If I Were Brett Veach: Extension Candidates

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Nate tries on Brett Veach’s shoes and looks at what players he would extend this offseason

We’re continuing our Brett Veach series, and this time, we’re looking at potential extensions the Chiefs could do in the offseason. With a Super Bowl winning roster, there’s always going to be extension candidates in order to reward them for their contributions to a Super Bowl winning team. We’re not looking at potential free agents for this list, only players under contract who have earned extensions.

The Obvious: Patrick Mahomes

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, Mahomes should and will be extended. Next.

Travis Kelce

Kelce has had four straight 1000+ yard seasons, and has been the best tight end in football during that entire span. He’s only 30 years old, has shown zero signs of slowing down, and has a special connection to Patrick Mahomes. He has about two years left on his deal, and the Chiefs may want to get a deal done quick, before George Kittle resets the market. Regardless, one of my offseason priorities is making sure Kelce retires as a Chief.

Extension: 2 years, 25 million (4 year, 40.5 million)

Charvarius Ward

After a rough start to the season Ward really picked up his play in the last 8-12 weeks of the season. There’s still some inconsistencies in his zone coverage and his change of direction isn’t the best, but given our issues with CB depth, we need Ward back. He’s not going to break the bank, but he’ll get a solid payday, ensuring the Chiefs have 1 young starting CB.

Extension: 3 years, 15 million (4 years, 15.7 million)

Daniel Sorensen

Dirty Dan made so many big plays in huge moments this year. The stop on the fake punt, his interception against Phillip Rivers to win the game, along with so many other big plays, have positioned himself to get another extension. Sorensen will be 30 in March, but his trust with Andy Reid and Steve Spagnuolo will earn him something.

Extension: 1 year, 4 million (2 year, 7.6 million)


Overall there aren’t many guys that are up for big extensions this year. With Tyreek Hill and Mitchell Schwartz being taken care of, it’s mainly retaining guys in free agency. If we’re looking past next year, Tyrann Mathieu and Tyreek Hill re-enter the conversation. Still, for next year we don’t have many pressing contracts that need to be taken care of. Well, besides Mahomes, obviously.

My personal guess is that Mahomes does get extended, along with Kelce. Kelce may get his right before training camp, but I would guess Mahomes signs his before the season. I would think Veach would try to extend Charvarius Ward before free agency, and Daniel Sorensen will get an extension sometime during the offseason. Overall though, there aren’t many looming deals down the line for the Chiefs to consider.

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What is Ogbah’s Status ? …


I think un-restricted free agent once the season officially ends in March.


So, Kelce’s current contract according to Spotrac is #3 in cap hit amongst TEs this year, #2 in average salary, and #1 in cash paid to the player. Next year, his cash is predicted to drop to #2 (by just $250k behind Jordan Reed), and he’ll have the #5 cap hit. Kelce’s current contract seems great for both player and team, so I don’t see much business reason to replace it until after this season. Ward is scheduled to be a restricted FA after this season according to Spotrac, not a UFA. So the Chiefs won’t lose him after this season unless they want to lose him. And, if I were Ward, I would probably want to wait until I had just a little bit of leverage to sign a new deal. But you never know, if he really likes it here and wants to give a likely discount to the team that gave him his shot, I wouldn’t turn him down. Sorensen – I’m gonna assume that you are personally trolling me with that one.* I’d look at an extension for Watkins. Spotrac estimates his market value at $10.9 million/year. He probably wouldn’t accept that, but you never know…he seems to like it here, and he doesn’t seem like the typical don’t-care-where-I-play-long’s-I-get-pay’d business type. Re-signing him to a new deal would give Veach a TON more freedom in both free agency and the draft. I’d also look at an extension for Damien Wilson. He played well enough as a Swiss army knife type LB, and he’s only 26. Also, his cap hit this season is $3.875 million, which is a little high for a Swiss army knife LB. Dead money of just $875k, so if they don’t extend him then he might be a cut candidate. If Veach really wants to take a speculative shot…might try and get Tanoh inked. If he improves again this year, as a 25-year-old DE with truly freakish athleticism, he could easily command an eight-figure salary as a FA in 2021. Maybe even upwards of $15 million (or the new-CBA equivalent) if his sack… Read more »


*Actually, with Sorensen, I kinda sorta very very reluctantly might be maybe ok-ish with a low level extension for him. But only because he’s proven valuable in a coverage LB role. And therefor only if Veach can’t find a real coverage LB (or a real WLB or a real MLB) instead.

