Janoris Jenkins, maybe?

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Well he is a free agent now. Remember a few years ago when he was linked to us around the trade deadline? Seeing as how it is probably 99.9% certain he will not land here, where do you think he ends up? New England, Baltimore, Houston, or another NFC team?

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Terrell Suggs … yeah, that’s the ticket!


Makes a ton of sense. He knows Spags defense, is already in game shape, and will probably have a chip on his shoulder. Alex Brown is currently set to play significant time if one of our corners were to go down this week. Ward and Fenton are also our only CB’s under contract for next season Jenkins would give us more flexibility and leverge in negotiating with Breeland and Fuller. Jenkins is still playing at a legit level. Would be a really solid add.


All released players are exposed to waivers this time of year, correct?


I’d be ok with bringing him in. He has been kind of a pain in the Giants ass, but they kind of deserve it too. He is only due 11m next year, and the Chiefs will definitely need a CB. Being on a good team should shut him up for a season.

Side note: fired for saying retard…really? I mean for fuck’s sake America……


Honestly? I think the Chiefs grab him. And he was linked to trade rumors with us THIS year. It makes too much sense.