The Arrowhead Guys Week 13 Predictions: Raiders

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The Arrowhead Guys make their predictions for the Chiefs week 13 matchup against the Raiders

It’s time to pick the game!

Anthony: 38-17 Chiefs

The Chiefs are going to absolutely destroy the Raiders at home. Sure, the team has looked shaky lately, but if there’s one thing we do, it’s embarrass the Raiders.

Nate: 38-17, Chiefs

I have the same prediction as Tony. Derek Carr sucks in Arrowhead and in the cold. Both are going to be there Sunday. Andy Reid is 17-3 after a bye. This should be an easy win. We’re on to New England

BRaG: 34-20 Chiefs

I won’t say what I said about the Titans game. Instead I’ll limit it to Reid, Chiefs, Arrowhead, Raiders. Do the math.

Dan: 38-17 Chiefs

This is the game where the Chiefs have to come out and establish dominance. They want to be taken seriously as a contender and the Raiders have been an overachieving team to this point. Andy Reid owns the AFC West and Derek Carr is awful in cold weather games. The Chiefs will have their full complement of receivers this week and they go against a secondary that was just torched by the Jets. They aren’t healthy or good. I expect the Chiefs to win, and win easily. IF they come out flat, be warned, things might not go as planned.

Mitko: 28-17 Chiefs

For those of you who read the Bye Week Trilogy this probably doesn’t come as much as a surprise. While I almost went with the 34-3 score, this prediction just has far more of a sample size behind it. But I’m still nervous about this game. The Chiefs have been a bipolar team this year and this is quietly a do or die game. If the Raiders win they have the control of the division with the tiebreakers.

KCH1EFSFAN: 36-27 Chiefs

This is a season-defining game. The Chiefs must win this game in a definitive way. They will separate themselves in the division and keep an eye on the upper tier seeding. They must force Carr to throw more often then he would like by stopping the run while establishing one of our own. Chiefs roll on offense and defense comes up big.

CBO: 41-35 Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are going to be coming home after a bye. As we all know, Andy Reid-coached teams typically do pretty well after the bye week. Combine that with the idea that the Chiefs usually beat the Raiders. It seems like a win. More than that stuff though, it just seems like time for the Chiefs to put together a dominant performance led by Patrick Mahomes. I’m seeing lots of touchdowns in this game with the Chiefs leading the charge. Chiefs win!

What’s your prediction for the game?

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We’ve proven with science guys the score will either be 28-17 or 34-3. All other answers are incorrect..


Well except maybe 40-9


KC 35 Oakland 10




24-10. The wind makes it harder for both teams, but Pat’s velocity allows him to be more accurate while Carr throws ducks. Derek throws 2 picks, one of them a pick-six to seal it.


30-13. Crazy wind is going to make deep passes a biotch. Limits the scoring some.


This is a must win (spare me the rationalizations), cuz next week is gonna be really difficult to get a W. We’ll get it, but the pat’s game will be the true barometer for our guys. Sure would like to see these guys go into foxboro with a really bad attitude next week.


48-28 Chiefs defense with a score in this one.