Its Time for the Rejects

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Roughly a year ago, some things got weird.

I was writing for a lovely Chiefs site, that I quite enjoyed being a part of. I’d given five years of my mental faculties for pennies on the dollar, all out of love for the Chiefs. I wouldn’t change anything, and I have no regrets.

However, a wedge was driven between people whom I knew and cared about and the lovely Chiefs site. I was working a full time job as a senior engineer, teaching two computer science classes at MU, and although I was contracted to write one article per week, I found myself writing three articles per week.

One Saturday, after grading papers I turned to my “busy work” for the lovely Chiefs site. My son who was four at the time asked me to play — but I was on a deadline and had to finish the work. That was an eye opener.

I realized that I no longer had the opportunity to write creatively, to think of a new idea and research it, to be genuinely free to craft. I realized that I was no longer enjoying what I was doing with the lovely Chiefs site. At that point in time I decided to lessen the workload.

After discussions it became clear I couldn’t lessen the workload without some sort of punitive response, so I went on hiatus. Not worth it.

While ALL of this was going on, I was contacted by a good friend who was starting a new Chiefs site, this was the reject Chiefs site. I’d tailgated with this man a number of times, and there’s something about joining another man’s tailgate, and eating his BBQ that makes you feel permanently connected. It’s like some type of forceful Arrowhead machismo.

My hiatus turned into a goodbye-atus, and I made the decision sitting in a parked car talking to my personal Chiefs lawyer, pastor, and mentor. I chose friends over whatever miniscule status I had from writing. Easy choice — at that moment my time with the lovely Chiefs site was done.

But I wanted to end it my own way, and I did just that.

I knew I was tired writing for the Chiefs, I was burnt out and it was affecting other aspects of my life. But I also wanted to give one final gift to Chiefs kingdom. My friend from the reject Chiefs site asked me if I had any ideas, anything at all — and I told him one I’d kept to myself for a while, but thought would be a perfect exit gift.

The Chiefs epic playoff collapses, and the likelihood of their losses, is mathematically absurd. I thought to myself, what if there is something to those “Arrowhead is cursed” myths? So we did some research and found a mountain of information on Arrowhead, and contacted a psychic medium.

My final gift to Chiefs kingdom would be an entry into Chiefs lore, but I really had no idea what I was getting into.

I had no idea the medium would tell us she saw Hank Stram, and asked that we remember his time with the Chiefs and the success he had — I wonder if that has something to do with the endzones being painted yellow, to reflect the times when Stram was head coach.

I had no idea the medium would talk about feeling shaky, and falling — right when we were next to the section where a fatal crane accident occurred as it collapsed from the second deck of the stadium.

I had no idea the medium would identify how my friend’s dad passed away, how she told us someone was with us — when my friend told us all his dad wanted was to go to one last game to Arrowhead with him, and all other kinds of unexplainable things.

I had no idea I’d feel like crap all through the stadium walk, and just feel eerie as all get out when the medium was doing her thing. I become incredibly hot on the drive home, and threw up — with no idea why. It was the most bizarre experience of my life.

But dammit if it all wasn’t worth it.

And now the Chiefs sit on the precipice of this year’s playoffs. After years of rejection, blunders, failure, 2-14 seasons, laughable QB play — those of us who have been here through it all and lived the worst of it, I just have this to say: NOW is the time for the rejects!

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Life and family first, Gary, you chose wisely. But if ever you feel like hammering at your keyboard, I’m the editorial janitor around here. Let me know and I’ll tidy up anything you care to write.

But do it on your terms, don’t let others make you feel obligated to take time away from the truly important things in your life. We’re your other family, and we’re here for you.


GARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Welcome to the Reject Side! seriously, Dude … if you did one a MONTH over here it’d be more awesome than all get-out (if ya have time and inclination, of course)

and if I know that Arrowhead Guy at all, I’m pretty sure he said “mi casa es tu casa” or something along those lines
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Daniel Harms

Thank you for this Gary!