Destroy The World: Game Recaps

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Another week, another Game Recap! In this one, Dave and Derek look back at the Week Nine matchups between the Dolphins and Jets, Seahawks and Buccaneers, and Patriots versus Ravens.

They also offer up some hot take material that might even be Adam-worthy …

Enjoy, and please, PLEASE, dammit, like and subscribe — it’s free to do so, ya know?

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Good stuff dave, good stuff.


Y’all look to be hitting your stride, but Dave, you magnificent freakazoid, do something about that echo. Hang your security blanked behind your chair, or something, since you are also suckling on your bottle. But seriously, that audio’s worse than your FF team’s performance against Derek’s.

Actually seriously now, getting the audio between you two equalized and polished prolly won’t be easy, but it’ll be a marked improvement to a show that’s already pretty good. Can’t think of anything it really needs beyond that. I dunno, maybe wind up with a 2d4 roll at the end of each ep to determine how many pre-shoot libations are consumed before the next episode’s filming? 😉