It’s really bad that we might be forced to stick with a guy whose only NFL-level skill is grittiness, just because neither Veach’s big signing of Hitchens nor any of his lesser shots at improving the W/MLB positions (DoD, Niemann) have worked out, and there’s hardly any options in this year’s draft. But I guess it is what it is, as they say. If everything else sucks, then re-sign Sorensen, I guess. sigh


O/T: Victory of the week
Finally got some gear from the NFL shop, can’t wait to get booed by all these Pat fans here in N.E.


This Should Prolly appear as a Sub-Thread in a Roster Analysis Article But, seems Apropos in an Extension Thread as Well :
Lest We Forget , Herr Veach has Ten ( Count ’em ! ) 10 ! Players Returning from IR This Spring as Well :

DB Juan Thornhill – ACL
DE Alex Okafor -Torn Pec
OL Martinas Rankin – Knee
RB Darrel Williams – Hammy
DL Breeland Speaks – ACL / Miniscus ( + …You Know … Appetitus Giganticus ; )
OT Greg Senat – Undisclosed
TE / FB John Lovett – Shoulder ( In the Pre-Season … On SNL : )
WR Felton Davis – Undisclosed
DE Tim Ward – ( Injury from College )
LB Darius Harris – Shoulder

They’re All at least Back- UP Level Players w/ More Than A Handful Heir Apparent Starters ( Thornhill, Okafor, Rankin, Williams, Senat, Lovett And Dare I Say It ? … ( Dare ! , Dare ! ) Speaks … : )


I’m glad you brought that up. Juan, Alex, and Darrel are contributors/starters. That’s big.


Yeah, but Thornhill probably won’t be ready to go right off the bat. Realistically might be 2021 season before he really gets his speed back. That’s why right now, I’d choose to re-sign Fuller ahead of Breeland.


Yeah, I hope Thornhill completely recovers. I forgot how long the rehab is for a torn ACL. Damn the timing of his injury sucks!


I remember when ACL rehab used to be forever. Career ender. At least it’s possible for guys to come back now. But I think it’s usually a good entire year for somebody to actually get back close to what they were.


I remember when the Achilles tear was a career ender. That was definitely more recent than the ACL tear.


Yep. I think that’s what Reaser’s injury was.


Hey, what about that CB who got all the INTs in the AAF? Reaser, I think? I think KC gave him an injury settlement, but I wonder if they bring him back for another shot. Slot type CB, I think.


Reaser had two stints in the Injured Reserve with this team. The last one was a torn achilles. Neither happened in game. The best ability is availability and he hasn’t even shown NFL ability yet.


Yeah, it’s a long shot. Especially since Fenton now seems like he’ll be a decent slot CB. But Reaser is one more guy who might come back from injury, at least to compete in camp.


If you can get Ward for 3 years, 15 million, I’m all for that. Since Nelson got around 8 million a year and Ward will be a two-tine SB champ next year, I don’t think Ward accepts that contract.

Yea on Dirty Dan and Kelce.. What I like about PM15 is, he is buddies with the players, and they know how important PM15 is to the team and them. We can all agree the Patriots was a dynasty, I’m not sure that is kind of environment I would want to have a long career with. I just wonder how many Chiefs players will take less money to play with Andy and PM15 with a fun environment.

Don’t get me wrong, PM15 is a serious and competitive person, he can flip the switch and be a fun guy too, unlike Brady. Andy also lets players personalities show. I love this team, and I hope we can keep as much of them together as possible.

I also wonder does PM15 take less money so he can have a supporting cast around him?


That’s a great point. Even if this is the start of a KC dynasty, I don’t think this team will be anything like NE.


The Landlord, Rookie, & Dirty Dan make a helluva safety trio.


All of this makes Waaay Too Much Sense … Oh Wait … This is the 2020 Super Bowl Champion Version of The Kansas City Chiefs ! … Nevermind … Carry On … ; )