Chiefs 2020 Unrestricted Free Agents: Offense

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We take a look at the Kansas City Chiefs Unrestricted Free Agents on offense heading into the offseason.

First things first: Unrestricted Free Agents, or UFAs, are players whose contracts are due to expire and have four or more accrued seasons of service. Once Free Agency begins, they are free to sign with any team. Here is the list of UFA’s for the Kansas City Chiefs’ offense.

The Chiefs have until March 18th to re-sign their own Free Agents before the official start of Free Agency. Of course with the new NFL rules, teams can begin “legally tampering” with other players beginning March 16th. For more important offseason dates, check the AG Offseason Calendar.

Anthony ShermanFB31$1,020,000UFA
Blake BellTE29$895,000UFA
Chad HenneQB35$3,350,000UFA
Demarcus RobinsonWR25$714,293UFA
LeSean McCoyRB32$3,000,000UFA
Matt MooreQB36$1,030,000UFA
Spencer WareRB28$805,000UFA
Stefen WisniewskiC31$930,000UFA

In stark comparison to the defensive unit discussed recently, the Kansas City Chiefs offense enters the offseason relatively intact. In fact, a case could be made that even if the Chiefs chose not to re-sign any of these players the offense would likely pick up where they left off last year, i.e. winning a Lombardi (in case you forgot).

Of course, it would be a very unlikely scenario to not see any of these players return. And a very short article, as well. I think the name that will stick out to most people right off the bat is the mohawked and tattooed elephant in the room, Anthony Sherman. It seems like every year Sherman appears on one of these lists and every year the case is made that the fullback position isn’t utilized enough not to grab up a few million dollars in cap space by letting him go. But I’ve learned my lesson. If one offensive player from this list is on the Chiefs roster in 2020 it WILL be Anthony Sherman. Death, taxes, and Anthony Sherman. They’re inevitable.

The next player Brett Veach should hand a contract and pen is Stefen Wisniewski. The veteran guard filled out the interior to finish out the year and played well. At 31 he likely isn’t staring down the barrel of a multi-year deal and should he come at a reasonable cap hit, so he deserves a spot on the squad. From here, it becomes slightly more difficult to find players who don’t come with a fair amount of indifference associated with their retention. Many will point to Matt Moore as a player who performed well enough to be brought back next year, and I would agree. However, with a large free agent quarterback market this year, it remains to be seen if a better option to back up Patrick Mahomes may become available for a similar value. If not, Moore should be retained.

Rumors are circulating that Demarcus Robinson could be out in Kansas City, as suitors will be able to outbid the Chiefs for his services. Blake Bell and Spencer Ware are players I wouldn’t mind seeing back in Kansas City in 2020 on budget contracts, however many will point to wanting a better TE2 option than Bell and Ware’s injury history as reasons to move on. Chad Henne and LeSean McCoy were both players that left fans perplexed as they seemingly occupied wasted roster spots late in the year. There is little to no chance either will be with the team moving forward.

Sound off, Arrowhead guys & gals: who are you willing to pay for, who would you like to bring back if the price is right, and who do you never want to see on the field again?

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Henne was here cause he was #2, and stayed because of injury, plus Andy likes 3 QBs. Give Moore Henne’s pay and cut Henne. He deserves a bump after what he pulled off. Replace Henne with a developmental guy. Run with Sherman, Wis and bring Bell into camp for competition and see what happens. He did catch a pass in the SB IIRC and will catch on somewhere even if he’s cut. Super Bowl rings open doors.

DRob had some spectacular catches but his overall production/efficiency was pretty low. Plus, I want to see what Dieter and Pringle can do with some more experience. They’ve been waiting their turn.


Bring back the Sausage!!!


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Why isn’t there a ring on that Sausage?
Sausage IS the spiritual leader of the team.


I’m in on Sherman Tank, Moore or Henne (whichever will stay for cheaper), and Wisniewski. Bell on the cheap would be fine also. I hope D-Rob gets PAID, he deserves it!

I loved having Ware and McCoy but I’d rather build RB through FA and draft on the cheap. Good back can easily be had in 3rd rounds and later.


Keep Sherman, Moore, and Wis. The rest can walk for all I care. (Oh look at that! You just covered most of CJ’s first year expenditure!)

Nate Christensen

Wis, maybe Bell and Sherm. That’s it. Replace Bell, idc lol. FB and TE2 don’t matter to me. Only Wis does


Maybe Sausage?
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I’d like to see Anthony Sherman back, he is a ST guy that really helps out. Blake Bell as well. Wiz was good and like you mentioned on a vet/team friendly deal he would provide good depth/rotation.
I’m fine with the rest kicking rocks.


Agreed! Sherman is a ST stud and huge locker room presence. And while he isn’t used much on offense, I think he’s proven that he can perform on offense when needed. Wis settled down the interior of the line really well and I’d love to see what happens if we can get a real C in between him and the good Dr. The rest can go claim a payday elsewhere.


Sherman is THE leader on ST. Outside of Colquitt, he has the most continuity with Dave Toub.


Yeah, I think Toub will end up making the decisions about both Sherman and Bell.