“Touchdown, Damien Williams!”

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Nate shares some thoughts on the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LIV Victory

There were 90 seconds left. The Chiefs like up in 22 personnel, I formation, running ISO behind Eric Fisher. Damien Williams got wide, sprinting down the sideline, to make it 31-20. We won the Super Bowl…

My heart, beating at 1000 beats a second, suddenly was relieved. I hugged my brother, ran outside into my street, and screamed at the top of my lungs (I’m a poor screamer), “LET’S GO, AHHHHHHHH”. My family thought I was a lunatic, but it was worth it for me. We just won the Super Bowl. After hugging the rest of my family, I went inside, saw Big Red, and just felt a sense of joy. I didn’t get teary-eyed, but I felt the lump in my throat. I wanted it for Big Red so bad, and I was so glad he got his moment.

If anyone deserved a Super Bowl, it was Andy. I wrote about this two weeks ago, but I’ve been fortunate to mainly remember the Andy Reid era as a Chief fan. I’ve been fortunate to know very little except winning. Even in the heartbreaks and tears, I’ve always had love for Andy Reid. Even when 15 year old Nate wrote a hate piece about Andy Reid after the Tennessee playoff game in the 2017 season, that was just immature, angry Nate. As I’ve gotten older and watched the game of football with a magnifying lens, I’ve learned to love Andy Reid. His attention to detail, character, and play-calling are a sight to see. Hearing other great coaches and players gush about Andy made me love him even more. If there was one person I wanted to see win a Super Bowl on this team, it was Andy. I’m so happy he finally got one.

If there was someone else that deserved that game, it was the Hunt family. I’m not super familiar with their tendencies in the 2000s, but all I’ve known from Clark Hunt is the willingness to win. He’s never been cheap, interfered in football operations, and is willing to do whatever it takes to win. In all reality, he’s sort of the perfect owner. This past year has been great for Clark, and I would love to thank him for his time he put into the rebuild.

I also thought of everyone at Arrowhead Guys, at you guys, who’ve been around so much longer than I’ve been. You’ve experienced so much heartbreak in your lives, and if anyone deserved to win, it was you guys. So, in this short post, I just wanted to share what I did after the Super Bowl, but I wanted to thank you. Thanks to everyone for an excellent year, and I hope we get to repeat these moments forever.

For Andy, and for you guys…

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Thank you Nate for all your work. I’ve never been a defensive guru, just always a watcher. After your breakdowns this offseason I’ve been studying the defense more, and trying to correlate it all together. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and determination to breaking it all down for us around here.


From what I can recall (and this is VERY brief, and will therefore probably be lacking in details; I’m hoping some of my fellow Chiefs Kingdom members can fill in the details) the Hunt family also owns two soccer teams in Texas – FC Dallas, I believe, and the Houston Dynamo. In fact, Lamar was instrumental in founding MLS as a United States sports league.

When Lamar passed away in 2006, ownership of all assets transferred to his family, with Clark being the spokesman/Chairman of the Board for the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs. 2006-2012 were very (very) dark years for the Chiefs, as we went 2-14 twice in four years, went through a revolving door of quarterbacks (Tyler Palko, anyone?) and had the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide. On the administrative side of things, we dealt with GM Scott Pioli’s micromanagerial tendencies and his unwillingness to be flexible on anything. I seem to recall over at the Abandoned Place they were saying that the Hunt family (specifically Clark) needed to quit kicking around (pun perhaps intended) with the soccer side of things and take more direct control of the Chiefs franchise.

At the end of 2012 we cleaned house, and Clark Hunt’s ownership became much more involved. When Andy Reid was hired, at the announcement, Hunt said something along the lines of “I will interview the next head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, and he will answer directly to me” (as opposed to the general manager – at that time it was Scott Pioli). That brings us roughly to where we are today.

As the late Paul Harvey used to say… “And now you know the rest of the story.”


I remember his (Hunts) message from his office and he did say something along those lines of where the next coach would report directly to him. He also said he was going to be more involved and owed it to the fans. It was truly a great message after a terrible season.

Team Player
Team Player

Carl Peterson has a lot to do with that. He was not a nice guy and he used that to the team’s advantage in many ways. One of those was that he could be bad cop to the HC’s good cop. But he was also a shrewd talent evaluator for player and coaches. Lamar leaned on him heavily.

Clark tried to do the same but it didn’t work. It took a while to get the right leadership balance after Clark took over.

At the time Lamar died, the Hunts were trimming down from 4 to 2 MLS teams. Wizards anyone? Crew too. Clark was All-American in college in soccer. Mavericks are also a Hunt team.

Also remember Hunt Midwest is still theirs. And worlds of fun used to be.


I think Clark has to be given credit for the Pioli hire too. It didn’t work out, but he was “the guy” that everyone wanted around the league at that time – Clark was trying to win back then too. Clark was also willing to cut bait after it was clear it wasn’t working (if there was one thing Lamar could be criticized for, it was being too loyal to badly performing employees) and then did what it took to land Andy immediately.

I think that the massive conflict between Haley and Pioli was the reason for restructuring the organization. Speculative, but its also might be why Dorsey got fired in the unusual way that he did. I suspect there was more tension behind the scenes than we all realized and Hunt wasn’t going to go through that again so he got rid of the guy he thought was less important.

TL;DR – Clark Hunt deserves a ton of credit for his leadership at least back to 2009 when Pioli was hired and he has shown willingness to learn from his own mistakes.


Since my human name is Andy, I feel like I’ve received a lot of congratulations lately.


That’s what my friends and family call me (although I’m not an Andrew), so me too!


Total Respect for you, Nate … thanks for all your ard work here, and hope we have you around for a long, long time


Definitely! I always enjoy your work & really appreciate the time & effort you take to do it.👍