Chop Talk: The Divisional Fiddy Burger

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Arrowhead Guys (finally) launch their podcast, listen to Chop Talk with Tony and Dave within.

Back again for another boring day at work? Plug in your headset and let Tony and Dave entertain you on a whatever the eff day this is!

After much editing…and even more editing…Arrowhead Guys is pleased to announced they finally have another recording of Dave and Tony talking that lasts less than five hours. If not already, hop on twitter and give @Dave (his twitter handle sucks BTW) and @Tony a good ol’ follow.

The Arrowhead Guys Podcast Page can be found here and you can subscribe via the iStore, Google Play and Spotify.

Click here to access Chop Talk Ep 25, or keep scrolling and listen right here at Arrowhead Guys.

Warning: This episode is a little more “Mature Language” as Dave and I are starting to settle in with just being ourselves. So while fun, listen with headphones if you are at work. Obviously.

Chop Talk With Tony and Dave

Welcome to the Episode 25 of Chop Talk with Tony and Dave featuring special guest P. Mitko. We recorded the episode in its entirety with no editing, one shot through. We also drank heavily beforehand. We can not be held responsible for the content of this podcast. We discuss the Chiefs unbelievable come back win over the Texans, recapped the rest of the divisional round games and asked if there’s a QB you’d rather have to lead a 24 point come back than Patrick Mahomes before we hit a three man mailbag.

1:45 Introduction

3:04 Chiefs Vs Texans Recap

53:46 Divisional Round Recap

1:15:53 Who Better To Lead a 24 Point Come Back?

1:19:07 Mailbag

2:37:00 Chop Talk Signing Off

Tell us what you think about the show! What would you like to hear next week?

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Yeah Dave, we can’t be friends anymore. You wouldn’t guarantee us 7 Super Bowls for ONE 5 minute session of gay sex. I’d fuck every bitch in Hollywood and film it to guarantee even one ring. Your commitment is lacking.


This is the “cards against humanity” of podcasts.




Drob deserves be froghopped by Mecole after all those drops last week. Cant have that in the playoffs.


Great job you three!


Thanks man!


Tony – you spoke like a total of 20 minutes….before mail bag session started at the 1 hour, 20 minute mark. Did you get replaced? just kidding

BTW: Chiefs win by 17 or more points on Championship Sunday game

Rather have Chiefs play the Packers in SB

Why? Ford PINTO knows all the O and D – play calls (refer to Bucs/Raiders SB) — when Raiders coaching staff did NOT change O or D plays……..and Bucs worked Raiders. Justin Houston made the same comment after Colts played @ Arrowhead. “I knew the O & D plays”