Morning Huddle: Chiefs’ Chris Jones misses practice, but Travis Kelce works out

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Jones missed practice but Kelce completed a work out. With the Titans looming, let’s hope that Jones is ready to go or Spags has a game plan to stop the rush.

Chiefs news for 16 January 2020

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Tyreek Hill: Nobody in NFL can guard Chiefs WRs | NFL

“I feel like nobody in the NFL can guard any of us, and that’s no disrespect to nobody,” receiver Tyreek Hill said Wednesday. “That’s just the confidence that I got in myself and the wideouts I’ve got around me, including the tight ends and the running backs. I feel like no DB unit, no secondary unit, no linebacker, any defense can guard any of us. So man-to-man is just easy for us to beat. If you just allow us to run through zones, it’s even easier.”

Chiefs’ Chris Jones misses practice, but Travis Kelce works out | ESPN

The Kansas City Chiefs practiced without injured defensive tackle Chris Jones Wednesday as they began on-field preparations for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game against the Tennessee Titans.

Jones has a calf injury that kept him out of last week’s divisional round win over the Houston Texans. Jones worked out for trainers and coaches before the game but moved gingerly, and coach Andy Reid later said the workout showed Jones wasn’t close at that time to being ready to play.

Opinion: Having Patrick Mahomes means Kansas City Chiefs always have a chance to win | USA Today

Kansas City’s 51-31 victory earned the Chiefs a spot in the AFC championship for a second consecutive year. They play the Titans on Sunday afternoon.

“You take an offense like that, you’ve got a good shot at winning anything,” Kansas City linebacker Reggie Ragland said. “You’ve got the type of quarterback, the gunslinger we’ve got, I’ll go to war with that cat and those guys every day of the week.”

The Chiefs will rely on the ‘too smart’ ways of Daniel Sorensen and Tyrann Mathieu to take down the Titans | The Athletic

In 29 special-teams snaps, which led the Chiefs secondary, Sorensen followed his fake-punt tackle of Reid with a hard, technique-sound tackle of kick returner DeAndre Carter, who fumbled the ball, which was recovered by rookie running back Darwin Thompson. The Chiefs used the takeaway to produce their third touchdown in the second quarter in a little more than three minutes. Sorensen believes his increased role on the Chiefs defense led to his impressive plays on special teams.

“I accept the challenge,” he said. “If anything, it helps me stay in tune to the game and stay into a rhythm. You take advantage of every opportunity you get to step on the field and you try to make plays, whether it’s special teams or defense. I’m just grateful that I can be able to do that.”

NFL playoffs conference championship round: Biggest injury questions for all four teams | NFL

Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones was nowhere close to being ready to play last week because of a sore calf, so it was no surprise he didn’t practice Wednesday. It also wouldn’t be a surprise if Jones wasn’t available on Sunday, though the Chiefs might well take that decision up to game time. But tight end Travis Kelce did work on Wednesday despite a sore knee, and barring a setback, he should be ready to go against the Titans. “He feels better this week than he did last week,” coach Andy Reid said. — Adam Teicher

Chiefs can set one Super Bowl record with win over Titans in AFC Championship Game | CBS Sports

A win Sunday would give the Chiefs 50 years between Super Bowl appearances, which would be the longest time between appearances in NFL history. That would crush the previous record of 36 set by the Indianapolis Colts in 2006 when they advanced to Super Bowl XLI (the Colts had last reached the Super Bowl in 1970, when the franchise was the Baltimore Colts). The Green Bay Packers own the second longest drought between Super Bowls, set when they reached Super Bowl XXXI in 1996 (their last Super Bowl appearance prior to that was Super Bowl II in 1967), a span of 29 years. The Philadelphia Eagles had a 24-year drought between Super Bowl appearances (1980 to 2004), the third-longest drought in league history. 

Healthy Mahomes More Comfortable vs. Titans Second Time Around | Chiefs Digest

A restrained Patrick Mahomes faced Tennessee back in Week 10 of the regular season in his first game back from dislocated kneecap, but the Titans won’t be so fortunate in this Sunday’s AFC Championship Game, the quarterback said Wednesday.

“Definitely more comfortable, I think that’s the biggest thing,” Mahomes said on how he feels now versus during the earlier meeting between the two clubs. “Being that first game back off of the injury, you don’t know exactly what to expect.”

