The Vince Lombardi Trophy

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Chris touches on what the Vince Lombardi Trophy is made of.

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Season after season we get to see a jubilant team lift the most coveted piece of hardware the National Football League produces; the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Many players and coaches spend their entire careers playing in the league and never get an opportunity to hold the grand prize.

For many years it seemed like we Chiefs fans would be kept without ever witnessing our team hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Sure, we could go down to Arrowhead Stadium and see the trophy from 1970. No less thrilling then as it is now, yet after watching the 2019 Kansas City Chiefs team win Super Bowl 54 and parade through downtown Kansas City clutching the silver football shaped object, I thought it might be interesting to look at what the Lombardi Trophy actually is.

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While having lunch with then National Football League Commissioner Pete Rozelle, the Vice President of Tiffany and Company (go ask your wife or girlfriend if you are unfamiliar) sketched out the design that would become the world famous Travis Kelce beer luge. This snippet from Wikipedia tells us more about the trophy’s beginnings:

The original trophy was produced by Tiffany & Co. in Newark, New Jersey.[3] Others have since been handcrafted by the company in Parsippany, New Jersey.[4] As of 2017, the trophy is produced at the Tiffany & Co Forrest Hills manufacturing facility in Cumberland, Rhode Island.

Rhode Island you say? I’m just going to make a guess that some Patsies fan probably were involved in hand-crafting the trophy that just got paraded through town and will now forever live at One Arrowhead Drive!

The appearance of the Vince Lombardi Trophy is another interesting tidbit. I have seen the Super Bowl IV trophy at Arrowhead, and countless other times witnessed opposing teams lift the shiny football into the air. Until we actually claimed the title of World Champions it never dawned on me to look up exactly how much the trophy weighs and how long it is. This is from Wikipedia:

The Vince Lombardi Trophy stands 22 inches (56 cm) tall, weighs 7 pounds (3.2 kg) and depicts a football in a kicking position on a three concave sided stand, and is entirely made of sterling silver.

22 inches long and 7 pounds makes it sound like we are talking about a baby here, and well, actually we are. This is the baby that all of Chiefs Kingdom has been waiting 50 years to bring home.

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Another interesting nugget I figured I would include here is some information about the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award, something that I had honestly never seen until our own MVP Patrick Mahomes was carrying it during the parade. The trophy itself is named after Pete Rozelle, and this is how it is decided who wins it:

The winner is chosen by a panel of 16 football writers and broadcasters and, since Super Bowl XXXV in 2001, fans voting electronically. The media panel’s ballots count for 80 percent of the vote tally, while the viewers’ ballots make up the other 20 percent

Kansas City and Chiefs Kingdom should be proud of our team. In 2019 we brought some serious hardware back to the Midwest. I know none of us will get tired of re-watching this year’s comeback victory, but now everyone who took the time to read this will know a little bit more about the trophies when Mahomes and Co. bring the next one home!

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I was wondering if it gets engraved:

The words “Vince Lombardi Trophy” along with the Roman numerals of that year’s Super Bowl are engraved on and the NFL shield is affixed onto the base. After the trophy is awarded, it is sent back to Tiffany’s to be engraved with the names of the participating teams, the date, location, and the game’s final score.[9] It is then sent back to the winning team for them to keep. Smaller replicas are made for each person on the winning team.


I thought it was an interesting tidbit that they make a new one every year, so it’ll stay in Arrowhead permanently.

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Also, another interesting reminder. BD


The internet says that 7 pounds of sterling silver is currently worth $1678.91. Nice, but I’d guess probably not the most expensive beer vessel that Kelce has ever drank from.


Did you know?

In the history of the Super Bowl, in the 4th Qtr, teams facing 3rd & 15+ were 0-37 until the 49er’s were stung by Mahomes and the Jet Wasp.

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zulu trader

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“The world famous Travis Kelce beer luge.”

Watching that video posted on AG with the Sausage pouring beer down the trophy into TK’s gullet will rank right up there with Big Fish’s SCSteve Austin end zone celebration in my memories of this past season. Luv it!


Luv it and LIV it.




In that case: the Lombardi stands 55 centimetres tall and weighs 3.18 kilograms.


Wrong. We invented it, we won it, we get to measure it.