensatory pick. I don’t see this as likely, but with free agency you never truly know.


Free Agent: Jamie Collins

Even an offseason later, Jamie Collins still makes sense on this team. His role in New England was diminished a bit due to their other depth, but he still made an impact. He played some SAM linebacker, but also on the defensive line. Collins still has really good athleticism for his size, but at this point, he mainly provides help as a blitzer.

With his familiarity with Daly he could potentially replace Reggie Ragland or Damien Wilson. He may not provide much, but our linebackers need some athleticism. Expect him to pursue 1-2 year deals with contenders. If we signed him, I’d be super happy.


Free Agent: Byron Jones

If I could splurge money on only one position, it would be cornerback. Charvarius Ward and Rashad Fenton are fine, but we need a serious talent injection. They played well this year, but they were really protected by our safeties. Enter Byron Jones.

Jones is an uber-athletic zone corner. He fits exactly what Steve Spagnuolo wants. He can play man coverage, but he like to drift in zone when it’s practical. He doesn’t have fantastic ball skills, but he’s not going to be beat vertically. In two years, he’s the only cornerback to ever best Michael Thomas.

I doubt we have the capital to spend for Jones, but if we do, we may have the best defense in football. Combine Thornhill, Mathieu, and Jones?! That’s a true “no-fly zone”. Spagnuolo would have so much fun with those guys.

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A’Shawn Robinson is about the only one that I’d go for … he’s young and (likely) low-cost

Pennel sure, he should be back at a good price …. the big question is Jones: can KC afford him? (the short answer is: yes, with qualifiers)

hold onto your hats, people … it’s gonna be a wild ride


Why exclude TEs?

Plus Name and Plus Name
Plus Name and Plus Name

When it comes to free agent decisions I tend to go with my gut on what would be best for the team. My gut is telling me that if we tag and trade Chris Jones for a 1st round pick and use the leftover money to get Byron Jones and the pick to get a pass rusher that would be the best outcome long term for the team.


Dez Bryant?


hell no


Jimmy Smith and/or Brandon Carr – how much for one or both?


Breida could be stellar in the Chiefs offense. But so could a lot of RBs. Building that interior O line is the key.


The only way we could afford Byron Jones would be by not even tagging Chris Jones. And that would be…not very clever.

I’m curious, what in Spags’ history tells you that he likes big DTs? I’m curious because if there’s one thing that stands out about Spags’ history, I’d think it would be his pioneering the tactic of using four DEs all at once without any true DTs, i.e. the NASCAR package.


At the risk of a whole bunch of “hell no” comments, how about Josh Norman as long as the price tag is reasonable?


Yeah, and Chris Harris seems interested in the Chiefs.


Harris is gonna be pricey … how old is he?


He will be 31 this summer…. which in addition to price is my issue with him. Spotrac has his estimated market value at 11M a year.

Think he would be fine, but not sure he is the wisest move if that is about what he would cost.


Hell yes. I’d love to see him, Mathieu, and Fuller all in the same secondary.


Fuller is a FA? He could stay with the Chiefs…after winning the SB I bet he is looking for a pay day.


Yeah, but he had a down year. Injured, not great performances at the CB position.

I’m hoping we can hang onto him for at least another year while Thornhill heals up, because that’s probably at least how long it’s going to take for Thornhill to get his speed back.


Fenton looks like he is ready for a larger role.

zulu trader
zulu trader

With the money we are going to spend on CJ. There will be no money left for a Chris Harris


I like the way you think!


I thought Fenton had a good season.
I read somewhere that Fenton’s strength is in the slot. Is there truth to that?


Norman seems like a bit of a cancer. That is the big question.


Yeah, he would have to fly the right way if we took a chance on him.




Two relatively cheap veterans – Jason Witten and Jason Pierre Paul.


comment image


All respect to Jason


No fly zone?

comment image


Not that I think it likely to happen any time soon, but a secondary that could reliably hamper our passing game could legitimately be called The No-Fly Zone. If it happened they’d also be historically great, because that’s the only way it would happen.