Chiefs film review: Patrick Mahomes’ unique traits were on full display vs. the Texans | The Athletic

As Mahomes completes his read-option action to Williams, he sees that the Texans are sending at least seven defenders in an attempt to get to him before the ball can come out. Mahomes immediately snaps off a throw to the vacated portion of the field, throwing the ball right past an unblocked pass rusher. If Mahomes doesn’t know exactly where to put the ball in the event of a blitz, this play is dead in the water.

Accuracy, anticipation, eye discipline, pocket presence and reading defenses are the traits that lead to repeatable success for quarterbacks within the structure of an offense. Mahomes is excellent at each of these things, and it’s the foundation of his consistency. That’s something that often gets forgotten as people focus on his ability to create spectacular plays. Even if Mahomes had average arm strength and wasn’t the best in the league at creating out of structure, he’d still be a top-5 quarterback.

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Morning Bowl of (T)Weeties:

Arrowhead Guys Twitter:

He is the left tackle but great tweet anyway.

Twitter feed video.He is the left tackle but great tweet anyway.
Bud Light@budlight

A legendary playoffs run. A legendary moment.

Congrats to @Big_Fish79 and the @Chiefs on the AFC Championship and the #BudLightCelly of the week. @budweiserusa

This will be the eighth Super Bowl since 1985 where a top 3 DVOA offense will face a top 3 DVOA defense.

1991 BUF-WAS*
1997 DEN-GB
1999 TEN-STL**
2002 OAK-TB
2005 SEA-PIT
2006 IND-CHI
2013 DEN-SEA
2019 KC-SF


Mahomes motions Kelce to hopefully give him or Hill an opening on opposite sides of the field. Mahomes wants to Chuck this deep to Hill but he is accounted for. So Hill breaks off his route and comes back to his quarterback. #JacobsEyeInTheSky #Chiefs

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Local Chiefs Reporters:

#ChiefsKingdom vs. #GoNiners

The #SuperBowlLIV matchup is 🔥🔥!

🎙️@amy_parlapiano & @KentGarrison welcome @RealMNchiefsfan + @LombardiHimself for an early look at one of the most intriguing Super Bowl matchups in years.

Listen FREE ⬇️

📸Kelley Cox

If Mahomes throws 3 TD passes in SB 54, he'll be one of 11 QBs to do that four times in the postseason.

Brady - 11
Montana - 9
Rodgers - 7
Favre - 6
Peyton - 6
Brees - 5
Marino - 5
Warner - 5
Flacco - 4
Ryan - 4

Championship Swagger!! Doing your job goes way farther than collecting a stat sometimes.

Twitter feed video.Championship Swagger!! Doing your job goes way farther than collecting a stat sometimes.
Seth Keysor@RealMNchiefsfan

Clark backed up his words Sunday. He was strong on the edge and solid squeezing and in pursuit. Nice play by Wilson here to get into the gap, but there's nowhere to go for Henry because Clark stonewalls the RT.

Championship Swagger!! Doing your job goes way farther than collecting a stat sometimes.

Twitter feed video.Championship Swagger!! Doing your job goes way farther than collecting a stat sometimes.
Seth Keysor@RealMNchiefsfan

Clark backed up his words Sunday. He was strong on the edge and solid squeezing and in pursuit. Nice play by Wilson here to get into the gap, but there's nowhere to go for Henry because Clark stonewalls the RT.

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National Talking Heads:

.@CantGuardMike tried to warn you about those hands at last year's Skills Competition. 🙌🔥

📺: 2020 #ProBowlSkills Showdown | Thursday 9pm ET on ESPN
🎟: Tickets to the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown in Orlando, FL are available for $15:

The #Jaguars plan to hire former #Redskins coach Jay Gruden as their next offensive coordinator, sources tell me and @TomPelissero. Deal isn’t done, but the Jaguars are close to adding a very talented OC with a great pedigree in the role.

🤭@BMarshall... DID WHAT NOW?! 🤭

Is this the best #ProBowl catch of all time? (via @nflthrowback)

📺: 2020 #ProBowl | Sunday 3pm ET on ESPN

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zulu trader
zulu trader

FOX Sports

“I don’t think Tyreek Hill is right when he says, ‘Nobody can guard any of us.’ I would change the word ‘any’ for the word ‘all.’ Nobody can guard ALL of them. That is the problem the Chiefs pose.” — @getnickwright

Tyreek Hill Football GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY

zulu trader
zulu trader

John Glennon

#Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes had a passer rating of 117.9 against the blitz (107 pass attempts) this season, per @IE_NFL — second-best best of 35 qualified NFL QBs.
–The league average is 88.7.

