Chiefs v. Raiders Snap Counts

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Here’s a look at the snap counts from the Chiefs 40-9 victory over the Raiders.

Here’s a look at the snap counts from the Chiefs 40-9 live murder on TV victory over the Raiders.

Offense Snap Counts

M. SchwartzT67100%
E. FisherT67100%
L. Duvernay-TardifG67100%
A. ReiterC67100%
A. WylieG67100%
P. MahomesQB6699%
T. KelceTE6191%
T. HillWR5481%
S. WatkinsWR4161%
D. RobinsonWR3857%
B. BellTE3451%
M. HardmanWR2639%
D. ThompsonRB2436%
L. McCoyRB2436%
D. WilliamsRB1827%
A. ShermanFB69%
B. PringleWR57%
G. DieterWR34%
S. WisniewskiG11%
M. MooreQB11%

Defense Snap Counts

J. ThornhillFS60100%
C. WardCB5592%
T. KpassagnonDE5185%
T. MathieuSS5083%
A. HitchensLB4677%
B. BreelandCB4168%
A. OkaforDE4067%
D. WilsonLB4067%
C. JonesDT3660%
F. ClarkDE3355%
D. NnadiDT3253%
D. SorensenFS2847%
R. RaglandLB2745%
M. PennelNT2440%
M. ClaiborneCB2440%
K. SaundersDT2033%
K. FullerCB1728%
B. NiemannLB1423%
A. WattsSS1017%
D. LeeLB1017%
R. FentonCB23%

Special Teams Snap Counts

A. ShermanFB1878%
B. NiemannLB1774%
A. WattsSS1774%
D. O'DanielLB1670%
B. PringleWR1461%
D. LeeLB1461%
H. BukerK1357%
D. ThompsonRB1252%
B. BellTE1043%
D. SorensenFS1043%
M. HardmanWR835%
K. FullerCB835%
D. ColquittP835%
J. WinchesterLS835%
G. DieterWR730%
J. ThornhillFS730%
M. SchwartzT626%
E. FisherT626%
L. Duvernay-TardifG626%
A. ReiterC626%
A. WylieG626%
S. WisniewskiG626%
C. WardCB626%
D. RobinsonWR417%
R. FentonCB417%
T. KpassagnonDE313%
A. OkaforDE313%
C. JonesDT313%
D. NnadiDT313%
A. HitchensLB29%
D. WilliamsRB14%
R. RaglandLB14%

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Darwin and Shady with an even split. Cool. Hope to see Darwin start to get the every-down RB role while Shady comes in for big plays.

I wish there was a better alternative to bandaid our slow and un-aggressive MLB play than Daniel Sorensen.

I really want to see Fenton get more snaps as a #3/4 CB. He’s completely surprised me, I didn’t expect anything from him but he’s made some big plays this year.


Did we use two guards on one offensive play? Seems odd that both starting guards had 100% of the snaps, but Wiz also had a snap at guard.


Not sure, maybe they counted his TV appearance as a snap?


I was surprised when I saw Thornhill make a tackle on a kickoff. Aren’t there less important guys of his type that could be on kickoff?

Was Yelder a healthy scratch?

What’s the deal with Fuller? Only 17 defensive snaps – limited due to coming back from injury? But then why have him in on 8 ST plays?


Probably letting him ease back into game speed, would be my uneducated guess. Dudes been out for a hot minute.


Not to mention the secondary has been playing well, so no need rush him back into a more prominent role.


What does Blake Bell do anyways? All those snaps and it seems like nothing to show for it…

MidKan Chiefs Lifer
MidKan Chiefs Lifer

Blocks very poorly, I had high hopes for him, but they are gone until he proves he should even be on the field let alone deserve any praise.


Finally more offensive snaps than defensive. Lets keep that trend rolling


Cam Ehrving – 0 % Snaps
Juan Thornhill – 100 % Snaps

comment image

” And The Lord Did Grin … ” … : )


I think we need to let Darwinism take over our backfield. He runs with more power than everyone else back there despite being relatively undersized. Even then, despite his small size he’s absolutely jacked, and he has that Kareem Hunt contact balance. At least make it his to lose. That shifty, balanced running is exactly what we need to make up for our lack of power up front.


Worked for the donkeys last year with Lindsey. Shitty oline and shifty back


Nice on D snap counts!
Healthy, rested & ready for this Sunday @ Pats

55 will play this Sunday


LOVE all Chiefs players — talking PATS in locker room, right AFTER the game!


“We’re on to New England”