Patrick Mahomes Football GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY


I like Jones, but I don’t like the cost he will demand. I’m not up on college players, but are there any DL guys that can excel against the pass AND the run out there that might be available when the Chiefs will pick?


With our 32nd pick or the pick we get in return for him, because if Veach just lets him walk then hes dumber than Bob Sutton. Either we resign him or basically do a Frank Clark type deal.


I think the Chiefs are going to win by a couple of scores. Derrick Henry is a monster but the rest of the offense isn’t that great. It took them a whole lot of bullshit to knock us off in their house and we’ve only gotten hotter since then.

Tony Sommer

I was actually thinking about that record for longest gap between Super Bowl appearances this morning. Since only the Jets made the Super Bowl before Super Bowl 4 and haven’t been back it’d be by definition the record, and will likely remain the record until the Jets make it.

Big Chief
Big Chief

You’d also have to include the teams that haven’t made a Super Bowl yet that were around (like the Lions and Browns). I would also think an expansion team that hasn’t been since being started would be included (with the timing being from their birth). So there are other teams that can break the record.

Tony Sommer

By gap I mean they make the Super Bowl, and then make another one. So those teams don’t have a true gap between appearances, they simply haven’t been to one.


It is going to be a bang-bang game Sunday CJ being held out today doesn’t mean he will not play. Even if he is limited and can only go 10% of the plays I can guarantee he will have an impact on the game during his 10%. Any talk of him holding out or being soft if he can’t go is crazy talk. This is the AFC Championship, not week whatever vs some irrelevant team. If he cannot go then it is nice knowing that baring a win he should be good to go by Super Bowl kick-off.


“Chiefs can set one Super Bowl record with win over Titans in AFC Championship Game | CBS Sports”

– Sad thing is, if we don’t win this weekend, we’d still have that same opportunity to set the same record the next year.


This is absolutely no knock on Chris Jones, just something I remembered from long ago. This guy was just a freaking beast (or nuts) or both!


different time. financial security was not there.

and some people have the drive like no one. its insane what this guy did.

RDD India
RDD India

Tiyen fans are delusional bunch. Comparing MVPAT and Tinyhill? Wtf?


Nerves are starting to kick in, as some doubt creeps in. I am confident KC is the better team. If they can implement the NE defensive gameplan, they’ll win. If they score TDs and not FGs, they’ll win. Baltimore had MANY opportunities to score and killed themselves. Wasn’t it like 5 or 6 drives that ended, in FG position, without points for Baltimore? I don’t think KC lets Tennessee live that way.

Right now I’m thinking Tennessee v KC is Oklahoma vs LSU. We all know who is who. Still, there is some doubt…for obvious reasons. Sunday went a long way to easing those concerns, but it will take a win this week to vanquish them entirely.


I remember when the narrative was, Mahomes can’t win a games that matters, last year.

I remember the narrative that Watson has beaten Alabama in a championship game and has played in more big games than Mahomes. .

I hears Andy is 1 -8 against the Titans and Mahomes and Andy have never won a Super Bowl.


Really? Now Chris Jones ain’t practicing? If he doesn’t play in this championship game and we lose because of it, I’m all for trading him somewhere else.


Tsk. He dinged his calf on the last snap of the last practice before the game, and Andy Reid is nothing if not cautious when it comes to player health. If this is some kind of union-type strike or slowdown it doesn’t look like one that will increase his value to the market in general. In fact, the opposite would be the case, especially while the memory of AB84’s antics is still fresh.

However, from the frustrated-fan side of things, I feel ya. Fortunately, Mahomes is the loophole in Murphy’s Law.


Seems unlikely that he would be ready to play this week based on the information that has come out so far.

Not sure why him not playing and the team losing would be the deciding factor in trading him though.

In fact, winning with him out should be more of a reason to trade him than losing with him out.


I have no expectation that Jones plays. Having had the injury, a week is just not long enough to heal. He will be ready by the SB, but KC has to get there first. Against Tennessee, KC should be ok with a rotation of Pennel, Saunders, Nnadi, and Williams. They can move Suggs or KPass…hell, even Ragland, to the inside in a NASCAR package.


Can we get a clarification if Jones hurt is calf in practice or by playing basketball in the locker room ?


Ain’t no strike BRAG, that man wants a ring more than we do.


Salty at all?


Yes, how dare him getting injured! The nerve of some people!